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For me its not possible to edit pages, posts and projects with this theme, because the build in WPBakery Page Builder does not work. The content gets not loaded :(

New Wordpress installation: Wordpress Version: 4.9.2 Ibuki Theme Version WPBakery Page Builder Version 5.4.5

No. There is no content displayed, also if i add one.

Also there is no Button displayed “Fontend Editor”, i can only choose between “Backend Editor” and “Classic Editor”. With Classic Editor i can change my code content. But not with Backend Editor.

I reply to ticket.

Hi, I just installed the temppate with all the plugins, but the VC menu does not appear in the settings menu… could you help me to figure out why? thank you

VC Menu? However Ibuki used a customized version of VC ( shortcodes ), are you sure the VC work in your back-end?

I send you a ticket. I can’t follow the video tutorial, so I think something is not working properly ( the part where you enter the visual composer options in the settings menu is not accessible to me)

Hi, is the Ibuki – lightbox no longer supported with woocommerce 3? where can I activate the lightbox for shop items?

The Ibuki Theme should be compatible with Woocommerce. Is there no update for the theme?

Update for what? Not work the fix? Open a ticket: http//

it works, thx

​I have updated the theme but when i read the change log you mention to also update plugins for visual composer and also revolution slider? How do i do that? Don’t these plugins get updated when i update the theme? because the theme is updated to the latest but revolution slider is still an older version. Please let me know what i need to do. I updated the theme through the wordpress automatic update function and i dont know if that was right or not?

Go to appearance – install plugins and follow the instruction. Or deactivate and remove the plugins and re-install the new version in appearance – install plugins

Theme is crashing with new Visual Composer update, not good!

The theme work with last version of Wordpress and Visual Composer. I tested it, if you have some problem open a ticket here:


anna7 Purchased

Hey, I purchased the theme and it it absolutely amazing. But one thing really give me a headache. How can I made my menu transparent, so that I can see the movie playing below it. I would like to achieve the same result like on the live preview, but only with a self hosted video. I saw that I have a transparent header option, but that doesn’t seem to work. Has anyone an idea. Any help would be really appreaciated :-) Thanks a lot

Ah, no not possible have a single porftolio by from an ID.


anna7 Purchased

Ok, so there is actually no way to influence the sorting by ID? If I want a specific order in my portfolio, I have to sort it by date and adjust all the dates on my single portfolio pieces, so that they appear in the right order in the portfolio?

Use the Post Type Order Plugin.

I can’t edit or do anything with the theme because the VC needs to be updated, I have opened a ticket but I need some answer as soon as possible, I have to publish the page tomorrow.

sorry but in Italy it was night, I replied.

Hi, i was trying to download the default templates from ibuki but it not show, i don´t know how use it, anyone know how use it? i ask to support but i think not understain me, in the video tutorial he say do it like this but not working, i am beginner but ever i had a support, in this moment not. Please i appreciate any help.

Just see the documentation inside the theme package.

1. Download the total package of the theme from Themeforest and find the XML file.

2. Use the youtube or documentation for see how to function the default wordpress import:

The WooCommerce templates need to be updated in this theme “Your theme (Ibuki) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. You can see which files are affected from the system status page. If in doubt, check with the author of the theme.” can you push an update with this fix?

What version of Ibuki you have?

The latest version has this issue