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Me again :)

In the “top right header” I have put “ibusiness social widget” and paste [social_icons] shortcodes (you put such code few comments before) ... unfortunately it doesn’t show any social icons.



We will look into this but the online preview have the same code its so strange.

Thank you for your feedback.

Best Regards!

I have redownloaded theme and that issue still exists. Also I can see that some widgets have problems with CSS especially “recent and popular” posts are displayed incorrectly.

if(isset($_COOKIE['themeple_skin'])) $footer_logo = THEMEPLE_BASE_URL.'img/'.$_COOKIE['themeple_skin'].'/footer_logo.png'; echo '<div class="row-fluid" style="margin-bottom:20px;"><div class="span12">/div></div>'; echo '<div class="row-fluid social_">'; </div></div>


Those widgets aren’t styled are only part of framework but not part of this theme.

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Nice template! Am I able to increase the height of the slider area for taller pictures? It’s bit short on larger resolutions.

Yes, you can change it directly from the LayerSlider Control Panel, very easy to do it.

Thank You

I have one question before i purchase. the portfolio page does it have paginated bar at the bottom?

Please let me know asap….

Hello, no the portfolio dont have pagination bar. We can insert it in a new update release, or we can help you to do it.

Thank You

Hi there, nice theme! But honestly the kodder framework is buggy… because i dont need the many home-templates i decided to delete them. after deleting one i have to reload the site because the framework wont change anything anymore. it takes long time to reload so it’s not that amusing. another thing, for the wishlist maybe, is the name for the page-elements. it would be easier if they would get a 2nd title with the title i just created, for example: services list – Social Media Marketing, services list – Webdesign (if I have more than one services list elements). But i’m enjoying the rest of this theme and am thankful for the fast help i got by using the ticket-tool.

Thank you for your comment we are working on a better framework everyday and we really welcome your suggestions and we will try to make the best framework that we can. Thank you so much for your purchase and please for any question or suggestions please write to to us again here or on our support page.

How can i remove default home from template?

Hello Just delete it from the page builder and you are done.

There is no, because i do not use dummy content

Ok, you can delete it from PAGES or on the MENU, please if you need more help write on our support page for help. http://themeple.ticksy.com

How can i remove default twitter line and footer?


Go to Theme Options > Styling > Css Box add this line:


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Hi Im still having the same problem “top right header” I have put “ibusiness social widget” and it they don’t work. please advise


Please write to our support page and we will try to fix this problem.


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I purchased this Theme which looks great by the way. Question is do I need to purchase LayerSlider separately?


Thank you for your purchase! The LayerSlider is included, insall dummy data and read the documents for help. If you need more help, please contact us our support page: http://themeple.ticksy.com

I am interested in this template. Got a demo where I can try the “page builder” before buying it?


Please see this video :



Best Regards!

Hi, I am getting this failure. My server is running safemode. Is that a problem for the theme? (normal its not).

The warning is showing in my Wordpress contropanel.

Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /var/www/autowatch.dk/public_html/wp-content/themes/ibusiness/themeple_framework/system/themeple_controller.php on line 43


Please try to contact your hosting provider and request to them the permissions to run the function set_time_limit().

Best Regards!


I’ve done all my web settings with EasyPHP on localhost, then when I uploaded the content in the normal server, all settings are lost, even the page builder, sliders, logo, colors, etc.

How can I upload the same version that I have in localhost to a remote server without loss the settings and content?



Have you export the sql database ?

All the contents are stored in the database.

Best Regards!

Yes, I did that, and also I’he tried with the export wordpress option :(


No you have to export the database with phpmyadmin .

All the content and options of the theme are registered in the database.

Best Regards!

I’ve got the same problem as diegobonilla!

How can I solve it? Please, help me, I have also exported the database and it’s not working.

Thak you!



If you export the databse and import it you will have stored all the options and content of the page.

But remember to copy the wordpress folder too if you have images.

Best Regards!


I´m trying to change some parameters of page and portfolio but i cannot do it.

For example, on a page, i cannot select these display menu “Which Slider do you want to use?” and “Select one of the sliders you have created”

Many thanks!


You can change the size of the slider into the Layerslider Panel go to Global Settings and change the width and the height of the slider.

Best Regards!


I have many problems :(

I cannot set the social media icons on the header (next the search bar)

How can i change the size of text of the preview portfolio, here is the print http://wokicomunicaciones.cl/demo/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/captura.jpg

The red circle = change the font size The blue circle = delete those text (categories)

And, finally, how can i set the widgets footer?

Many thanks!


Please download the latest version of the theme and add Social Widget into the Widget Area.

To remove this you have to edit loop-portfolio-grid.php write to our support page and we will give the advice how to do this two customization.

The footer widget can be set in the Appearances > Widgets > Footer Columns.

Please contact to our support page:


Best Regards!

I am trying to enable automatic updates for LayerSlider WP, and it needs my item purchase code.

I purchased the IBusiness template, and only have the license certificate for the wp template.

Where can I find the license certificate for LayerSlider WP that came with it?

Hello, and thank you for your purchase, about the layer slider update we will make the updates when the slider is updated so you don’t need to do that. we make it like this because we make sure it will work perfect with iBUSINESS theme. When we make an update on our theme it will come up on your Wordpress updated so you can’t miss it. Thank You

Thank you for your response. I asked the question because my admin control panel is almost impossible to use because everything loads so slowly when the LayerSlider WP is turned on. I have to disable the plugin to effectively work on the site. I read online that updating the slider plugin might help. Do you know why my admin control panel might be running so slowly?


If you have installed dummy data this may caused by all the pages that are loaded try to delete the pages we don’t want to use.

We provide all this pages in dummy data to make you easy work with the theme.

Best Regards!

Is it me, or are most off the pull-down menu’s in the theme options just not working. Also in Pages, Posts etc. So almost everywhere.

I have the latest Wordpress, with a clean install. Done the Dummy data import as descibed in the installation guide.

What’s wrong here, am I the only one with this issue?

I know what the bug is. All the pull down menu’s in this theme WON’T work in Firefox on the Mac. Switched to Chrome, and all pull-down menu’s work.


Please download the latest version of the theme and your problem will be fixed.

Best Regards!


=== v1.01 (14 March 2013) ===  

Header Social Widgets Fixed the bug.
Twitter Bar on the footer  - Optional   ON/OFF
Footer Widgets  Optional   ON/OFF
DropDown Menu Bug fixed for IE 

Can you please tell me how to delete Page Builder Templates (i.e. home2, home3, home4) from the Page Builder control panel without using the Page Builder control panel?

My Page Builder control panel will not stop freezing up and crashing my browser anytime I try and do anything.

I use the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and IE. The problem occurred over multiple computers as well. Currently, I can use Chrome to delete some of the page templates in the page builder, but it requires refreshing the page after any adjustment or else everything becomes unresponsive. I appreciate your quick and helpful responses!

Ok, please open a ticked on our support page and we will have a look and try to see why is this happing, please write your web address username & password so we can see what’s up with your wordpress.


Thank you

Ok I have submitted a ticket on your website. Thank you again for your help.


I’m sorry about all the questions but my client has specific needs.

Is there a boxed and full width format?

The logo in the header needs to be the full width of the box, and I need to be able to easily place it above or below the menu.

All the colours such as backgrounds, texts, links and menu need to be changeable from within the theme options panel.

I need to be able to upload a background image and tile it.

Are all the above possible with this theme?



Hello, no problem you can ask as many as you want :) A big YES on all you questions, you can make all those changes and much more very easy form our Theme Option. Please let us know if you need more help

Thank You

Hi! my site: http://showerdoors-houston.com/

A few questions: 1- Where do I input the map data & Hello text for your Contact page? 2- Where do you get the social icons – top right of the homepage? 3- Is this theme compatible with BWS widgets? I inserted the short code for one on my forth footer widget? Looks jumbled up. 4- Is it possible to not display the portfolio section on the homepage? 5- Where can the 4 sections under the slider be edited? 6- Where can I edit the choose us section?

Thanks! Greg


Please read our documentation and video tutorials.

1)Go in Page Builder and find the Contact Page with google map elements.

2) Go to Appearance > Widget Area > Top Right Area and add the Social Widget into.

3) What you mean for BWS widgets? You can use any shortcodes with ShortCode Widget

4) Yes it is, go in the Page Builder and remove the element Recent Portfolio

5) Go to Page Builder find the element Services Medium and edit it.

6) Go to Page Builder find the element Tab and edit it.

Best Regards!