Discussion on iBid - Multi Vendor Auctions WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on iBid - Multi Vendor Auctions WooCommerce Theme

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PRESale Question: 1) Is there a way that visitors pay to apply for an auction? 2) Is there an empty demo so that I can add more fields to the product and these new fields to be added to the search of the website? 3) the theme accept payment online?


1. We are working to release a complex functionality in order to achive the pay for bidding / vending feature (basically payment before bid or on registration); but for now you have to get this addon The customers will have to pay a fee in order to bid on auctions.

2. These are called product attributes. Our recommendation is to use product attributes (can also be listed in the sidebars – as filters).

3. Depending on how will the theme be used (multi or single vendor scope), the answer is different:

  • For the Single Vendor sites – read more.
  • For the Multi-Vendor Marketplace sites – read more.

Best regards

Could you please consider adding the ticker back into the auction list view (which is no longer a feature with the update) that design is one of the main reasons I purchased the theme. Thank you.

Thank you for the notice and suggestion! Since we’ve replaced the old countdown timer, the countdown from the list view has been disabled.

We will add it for sure in the next updates.

Best regards! MT

Hi. I am evaluating to buy this theme but I need the following: 1) Is this auction function possible to use without multi vendor Dokan? I just want 1 company to sell all the automobiles. 2) Is it possible to use automotive version with elementor? didn’t see any demo with elementor. 3) Does it require to deposit any money before biding on cars? Thanks & regards. Farhad.

Hi Farhad and thank you for being interested in our auctions & shop theme

1. Yes, simple do not activate / install Dokan, and you will get a single vendor store (with auctions / products).

2. Right now it is under development and will be released in 1-2 days (the Elementor variant of that demo).

3. There is no deposit feature at this moment. We are working to release a feature such as subscriptions or fee on participation.

Purchase ThemeLive Demo | Theme DocumentationTheme Review | Reasons Why iBid is the Best Auction Theme Ever

Have a great day!

Huge news,

Earn more by using the MT Auction Subscriptions and Credits for iBid. Also see Online docs of this plugin.

This plugins bundles features such as:

  • For customers: Purchase Credit Packages – in order to bid on auctions;
  • For vendors: Purchase Subscription Packages – in order to add products on the marketplace;


Hi, please tell me is there any way enable domain ownership verification for users/sellers? Also, in order to apply fee for new auction I saw that i need addon?


There is no such feature! The very next update will also include a feature to attach PDF documents (proofs of ownership). From here, it is a matter of trust.


Tengo una pregunta en este caso los productos son físicos en su caso el vendedor tiene que adjuntar el seguimiento etc… pero si yo quiero que todos los productos sean virtuales ejemplo, licencias, juegos etc.. el vendedor como podría comunicar esa venta o mandar el link de descarga ? Y si la tienda es a nivel internacional como se podría hacer los cobros y pagos ?

Hi and thank you for being interested in our auctions & shop theme

In terms of products (not auctions) – you / your vendors can create downloadable products. In case you sell licenses (for example), after purchasing the product, customers will get an email with the downloadable file (pdf with the license for example) – and also there is a Downloads section on each user account, to re-download the files.

Read more about downloadable products in WooCommerce here: https://woocommerce.com/videos/woocommerce-downloadable-product-overview/ 

Purchase ThemeLive Demo | Theme DocumentationTheme Review | Reasons Why iBid is the Best Auction Theme Ever

Have a great day!

Thank you so much for appreciating the theme!

Best regards! :)

Hi, how does the charity option work?


You can use the fundraising mode / charity mode in two case scenarions:

  1. Auctions for Causes
    1. Admins(only) has the role to add causes.
    2. Vendors can create auction products and auction the products – the winning value is being send to that cause (via card, from vendor’s account or via cash – depending the situation / case)
  2. Crowdfunding campaigns – using Variable products + WCFM Marketplace
    1. WCFM Marketplace also supports variable products
    2. Vendors can create products with different payment levels (attributes)

Best regards!

How can I add causes?


This video tutorial shows you how admins can create a charity cause(at this moment only admins can create fundraising causes):

After creating a charity cause, vendors will be able to create products and select it.

More video tutorials added regularly in our iBid YouTube Playlist. Subscribe on YouTube for more videos.

Best regards!

Hi, your theme is compatible with YITH Auction? Thank you for your answer, have a nice day,

YITH Auction is on our Roadmap. Is not integrated yet. Please let us know if you need any specific feature from YITH Auction.

Best regards!

Thank you for your help. I wish I could manage the main features of the plugin. Do you have an indicative idea of the times to make it compatible? Thank you very much for your information. Good evening

We don’t have an exact ETA for adding the compatibility with this plugin (it is in our road map, as mentioned before), but adding compatibility with it will require a huge volume of work. iBid has more than 50 custom shortcodes that needs to be made compatible with the fields from the YITH Auction plugin.

You have two recommendations now:

  1. Purchase the theme and use it with the auctions current plugin. Later, you can update the theme for free, when it will be available with the YITH Auction plugin. All of the updates are free for existing customers.
  2. Or you can choose to hire our devs and make the shortcodes you want compatible with YITH Auction plugin + the other required modifications in order to use it. For this second recommendation, you can submit your brief at https://modeltheme.com/theme-customization/ and we will estimate the budget needed in order to make the theme and shortcodes compatible it the YITH auctions.

What do you think?

Hi there I get this view after the latest update – https://prnt.sc/y128ta. My support just expired and Im not going to renew for this small issue.

Thank you very much I updated all the plugins but on the vendors store the products dont align properly in the correct order – https://prnt.sc/y49rvl

Please send us an email using this form https://themeforest.net/user/modeltheme#contact with your WP admin credentials and we will have a look

Thanks I send it

Hi there, do you have a ETA for Elementor compatibility with real state demo?


We just completed the Elementor variant for the real estate demo.

In order to get the latest demo importer, please update the ModelTheme framework plugin (only the plugin – not the theme).

How to update the plugin ( see Point no. 2 from here: https://modeltheme.com/knowledgebase/how-to-update-bundled-plugins/ )


Please post some reference sites build with Ibid

Hi and thank you for the recommendation and request!

We are in the middle of creating a collection of sites built using the iBid theme. If you want to see some of them please reach us via https://themeforest.net/user/modeltheme#contact

Thanks. I am waiting for an email from Cristian from your side. So maybe he can just ad some links to it.

Our recommendation is to send us an email using that form. Unfortunately we cannot see your email now and don’t really know how to get back to you :)

Hello! First say that the support is great. I am in a project that has needed a lot of customization and the author has helped me a lot. If he did, he couldn’t have finished it. Thanks a lot! One thing I have seen now is that I try to customize the order in which the products are displayed in the store, choosing the option “from most expensive to cheapest” (appearance / customize / woocommerce / product catalog) but it doesn’t work. I wanted to know if it is a template issue or just mine. Thank you!!

I’m not sure the reason why the option from Customize didn’t solved the job for you, but I’ve added a hook in your child theme and it is working perfectly now.

Thank you very much for your help! As always, great support service !!

Hello, I love what i see and you have really done a great job here. I will like to purchase the theme but i need to have fully understanding on how it operates.

1) What i want to achieve is to have all kind of vendors on the platform, either car, fashion, real estate vendor etc. Do i need to create different path for each vendor or they can all be on one

2) I will like vendor to pay before he can upload his product e.g if his uploading 10 products it will have a price to pay for it and if he wants to upload 20 products it will be a different price. i will also like to have sections like Gold, Sliver, Bronze.. If vendor pay for Gold section the admin can move his products to the section

3) once vendor have order, when its confirm and ready to deliver there should be a code which is only the buyer can have so when the buyer gets the goods, the buyer will enter the code to confirm that he/she receive the goods.. Is it there ?

4) once buyer make payment how does it go to the vendor account, and what about the withdraw.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon


1. The topics (cateogries) such as platform, either car, fashion, real estate will be added by the admin of the site. After that, vendors will be able to add their products in any of these categories.

2. We are working to release our own solution for vendor subscriptions (because the theme is compatible with 4 major multi-vendor marketplace plugins – each one has their own subscription addon). We are working to release one to work with all these 4 marketplaces – in the same time to be affordable for customers. At this moment this is achievable using the role auctions addon or by purchasing the PRO version of Dokan / WCFM (Marketplace plugins).

3. This can be the order ID (clients gets all order details via email -> including the ID), which is unique for each order.

4. In our featured article “18 Reasons Why iBid is the Best Auction Template Ever” we covered on point #10 the payment details for each marketplace engine.

Please let us know if you have any extra questions.

Best regards!

Huge news,

Earn more by using the MT Auction Subscriptions and Credits for iBid. Also see Online docs of this plugin.

This plugins bundles features such as:

  • For customers: Purchase Credit Packages – in order to bid on auctions;
  • For vendors: Purchase Subscription Packages – in order to add products on the marketplace;


Is there any option, where users can sign up and choose different theme or layout for his/her store and submit their products for sale.


Do you mean, different theme demos (https://ibid.modeltheme.com/landing-page/) ?

I mean that different vendor can choose different shop layout

Admins can set the layout – a global layout for all of the vendors. It is kind of bad idea to let the vendors choose a different design.

Note: If you needs a custom solution, simply send us an email at sales@modeltheme.com with your brief and we’ll give you a price estimate for the implementation.

Best regards!

Hello, is it possible to sell different items in the same installation: Properties, cars, equipments, ....Thanks

Hi and thank you for being interested in our auctions & shop theme

With iBid you can create different categories (topics), such as Cars, Properties, or any other category. Your sellers/vendors will be able to select the category when adding a new product/auction on the site. There is no limitation on the number of categories.

Purchase ThemeLive Demo | Theme DocumentationTheme Review | Reasons Why iBid is the Best Auction Theme Ever

Have a great day!

Hi there, its possible to have 2 diferent kind of vendors and diferent forms to register?

ok, thanks, i will think about.

Another thing, where can I translate agree terms and conditions check box in register form?

This https://i.imgur.com/s6X3z4x.png can be translated using a plugin such as Loco Translate. You need to translate the WooCommerce plugin, under your Loco translate plugin settings.

How can I add a note to the single product pages, right after Auction History like ‘ask seller a question thru a private messaging’.

Hi, yes under the Auction History.

This is a PHP code, and you need to place it in your functions.php of your child theme:

// define the woocommerce_after_single_product callback 
function ibid_action_woocommerce_after_single_product(  ) { 
    echo '<p>Your Text here</p>';

// add the action 
add_action( 'woocommerce_after_single_product', 'ibid_action_woocommerce_after_single_product', 10, 0 ); 

Note: Please only add the code if you know you are doing. We are not responsible for loses.

Note 2: Replace the
 '<p>Your Text here</p>'

with your own html / text

Thank you for this code. I added and it worked.

Hello ModelTheme.

How can I remove the WishList icon on the auction product page?


Yes but I am just asking for “Reserve price has not been met” (bottom) and”but it does not meet the reserve price!” (top). Thank you.

Please send us a screenshot or maybe send us an email with a demo account (to check directly on your site) via this contact form: https://themeforest.net/user/modeltheme#contact

ok I will. Thanks.

Hello sir on login and registration their is no validation , it should give error if i placed wrong detail , but now it is only loading and ame thing please help

At this moment, only the login popup comes with validation. For the registration part of the popup, we are in the middle of adding validation (most probably the next update will contain the validation).

If your messages are blocked when you submit the form please do these:

1. Disable all the plugins that were not included with the theme and test if it works without them – this way you will find out what plugin is causing the problem.

2. If you use any caching plugin, please disable it/clear it.

3. Update all of your plugins *tutorial: https://modeltheme.com/knowledgebase/how-to-update-bundled-plugins/

4. Update the theme

Please let us know the results

how to disable modal box sign in registration i want to use link

You can disable it by editing the header template. If you need assistance you can send us a ticket at http://modeltheme.com/support

We got the same problem as we had before. As you can see in the screen shot https://cocotrade.io/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/WhatsApp-Image-2021-01-11-at-14.30.12.jpeg . When you open de website on iphone you got problems with the timer. When you open it with samsung it works perfect.


Make sure to also update all of the bundled plugins -> ModelTheme framework any other plugin.

How to update: https://modeltheme.com/knowledgebase/how-to-update-bundled-plugins/


When i go to the plugin i don’t have a possibility to update it

Please also take a look at the 2nd way to update the plugins https://modeltheme.com/knowledgebase/how-to-update-bundled-plugins/

It seems that you only checked the 1st variant.


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