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Fantastic Design! Well done :)

Thank you :)

Nice theme! GLWS ;)

Thank You

Interesting theme. Congratulations! :)

Hi. I have a one question. Can I Use Woo Commerce plug-in and create order page?


We don’t have tested yet the Woo Commerce plugin but i think that with little customization you will be able to use it.

Best Regards!

Woo Commerce plugin tested and it works, If you will need help we will help you make it work.

Nice concept, congrats :)

Great theme and want to buy it but need to know if you would help if woocommerce doesn’t wrap to the theme correctly?


We are working to insert the woocommerce plugin asap.

Best Regards!


Nice theme! Do you have any more screenshots/examples/videos of the page builder? Would really like to know more about it!


do you provide this theme in Responsive Bootstrap HTML 5


Sorry, but for now the theme is only in the wordpress version.

Best Regards!

do you have any plan in future ?? if so what is the estimated date

For now we don’t have any plan for html version.

Best Regards!

Very awesome :)

Hi, how many PSD files (sites) is your template? place me answer thank you Marcin Sipowicz

We give you 8 psd pages but if you need more we can give you 19 psd pages. Thank you

nice theme.

On my Nexus 7 looking at Home Option 5, the tab bar overlaps itself. I tried looking at it in landscape and portrait view, same thing.

Thank you very much we will have a look

I am interested in getting your theme, but in the demo version the video does not actually play in the slider when browsing in Google Chrome (Windows 7). Works fine in Firefox.

I am a bit concerned about browser issues.

Hello great news :) well you can make dasable the aouto start for the video and you can add the thumbs or dhe markers, and leave the arrows on. You can edite the slider any way you want very easy. We will help you with everythinkg you need. Thank you and let us know

cool. just purchased. What is the method of support requests you prefer – email, a support site, here?

Thank You, please use only our support site http://themeple.ticksy.com

Awesome theme, thank you! Quick questions (sorry if this is dumb :)) – where do we edit the info on the very top of the website phone number, search box, social icons. I added our social links in teh iBusiness > Theme Option, but it did not change. Thank you!

Did you use shortcodes to insert the social links?

Yes you can use shortcode too to insert the social links
[social_icons icon="twitter" link="#"][/social_icons][social_icons icon="facebook" link="#"][/social_icons][social_icons icon="pinterest" link="#"][/social_icons][social_icons icon="linkedin" link="#"][/social_icons][social_icons icon="github" link="#"][/social_icons][social_icons icon="phone" link="#"][/social_icons][social_icons icon="google-plus" link="#"][/social_icons]

This is the social icons you can use by shortcodes.

Best Regards!

That what I used for the iBusiness Social Widget, it’s just not showing up in the top right header.

Hi. On the demo page About As in the section of Our Team are the windows of the people seen wrong – the bottom part is cut off. The social icons are seen just half of them. I use Firefox. Is the problem on my side?

Hello, we will check, but you ate the first one to tell us about this, so please check your browser maybe an update on the browser thank you

Hi, Beautiful theme What about ressource usage (php memory limit) ? And, is it possible to assign a background and logo to specifics pages ? (different depending on the pages) ?


Thank you!

The theme works so good and don’t consume memory. By default you cant give to any page different logo and background but if you make some little customization this can be done.

Best Regards!

Is it possible to consider this capability for next up date?

Yes it’s possible, but if you want it now you can ask for this after purchase on our support site and we will help you. thank you

About Us issue is not fixed on my browser, did you make an update?

Yes , we will make an update asap. With new features too.

Best Regards!

Oops, I mean now fixed…so all is good. very nice theme guys, well done.

Thanks :)

Hi, I bought and installed the theme but I can not access the page builder. Not going nowhere. Another doubt. How to edit the texts of homepage2? I could not either.


Do you have installed any plugins that may cause some conflict.

Please write to our support page:


Best Regards!

Hi, Beautiful theme. Couple questions.

The demo site does not show a mobile version/navigation. Its just a small version of the full site.

Any plans to support touch for the sliders? What I mean is the ability to swipe through images on ipad for example?

Last just another big vote for woocommerce optimizations like the Nevia theme.

Great job!

Regards, Seth


You can see the mobile version by re-sizing your browser window. The sliders we have support touch mode.

We are working to include woocommerce asap.

Best Regards!

i can’t seem to be able able to install this theme into wordpress. I unzipped the folder, and zipped the ibusiness folder. Went into themes/upload and it keeps giving me “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” message. Please help!

Hi on the demo install you make your pages but if you want ours please write on our support site http://themeple.ticksy.com and we will help you Thank you

could you please reply to me in your support forum?

We will soon :)