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Great Work. Really Loving this theme!

@vickystudio, thanks for lovely words. take care

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

@bdayh, thanks

Very nice work! like it Good luck :)

@louiejie, thanks

  • I Love Rockband – Music Band HTML Template
    Please, I can “set” to have AUTOPLAY for Slider and music player???

@webosk, sorry for late reply, i was off for weekend. yes this is possible. please email me after purchase, i will guide you. regards

friend will send the email!! Thanks!!!!

Hi i Ask you yesterday if the page can play when open i will purchase and you say yes, Now i purchase already and i will like to know how this theme will play when open, yhank

Hi coubra,

Please paste this code in script.js on line 237 before semi-colon.


Nice theme, Well, I think you could improve the theme style base on bootstrap. I purchased this item because it says it is compatible with Bootstrap 2.3.x, but the base css of this framework is unavalibre (at least some styles), I can not user “alerts”, “forms”, neither “buttons”. Specifically, the color applied. Just one example, for some reason, the use of “control-group error” is not styled with red color.


We are really very sorry to hear from you. We have used minimized css. Please submit your ticket at with wp-admin and ftp info. And please let us know which style do you exactly required to fulfill your needs.


Thank you for replay. I have merge this theme in my custom website. I have been adding native Bootstrap style to this theme. However, I could not make the Bootstrap javascript work. I appreciate your work :) and you help. Maybe in future updates you could considere do not forget to make it works together or, specify that it uses a minimized style. Thank so much again!


We’ll consider it in next update.


I purchased and I like the theme but I can’t find the help to add tracks or playlists. This explanation is not in the documentation. Just can I change 3 tracks in script.js but I don’t know how can add playlists or tracks for another pages. Thanks.


You should give different ids to the container in order to add more playlists.

Or You should remove player code from script.js and embed js code into html files.

Or you can buy wordpress theme

Great template!

How is the gallery configured? Does it feed from flickr or somewhere? The html version doesn’t show a destination and the WP version links out to shutterstock.

Does the flickr streaming widget work when dropped in here?



in WP version, the gallery fetched the images from Media.

Flickr streaming widget will not work like that.


Hi, I just bought this template but it is giving me the style.css stylesheet. error whenever I tried to uploaded to Wordpress.


thanks for your purchase,

Unfortunately, you purchased the wrong version, it’s HTML template and you are trying to install it as wordpress theme.

I was sure it was a wordpress theme. If it is not then, I would like my money back cause Im not using it and it is useless for me.

it was clearly mention in the product title ” I Love Rockband – Music Band HTML Template”

Unfortunately, we are not authorized to deal such issues, please contact Envato support.