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Discussion on iBid - Multi Vendor Auctions WooCommerce Theme

Discussion on iBid - Multi Vendor Auctions WooCommerce Theme

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Hi there we purchased you Theme and are so far very happy with it. Since we are editing the Product single page as for our needs we are struggling finding a way to edit the code of the “Featured Action” widget in order to display the infos on our individual product template that we a creating with WP Bakery.

Can you tell us where we can find that code or suggest a better idea to display the auction information like: Starting / Ending Date, Pricing, add bid and so on.

We do not find the standard widget in wpbakery to display this info. The Woocommerce default widgets / modules are not providing that also.

We appreciate your support.


As I see, our agents already replied to your help ticket: https://modeltheme.ticksy.com//ticket/2815080/

Let’s continue the discussion in our help desk.

Best! MT

dg9ban Purchased

Hello. I Can see the options to upload an auction product in the vendor control panel?

Thanks for the help



  • Video for WCFM Marketplace – link.
  • Video for Dokan Marketplace – link.


Pre-sales question.

I want customers or potential buyers so to speak to be able to leave comments under each vehicle being auctioned as in a website like this https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2012-lexus-lfa-4/ on Bring a trailer.

I would also require a No Reserve, Classic, JDM and Exclusive also if the template can do that

Can this be implemented?

My customers love this and I want it on my auction site.

I like what I see by the way and am ready to buy if this can be done. If it requires custom work we can also talk.

Hi and thank you for being interested in our auctions & shop theme

1. You can enable a comments section (a new tab) by using a plugin such as this one (free).

2. No Reserve, Classic: these two features exist on iBid. We need more details on these two JDM and Exclusive.

Purchase Theme: https://modeltheme.com/go/purchase-ibid-theme/ 
Live Demo: https://modeltheme.com/go/ibid-landing-page/ 
Theme Documentation: http://docs.modeltheme.com/ibid 
Theme Review: https://modeltheme.com/ibid-auctions-theme-review-multi-vendor-marketplace/ 
Reasons to try the iBid Auctions Theme: https://modeltheme.com/best-auction-template 

Have a great day!

Thanks for the reply

I will have another look at the demos. Thanks again.

We need to make a website for people sell 3D files online (Digital).
We need:
1- Seller upload they files on Amazon S3 server
2- Users could be seller/Buyer at the same time
3- They upload demo images/tags/additional file info
4- Seller have they dashboard for manage files
5- Customers have they dashboard for purchase history/re-download already purchases
6- have refund system
7- Website moderators could control published files for deny publish/accept/remove and manage
And options for these type of ecommerce websites.
Your theme contain these options? thank you.


1. With the WCFM multivendor plugin, you can either add a product with the option to be “Downloadable” and upload the file directly as a Media file, or have a product that is External. With this second option, the link to the file is set manually but the purchase is made from the external website, as well.

2. Yes, vendors can sell and purchase products at the same time.

3. They can edit products and add images, description, etc. like for a normal product.

4.They can do this from their Vendor Dashboard.

5. These informations are available in their My Account.

6. Refunds can only be made manually by an administrator who can cancel a customers order.

7. The administrator can manage and edit other vendors published products. Also, there are options for products to be reviewed by an admin before getting published on the website.

Regards !

Hi there,

I have purchased the theme and was wondering what Multi-Vendor plugin you are using in your Automotive Demo theme. I am at a bit of a loss as to which one to use but I liked your Demo. Basically which plugins do you use?

Thanks for the support


For the Automotive demo we are using the Dokan Multivendor plugin. You can install and activate it by going in the Appearances > Install Plugins.

Regards !

Thanks for the reply

Hi, Does this theme features, counteroffer capability for bids and watch items like ebay?


Yes! Both features are part of this theme.

Hello, Can I change the color of WCFM dashboard ,I want the color to match the color of my site.

Sure, send us a ticket at our help center (https://modeltheme.com/support/#new-request) to attach you the video or screenshots.

Regards !

I mean make a video and publish it on YouTube, waiting for Thanks


Here you have a video.

I am having trouble with my front page. When I uploaded the demo content this morning my home page looked identical to yours. However, as I made some changes in admin *not the front page” some items started disappearing from the front page content. Why

I didn’t delete these items. This is my site https://no1carauctions.com/


Please submit a request to our help center (https://modeltheme.com/support/#new-request) and one of our agents will assist you. For an easier solution, please also describe the problem with as many details as you can (including screenshots).

We also require FTP + WP Admin credentials in order to investigate & fix any possible remote problem.


I see that ne categories can only be loaded at admin level. I really need this to be done at vendor level. Is this possible?


You can try by installing the User Role Editor plugin from here : https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/ . You should be able to enable capabilities for which ever user role you want, like vendor.


I have installed this plugin but there is no option that allows vendors to create or edit Categories. They can only edit products.

I really need new categories to be inputted at the front end level.

Sorted and thanks for the reply :-)

im having search keyword issues with iBid theme and Directionist plugin, the plugin works on other themes including WordPress 2017, 2018,2019. The Search Keyword does not work only the Category and Location dropdowns work. Example Link Below. https://www.fishingmaniadev.co.za/business-directory-search/?v=e4dd286dc7d7. Your assistance will be much appreciate if you look into it please


We need you to send us a support ticket in order to have a look at this request. You can send us a ticket here: https://modeltheme.com/support/#new-request

Hi there,

I want to add items like Mileage, Colour, Transmission type, Fuel Type, Seat Number, Drive Type etc, etc for each car

How can I do this please?

I have this sorted

Hi, Please submit a request to our help center (https://modeltheme.com/support/#new-request) and one of our agents will assist you. For an easier solution, please also describe the problem with as many details as you can (including screenshots).

We also require FTP + WP Admin credentials in order to investigate & fix any possible remote problem.


Hi there,

For 2 days I have been installing this theme time and time again until it looks ok to proceed. But now I have a new problem.


I have the new user registration enabled in settings/general with default role set to customer. But it does not want to show. I am not using a cache that I know about at this point except whats on the server.

I have refreshed the page time and time again also.

Whats up with this?


Please assist

I cant see your reply in my tickets

Are you sure? I’ve already replied to your tickets https://modeltheme.ticksy.com//ticket/2819996/, https://modeltheme.ticksy.com/ticket/2820059 please check again the platform.


Yes thank you, they were under my direct login and not Envato

Hi, I have two big problems and bugs: 1. login with social account shows 404 error page 2. buy it now price can’t adjust need to help urgently!! thanks


Please follow the guides and instructions from our help team: https://modeltheme.ticksy.com//ticket/2819234/

Our agents will be ready to solve any of your inquiries.

Best regards!

Please direct me as to where I can change this text “Call us toll free:” Thank you


That string can be changed via copying the header template from the parent theme to your child theme. This way you will be able to translate it if you want to make your site multilingual (now or in the future) and by using the child theme, you will safely be able to update the theme later.

If you need assistance, let us know in a help ticket.

Best regards!


I just uploaded a dummy car for trial and noted that I could only upload photos in batches of 3 or 4 photos at a time.

I was loading tiny photos. Is this normal? I want to offer bulk uploads but have a max photo amount.

Can this be altered?


It depends on which marketplace is being used and of course the plugins installed on your site. The limitation can come from multiple directions.

Without looking into your site, is hard to tell a reason why this happens.

Please submit a request to our help center (https://modeltheme.com/support/#new-request) and one of our agents will assist you. For an easier solution, please also describe the problem with as many details as you can (including screenshots).

We also require FTP + WP Admin credentials in order to investigate & fix any possible remote problem.

Ok we see how this goes. Cheers

I also want to show a buy now price but the system does not allow this. Why?

Cheers and I will post tickets as much as possible in the future when relevant.

Question for you.

I want my vendors to a set fee for each car they upload, or they pay each time a car is sold? (they can upload as many as they want and don’t pay until sold. Is there a way to do either?

Thanks in advance

This feature is called vendor commission. You can setup a commission percentage or fixed flat rate for each vendor (when you edit a vendor user – from the administration area). Read more about commissions (depending on which marketplace plugin you are using): https://modeltheme.com/best-auction-template/#8_Vendor_Application_Approval_and_Commissions


These are the pre sale questions:

1. Can we use both auction and shop option. Suppose we have two products . We want to add one product with auction and another one will go normal shop option and number two product will contain cart icon not the hammer icon.

2. After integrating demo, can we get the same products as we see in the themeforest demo.

Thank You.


1. Yes, this feature is available. You can have both product types.

2. Yes, by importing any of our theme demos, you will get the products from our live demos.

Thank you!

Can we add 4 items in a row in auction page?


Yes, you can choose from 2, 3 or 4 columns for the Shop/Auctions page.


Hi, and thank u When i add a product as auction Item, when i preview my pages i saw no prices and wrong dates Any suggestions please



Our support agent already replied to your ticket. Please check it and continue the discussion on your ticket page.


Hi, looking forward to buy this theme but i have the following pre-sales questions first:-

1. Is the theme allows multi currency? 2. After customer OR vendor registered, will they be able to post products and auctions and manage their auctions or products on their admin dashboard panel. OR posting products and products is only done by website administrator? 3. Is the theme allows chatting, message conversation between users or is there any plugin to do so if the feature isn’t available currently? 4. Is the registered vendor or customer have a special custom dashboard or they accessing wp dashboard with only less privileges’?



1. The theme allows multi currency but the addon is not included with the package. You should be able to find suitable free plugins for this request on the WP store.

2. Customers can only buy the products and they can see their purchases from their account. Vendor are able to add products/auctions and can manage their items by editing them from the Vendor Dashboard.

3. You are able to send messages to a vendor by checking their profile page and use the contact from there.

4. Sure, every multivendor plugin comes with its own Vendor Dashboard. You can check them on our live demo by following the steps from here : https://bit.ly/3wEplD2 .

Regards !


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