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Hi, Any comments on my questions above before I purchase theme?

Regards, Seth

Hi, pls comment on my last question regarding touch swipe for recent work, about us and clients. Thanks again for your time.


Hello slider in those pages its flex slider 2 they don’t support touch, but you can put the Layer Slider there and it will work with touch, no problem there just change the slider.

Got it thanks. I thought that might be the case as long as same look and feel can be preserved.

Hi, great looking theme. How difficult is it to set up the slider with the guy holding the video? Very cool!!

Hello, Very easy, we give you the same effect that we have on the demo and you just make a copy and paste, We will help you with the image of the guy holding the video & so you can embed your video. Let us know. Thank You

I was wondering if it is compatible with 3.5.1 or if it is only compatible with 3.5 and 3.4

Yes, the theme is compatible with all this versions.

Best Regards!

Page Builder don’t work in Safari. Please advise

Hello, We have checked and we just checked just now and it works on our side, please check and update your browser, or please let us know where do you see the problems just write on our support page http://themeple.ticksy.com/ thank you

For some reason it works in Chrome for me and sometimes on Firefox but it doesn’t load in Safari. Not sure i have the latest version. On another note when i add icon=”facebook” link=”#”]/social_icons/social_icons/social_icons/social_icons/social_icons[/social_icons] to the top right widget where you have them they do look properly they drop on top of each other so only 2 per row. Can you let me know what im doing wrong.

And lastly can you let me know where I can adjust padding on the menu. My logo is a but bigger, but the menu doesn’t center with the logo. Thanks again other then that its a great theme.

Pretty nice, 1. offers this theme at Page Builder Columns with “features content” like in your theme “Pixel Responsive Wordpress Theme”? 2. possibility to add the element “Slideshow” with the option “Do you want content after the slider? – Self Page linked with this template”? I’d like to put a textbar (if there is one in Shortcodes offered) to the bottom of the slider


All this features are included !

Let us know if you need more help.

Best Regards!

One of the best Wordpress template so far ever I worked with. Believe me they have made our life easy in fast moving world, where time matters everything! expecting author to keep improving this template on time process with new technology update. Keep up the good work :)

Thank You so much for your awesome word, you made our day :) We are working on a great update to add Woo Commerce Plug in and other great technologies. Thank you one more time and please give us 5 stars :)

Giving 5-Star was my first appreciation to your work!

I sent an email question to you. :). Thank you for the great support!

We will get to it as soon as we can, for more support please use our support page http://themeple.ticksy.com thank you and please give us 5 stars :)

Hi, I purchased this theme but can’t upload it to Dreamhost. I unpacked the zip file and rezipped the ibusiness folder but can’t upload that zipped folder to the webhost.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Hello, and thank you, please use FTP to upload the theme and you don’t need to zip it, that is all

Every time I publish a portfolio, and want to view page, it says page cannot be found. Please please please help me fix this!

Hello, to fix this use normal permalinks in your wordpress installation, if you want to use the actual permalinks that you are using please edit htacess and contact with your host service. if you have ulterior problems contact on our support page.

Thank You, Best Regards

Prebuy questions. 1. What does “bootstrap compatible” mean? 2. Can I add a font we use for our business that is not in “googles font api” (@fontface to change h1, 2, 3, etc) 3. Can I add an off canvass menu? 4. Can I change the background of the site in “wide” mode (not by color but with a repeating background image). 5. Id like to change the style of the calendar box for the blog?


1. Bootstrap compatible means that the page was builded with twitter bootstrap framework

2. Yes we can help you to add the font you want to add.

3. You can but with some customization

4. Background can be added in the wide mode with little customization too

5. If you know some css styling can do everything

Best Regards!

Hi, I have purchased this theme already. I need to know how to create top widgets as in demo (which is above the logo and Main Nav)?


Please go to the Widgets and you will find three widget positions Top Header Left, Top header Right, Top header center.

You have to add the text widget, search widget and ibusiness social widget.

Best Regards!

Thanks, i have noticed after importing dummy data, the Page builder doesn’t load many times :( sometimes it loads but takes a hell of a time. can you pls help me with this?

Hello, we can help you do it, please contact our support forum if you have problems. http://themeple.ticksy.com Best Regards

Can I add my own widgets on the front page. Is my own widgets also drag and drop?


Yes you can add any widget you want the theme let you add the widget with page builder in any position.

Best Regards!


Does this theme support a full RTL text (including a CSS of options to switch it to RTL)?

Thanks. Ron.

Hello, we can help you do it, please contact our support forum if you have problems

Best Regards

hi, i would like to know why the search bar is not showing as well as the social icons and can only see the Layerslider :/ here is a screenshot: http://oi46.tinypic.com/dcx16o.jpg

Hello, the top bar is made from widgets so you need to make them, please go on our support page and we can help you. http://themeple.ticksy.com thank you

scam artist, dont buy this!

Hi, some questions:

1) How can i change translation of buttons “next” and “previous” into german? 2) How can i change the words “client”, “date” and “url” on the right sidebar? 3) How can i change translation of “search here”

Thank you very much


Do you have used the po/mo files for the translation?

Best Regards!

Hmm i tried to change the wp-content/themes/ibusiness/lang/default.po but nothing happened.

How can i do the things a mentioned before? Thx


You have to edit po/mo files with POEDIT and after this have to change the language in wp-config.php file.

For more information read the wordpress documentation:


If you need more help write to our support page:


Best Regards!

Supports the Russian language?

Hello, we have all the .po files ready for you so can translate them in Russian easy & you can use plug-ins like qTranslate if you like. Thank You

How can I remove Twitter feed at the bottom and footer widget section (just where the 4 coloums go)


Please try this line:

#footer .inner{display:none;}

Best Regards!

im sorry i didnt’t explain right. The codes you supplied worked fine .inner{display:none;} .top_footer{display:none;}

What I was asking about is the Social Icons go besides the search bar in header above the menu. The code Doesnt work. thanks


You have only to add the them into Theme Options and after this put only the Social Widget Area Top Header Right.

Best Regards!

Hello, We want the same slider like in demo first page.

I don’t see it in import (that it does have that slider) PLease guide me.


Hello, You have the code you need on the documentation, if you can’t find it please write us on our support page http://themeple.ticksy.com and we will help you. Thank you


I cant import dummy data’s. It shows a message “error” only. What should I do ?



Have you installed wordpress importer plugin?

Try to disable this plugin before install the install dummy data.

Best Regards!

Success !!! :)