Discussion on I Love It! - Content Sharing WordPress Theme

Discussion on I Love It! - Content Sharing WordPress Theme

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cosmothemes does not currently provide support for this item.

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This was my review

No more updates ANother theme that goes to trash


Author response

So you used it for 5 years for 50$ and then gave it a 1 star. How nice of you, true communist!

This is my response as i cannot reply via review

I used it for 4 months

And go see a doctor

Good day i am interested in buying theme, i see last update was back in 2015.

Let me know.

I do not recommend this theme. There is a lot of JS issues that impact the admin panel, which on its own isn’t a huge deal. What’s really the problem is that they no longer provide support for even existing technical issues. I’ve been waiting a month for a reply.

I purchased this theme (on another account) and have waited 10 days for a ticket response. Seems like they’ve abandoned support for technical troubleshooting at this point.

A test is showing that I Love it Version 2.5 is not PHP 5.6 compatible. Is this true!? We are not getting answers from Cosmothemes Support posted 3 days ago!!!!

I have a pre-sale enquiry if you dont mind. Does the website allow:

1. Sending an auto-response thank you email everytime someone uploads a photo? 2. Exporting submissions to Excel or CSV?

Could you show me a screenshot of the backend list of submissions? I’m interested in photo submission only for now.

Could you show me a screenshot of colour customisation?

Thank you

It’s been 2 months and still no reply at all for ticket. SUPPORT IS DEAD =(

I’m very sorry but we don’t provide new features support. You should use our support for troubleshooting and guidance for using what the theme already offers.

Hi, is the support dead? It’s been more than a month no reply here and in cosmothemes website, please please help!

Hi, please let me know the ticket number so I can see its status.

my ID#8216 was a month ago and I’ve solved my own. Now I got this new ID #8252 a week ago that need I help with.

so already submitted question ticket 11 days ago….....

Hi, my installation is running perfectly since a few years, but now I have noticed, that if I want to add a new post and change the type of the post, the additional fields are not showing anymore… Like when I change it from “Standard” to “Video” there should an additional line show up to enter the Video URL, and this doesn’t happen anymore.

I’ve just updated to the newest WP Version and PHP7 recently, I don’t know it this is the reason.

Hi there, when users log in, do they have their own profile page, where info like name, age, about me, etc, can be displayed? i couldn’t find it, wondering if i missed it. also can i add a ‘aobut us’ section on the homepage? or as a seperate page? Thank you in advance!

How can I have the front page layout and styling but not have it on the front page… I like the fresh/featured posts layout but I’d like to have my own static page as the front page.

Unfortunately, the theme lacks the “content shortcode” feature so you can’t generate content on other pages than the main one. All you can have is a static page and access the fresh posts via the built-in menu.

How do i change the wording on the dropdown user menu I have done this before but forgot how to do it.

The default menu labels can be changed as depicted in this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/J0NUedf.png (Navigate to I love it – Menus) The “normal” menu labels can be changed by enabling the “title attributes” as seen here: http://i.imgur.com/mJVjfL7.png

Hi, any chance to increase height of featured images in grid view? tried adjusting in image.class.php but didn’t work.


after performing image size changes you need to regenerate all images. Install this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/force-regenerate-thumbnails/ and perform a resize operation.

Is there a way to remove the [...] for every grid-view text?

You will need to edit some code. Open up a private ticket at CosmoThemes.zendesk.com and we will help

Hi, default grid-view for mobile possible?

Actually it does affect my image sizes. Would be great if you could show how to put default grid-view for mobile.Thanks

Please open up a private ticket at cosmothemes.zendesk.com and we’ll help you out.

Thanks, just did

Hi! Is this theme compatible with a download manager plugin? Thanks.

The theme makes use of standard WP functions so in theory it should be compatible with any download manager plugin as long as the plugin respects the WP functions, as well.

(Pre-sale question) Any updates coming up soon?


Since there haven’t been any features requests we’re not planning any update soon. We only update critical bug fixes when new WP versions appear.

Hi, how to remove the ‘x days ago’ box? Thanks

Ok Thanks!

Hi sorry, checked again, it didn’t affect both PC and mobile

That’s because you have a syntax error. I have already replied to your ticket.

Hello, I would like to use this theme to setup a page where my users can register, and then upload fotos and create their own catalogue, so that each user can only see their own pictures. Is this posible with this theme? Thank you!


Yes it’s possible. Each user can upload different type of posts (Images, Text, Attachments, Videos). And Each user can check their posts in their profile. Please check this screenshot to understand – http://prntscr.com/bl8ewq

Hi, It’s been 5 days now but no one answer my question in support. Cosmothemes no longer provide support?

Hi, it been a week and no one is answering at Cosmotheme support ticket. Seems like there’s no more support for this theme.


Please tell us your ticket number in order to contact you.

Ok, thank you

Is this theme using USP pro plugin? or is it different… if not, how does it differ?

We don’t use any third party plugins. The difference is that our form is for front-end post submitting only and there are quite a few options to customize it.


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