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hi.insert buttom shortcode not working?!

Hi @priam,

very strange that you’re still waiting for response, please share your ticket number.

@priam it’s seems that you started discussion instead of ticket, please send us ticket at along with your wordpress and ftp credentials our support team will look into your issues.

Hi there,

Pre-purchase question: One of the reasons I’m leaning towards using your template is because your events list includes an image (thumbnail), but I’m not seeing that image on the event datail page. Is this functionality built in, so I could set my event flyers as the default image for thumbnail on the list and larger display on the detail page?

Also, do you have any plans of making it WooCommerce ready?

Thanks, and nice work!


Thanks for your interest and appriciation, do you want to replace the MAP on event detail page with image?

Yes we are plan to add WOO commerce in future updates.

Page builder seems not to work under Wordpress 3.9


Please contact us through our ticket system let us see why it’s not working for you.

Same problem with “Page Builder”, clean wp en 3.9 + firefox, firebug say: in rockband/includes/views/js/layout.js TypeError: $(...).dialog is not a function editor : $('#layout-dialog').dialog({autoOpen : false, modal : true, show : {effect: "drop", direction: "up", duration: 300}, hide : {effect: "drop", direction: "down", duration: 300}}), +1 in rockband/js//editor_plugin.js TypeError: qt_button is null while (qt_button.nodeType !== 1){

Good afternoon, need to indicate the latest enhancements to update the website, and has many errors compatibly with plugins


Please contact us through our ticket system along with the list of issues you’re facing, we will look into it, thanks.

I have raised a concern regarding the album song not getting played after the update to the theme 1.5 and submitted ticket(#21852) for the same. It has been over 10 days that I had any response from the support. I am using this theme for my company media website.

Do I understand from this silence that the support is not there for my problem or is that the support team is ignorant on my problem.

This is so unfortunate that support team is so slow in response and making me believe that i made a mistake purchasing the theme.


We are really sorry for delay in communication, I am just going to change the priority of your ticket and the team look into on urgent basis.

We appreciate your patience.

It has been a while with my problem, I would like to know there is any progress towards fixing the problem for which I am waiting for a solution.

A few questions (1) Is it possible to make events fullscreen from the homepage (tried to make a custom homepage with pagebuilder but it doesn’t work). (2) Can I make the menu header and logo flush with top of page? (3) Within the theme pages is it possible to have a picture behind the header (vs. a grey bar for light theme)? (4) How can I lose the map within the events, or replace with a picture? (5) Finally, how do I get a list of, and replace icons? Are these Font-awesome, Google, where are they hosted ?


Where’s the support?

We are sorry for delay in communication

1. Yes, that is possible by changing the class from span8 to span12 in events.php, change the following code <article class=”contents span8”> to <article class=”contents span12”>

2. No, that option is not available and you have to customize theme.

3. Yes, it is possible but again you have to do some customization, please let us know if you want us to identify code.

4. For that you have to replace the code in single-fw_event.php on line #41 to your custom image code.

5. do you want to change any particular icon? or all icons?

Hi, I Have a problem with the page builder, the contents are all moved upward and the slider does not appear This is the Home Page, with this problem:


Please make sure you’re using latest version, if it’s already there then contact us through our ticket system, we will look into it for you, thanks.

Please I need to use the same colours to match the logo of my site. After importing default settings, i couldn’t edit the CSS.

is there a way to edit it or can I get the css scipt for the Dark Green CSS?

hi sir,

i am interested to buy this theme, is this theme still active with support ?

as i can see the last reply above have no reply from developers in last 16 days. thanks

Hi @sagalian,

thanks for your interest,

Yes, the support is active through our ticket system.

I am wondering if the theme is still active. as I do not see any update nor do I get any support i raised and sent the support ticket 4 months back. now WP has been updated to V4 and there is no news whether we can update the WP and the theme will perform as desired or not on new WP.

This is really frustrating and discouraging to use the theme or recommend it to others

Four months or so, i asked for the solution of my problem of album player is not working. you replied acknowledging the problem and promised with the resolution.

Extracoding Support said 4 months ago Hi Tapas Basu,

We are looking into the issue it seems that from version 1.3 it was not working and the team has changed overall coding, but we are adding the option once again, and it will be available very soon.


i has waited this long to see today there is no reply from your end and the support ticket has been closed without a reasonable reply.

Is that what your support is all about? and you claim your support is active???

I would say its a complete waste of money purchasing your theme.

hi, i like the theme, but I still have a question about the layout possibilities:

Can I change the layout on the ‘singers’ page, and the ‘audio’ page? I want different size image and more text, a bit like the latest events on the hompage.

Is this possible? Thanks, Marije

Recently Purchased ! Why is this theme is not working properly. The Demo looks fine but not working when installed

Does your theme support “Slider Revolution” and “SoundCloud” and/or other similar plugins?

I like this theme. A question: In the home they can be placed 12 images visible (12 musical styles, without controller) to access the artists from every musical style?? Thanks

Hello – I’m regretting buying this theme. I submitted Support Ticket #22650 24 days ago and have received no response. Looking for simple help on connecting the Albums to our iTunes Podcst.

Is anybody out there?

Hi, a friend of mine bought your theme for his website and wants me to work on it. Do you have a child Theme I can download?


Right now we have no child theme available, your friend contact us directly through the account where from he purchased it then we will add this in future updates.

Hello, I see this theme uses page builder, if I work in a local environment and then want to move the site to godaddy, what steps do I follow to do the migration? is page builder “migration friendly”?

Hi acordero, Yes, You can simply export and import database and it will work fine