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Hello, a quick question. How do i change the background colour of my pages/portfolio pages? I did set it up to be grey years ago (i think in the ibuki css), but no matter how much i search in wordpress, i cant seem to find where the theme governs the background colour. Is there anyway to change the background colour from the theme menu or must i edit the CSS? I have since then started using the child theme, but it seems the colour css is all in the parent ibuki


Only is the css, try to set !important However if don’t work the css you write not correct rule.

Hello, i have updated the great Ibuki theme 3.3.4 and for some reason a Footer is now visible on all my pages (Impossible to delete from Footer options and copyright section Text). Another strange update from WPBackery Visual Composer is making a quite important bug with last version 5.2.1 so i am back to 5.0.1 and it’s stable.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yes, if Ibuki 3.3.4 is the latest version, i have updated and the latest VC version that make my website crash is 5.2.1

To be able send you the error strings i have to make my website crash again (I am just a music producer but if you need it i can do that again, it was something like : Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_map() in….)

Can you open a ticket here: or send an email with the access to admin panel.

Sure no problem, what is your email address ? You can send a message on

Thanks for an awesome theme!! Finally getting a chance to use it for the first time despite paying for it some time ago.

Just 2 quick questions for you Alessio.

1. Portfolio: On mouse-over with an image that has both Parent and Child attributes. By default it’s displayed in Alphabetical order. How or where can I change it so it will always display show child followed by parent? eg.. <Child> / <Parent>. Trying to use “Country” as <parent> & “City/State” as <child> which can beaks the consistency of the site. Eg.. Alaska & Juneau should be Juneau / Alaska not the other way around.

2. Is there a shortcode for current year and copyright symbol? Wanting to add <symbol>copyright <year> so i dont need to hard code it with every update.

Sorry for delay.

You need change the shortcode output about the portfolio grid. you can see the code here: Ibuki/framework/vc_extend/vc_template/az_portfolio_grid.php

No. Any shortcode for this

Hi Alessio, just touching base with you on my last comment post. Its been a while and I hope to hear form you soon :)


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Hey there, I’ve been using this theme for quite some time – I love it! Now I want to start writing blogs with it, but I just want a normal blog title, and date, etc on the single post instead of the large header/image that appears at the top, where do I change this back to a default wordpress looking title for the blog?


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Hi, visual composer is not active when I try to add images to my pages. I have updated visual composer but it is still inactive and says I need to buy a license for it. Is there a way I can activate this for the ibuki theme?


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Update: I was able to get it working thanks.

Hi there. Can the filter portfolio be embedded into another page (into the section of a page), or does it have to be its own page type?

Hi, sure you can have a filter portfolio into another page, but only one for each page.

Any chance of a pagination option?

Hi, What pagination option you want? For what?

Pagination for blogs / posts. Pagination is good to archive / access many posts. Hundreds, thousands of posts over a year. It’s helpful feature to have.

Please consider this feature. Thanks.

Appreciate your reply.

By default the theme have the pagination. The pagination is not visible if you use a post shortocode-

Hi. A client bought this for me but I cannot make the responsive menu open after pressing the button. It seems like the open class does not get applied to

The only way I could make this work was on Customize Mode, and after changing the menu locations. Once I save the settings menu stops wroking again and the open class do not get applied.

What am I doing wrong?

Very strange. Have you a live link for test? Check also the console log for any js errors.


The url is – Another thing that happens is whe you click on the button on mobie, the URL changes to be

...and here is the output console:

Failed to load Redirect from ‘' has been blocked by CORS policy: Redirect location ‘about:blank’ has a disallowed scheme for cross-origin requests. af115.js:149

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected string 02ea7.js:6

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).supersubs is not a function at Object.IBUKI.listenerMenu (02ea7.js:6) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (02ea7.js:72) at i (27762.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (27762.js:2) at Function.ready (27762.js:2) at HTMLDocument.K (27762.js:2)

Can I please get an answer to my support ticket please? Many thanks

Sure, sorry for delay.

Hello there, I’m struggling to find my way around a bit with the Ibuki theme…

I want my home page to be like the link, where it has a image/slider at the top and masonry of pictures below, but I don’t have a clue where to start with this? I’m not completely green to wordpress and I thought there would be a template or a setting for the pages to set this but there doesn’t seem to be anything obvious.

Also I can’t get the revolution slider to work on the homepage – I’ve enabled Page header settings, and chosen a slider in the Revolution Slider Alias box – this slider is set as a post-based slider, showing a certain category, but nothing shows, just a blank slider… the posts in the category have featured images, is that what is shown on the slider? I’ve tried the slider shortcode on a separate page and not showing either so I’m going to check the settings again but, I can’t see anything wrong with it at the moment.

Also on my main Posts page I want to show just a masonry of pictures, no text or titles or anything, but again, I just can’t seem to find a way to do this?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Tom

Thanks for the quick reply, I’ve just submitted a ticket.

Thanks for the quick reply, I’ve just submitted a ticket.


Hi there, I’m wondering: can I use a filterable portfolio AND infinite scroll together?

For example, let’s say by default I have 9 items displaying on first load in “all”, out of 100 items total. Of the initial 9, only 3 are categorized as “Comedy” even though there are 30 comedy items in total. If the user clicked “comedy” would infinite scroll kick in and start loading the rest of the comedy items?

Hi, unfortunately not possible use the filter with the infinite scroll pagination.

Hi Guys! Fantastic Theme! the website its: How can I do to show more info on mouse hover of each portfolio item? I only see the title but not the portfolio info. any idea? I saw another web that it’s working with more info on the portfolio mouse hover, here is:, this is the idea that I’m trying. can you help me whit this? Thank you so much!!!

Guys! another question, how can edit the Grid? when I click the “grid builder” on VC i get the error “Invalid post type”, any idea?.. really appreciate your help. Fantastic theme!

How to change header background color and menu colors ?

Ony solution is custom css

Hi, even when I check the ‘Display Comment’ in the edit area of a page, the comment box doesn’t show up on the front end. Am I doing something wrong?

Check if you have disabled the comment inside the Theme Options Panel.

Under what section of Ibuki theme options is it. Checked everyone of them but couldn’t find anything on comments.

Open a ticket in my support forum:

I have a question? why is it when i update my website. it gets distorted completely. Especially that part of blue and green. the top part

You have update the theme from on old version ( below 3.0 ) ? Because from 3.0+ Ibuki theme change logic of page builder shortcodes, and you need rebuild some page with the new method.

For this your site is completely broken. You can find more comments about this problem.

For fix you need edit each page, and each shortocode and re-assign the option for each them.

okay now i have updated everything, the website is okay except i have a space just below the slider. How can i remove that

Control if the slider apply some margin/padding.

Hello! Is Ibuki OK with Wordpress 4.9? What about WPBakery Visual Composer 5.4.5? Regards.


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Hello, so what’s new?

I work on it.


Is there any way of hosting theme fonts locally instead?