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Hi there, Im having the same issues, slider + twitter + email subscription does not work. Docs checked and re-installed everything twice and no change. Please help. Thank you

PS i removed twitter and still no background images. Now sort of regret that I bought this template. I spent too much time looking around for answers – everyone else seems to be on board though so Im sure the template is fine it’s just not for beginners. If you can help me with details than that’s great but from reading other posts it seems as though you only give ‘enable twitter’ advice?

same question as jobafterschoo. “Hi, I did the installation, I can see the template on the website. But my problem is, I don’t know the way to put the background? I tried everything on Themes options >> Background slider. It doesn’t work.”

And I don’t want any social share links include the twitter.

Need help

problem solved

Guys i too have the same issue of the background slider. The images don’t show up and i too don’t want a social handle to be active. Can anyone please help me solve this problem. Please.

Followed the “enable_Twitter_doc” it was a little challenging but i could finally get the background slider working. For WP templates, after you have followed the twitter documentation and got hold of your “Consumer key, Consumer secret, Access token and Access token secret” codes, go to “iBlurrr_wordpress” under that “js” then go to “twitter” and then right click “index.php” open with notepad or textedit. Locate “Your Twitter App Consumer Key” and punch those codes into their respective places without open quotes. Hit save. Then delete your original “” file and then compress or create your root folder back to “”. Now upload this new zip file to your WP console and everything should be working fine. Phewwwwww.

Wow. I should have read this before buying. Slider problem with the WP version. BG images do not display.

Hi. I have purchased the theme before reading all these problems with background slider. Now I’m having the same issue :)

I don’t have Twitter account or anything and I don’t need it for my launching page. How can I use iBlurrr Wordpress theme without anything connected with Twitter?

Thank you for your answer

To help all you out there having the problems with showing the background sliders without having all those Twitter stuff – all you need to do is open footer.php file and delete from 33 to 51 (including them).

“mmisulic” It worked thanks a lot.. All of this need to be deleted in footer.php file

                username: "<?php echo ot_get_option( 'rb_twitter', 'ResetBlueArt' ); ?>",
                page: 1,
                count: 3,
                loading_text: "loading ...",
                modpath: '<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/js/twitter/',
                template: "{text}" 
            }).bind("loaded", function() {
                var ul = $(this).find(".tweet_list");
                var ticker = function() {
                    setTimeout(function() {
                        ul.find('li:first').animate( {marginTop: '-4em'}, 500, function() {
                    }, 5000);

Where do I find a list of email subscribers?

There have been about 10 people that signed up using the form on the homepage. I cannot find where these email addresses live. Please advise.

Hi troyb904, thanks for your purchase and sorry for delay..

The template has just the form and when someone uses it the script send just an email on your account, there’s not a list of subscribers.

I can’t seem to get rid of the footer that says

‘Quinix | BrandCrowd… via @brand_crowd’

Any clue where there is located?

Hi troyb904, thanks for your purchase :)

I don’t understand.. you mean change the twitter account, delete this section or delete the footer including copyright infos? Do you use html or wordpress version?

Does it work with Wordpress?

I’m kind of a newb to this so sorry, but wordpress says : missing style.css stylesheet.

What i’m i supposed to do?

Thanks for your purchase :)

If you have trouble installing the Wordpress version follow this link –

Thanks again :)

Got it working: THANKS!

It does not seem to be responsive for me. Is there a way I can pm you?

It is not looking right on the phone. Everything is crammed on the left.

Hi Landongw, thanks for your purchase :)

I just checked on my iphone and everything looks fine but feel free to contact me via pm, in my profiile page, and send me a screenshot :)

Thanks again

Just purchased and uploaded background images but slider not working. Looks like a common problem. Any help?

Wait, i just read a few other comments on this issue…. so i have to edit the code for one of the main features to even work if I don’t use Twitter?

I deleted the following, but no luck. Slider image not working. Very annoying now.

jQuery(”#ticker”).tweet({ username: ”<?php echo ot_get_option( ‘rb_twitter’, ‘ResetBlueArt’ ); ?>”, page: 1, count: 3, loading_text: “loading …”, modpath: ’<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/js/twitter/’, template: “{text}” }).bind(“loaded”, function() { var ul = $(this).find(”.tweet_list”); var ticker = function() { setTimeout(function() { ul.find(‘li:first’).animate( {marginTop: ‘-4em’}, 500, function() { }); $(this).detach().appendTo(ul).removeAttr(‘style’); }); ticker(); }, 5000); }; ticker();

I can’t seem to figure out how to resize the logo on my site

The images width is set at 960px but changing

h1.logo img { width: 100%; }

has no effect on the size.

Hi idoustar, thanks for your purchase :)

If you need to adjust the logo width write your chosen value at
h1#logo img { width: 230px; }

Can I disable the countdown timer altogether?


Bought the plugin, tried uploading the “” as instructed and it failed with the following notice…

“The Package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin Install Failed.

Please address or please refund.