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I have added a working PHP contact form to this file. I’m currently trying to contact Theme Forest and have them add it.

If you contact me and let me know you purchased this file, I can send it to you until it is added.

Fantastic, clean work. I’ll be buying this soon

hey mate got the temp and its great

I know you didnt Included the psd but can you direct me on where you got the buttons from (or if you made them)

want to change the colour scheme



great temp


The funny thing about this template is I made two designs. The first one was rejected by Theme Forest. I then redesigned the site to what you see now. I unfortunately am a bozo and accidentally deleted the PSD file. So I do not have the raw PSD .

The only thing I can suggest is that you open the button in Photoshop and play with the Hue/Saturation in the layer palette and try to get the color you are going for.

Sorry about that.

thats cool mate

things happen

i will just mess around in cs3 and get a few tuts going

anyway great temp mate

very clean – and eye catching

A great Services templete

Thanks. I appreciate it.

I agree. This is a very nice template. Bought it a few weeks ago, and will be implementing it soon. I really like the use of icons (thanks for including them by the way) as well as the cleanliness and the Apple/Mac look of the images.

Very nice work

-Dominic Leodoro

I like the look of this, but was wondering if you could make the menu a possible dropdown? I would like to utilize that if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, There was a few days ago a WordPress version. What happened ? Can we expect to see it back ?


I had an issue with the theme. Not a bug or anything, I had it hardwired to my database and didn’t make the update before I uploaded it on TF.

It is now fixed. I’m currently waiting on them to reactivate it for me.


Hi, I bookmarked the Wordpress version and now I was ready to buy it but dissapeared. When is gonna be available again? Regards,

Hey boss….email me and I’ll send it to you for free. Basically the site was so complex with pages and features that I didn’t set-up widgets to easily utilize everything. So I removed it.

Thank you for answer! I just send you an email with the email option in your profile page. Let me know I you don’t receive it. Regards,

Hello. I liked this theme and regret that there is no longer Worpdress version. I understand that there will be no version of this Wordpress theme for the issue of Widgets. Is that so? Where can I get the older version of Wordpress theme even without the Widgets? Thanks in advance.


If you buy my HTML version I will send you the WP version.



I’ve edited the text in the .swf file and uploaded it to my server but I still see the original tween any Ideas.

Thanks in Advance.

Sorry for the late reply – this is an old file and I often do not know when comments are made.

Anyways are you still having issues?

Have any one WP version of this Template ??

I want to Purchase .. lets Please mail me



quite alright chum.. Yes I still with the same .swf file issue any thoughts?

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on this site and will take some refreshing of my memory. But first I have to ask the obvious – have you emptied the cache of the browser you are viewing it on?


I am looking to buy this template but i have few questions.

Can i edit the flash? if so how.. (hmmm.. i am not so good in flash) can u send me the psd after i buy?


No chance i will see the wordpress theme again either. I have bought the full version but would like the wordpress them if you have it still?