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Hello am having issues with the icons, they do not seem to display at all when i upload the site on to the hosting server .

What may be the issue ??

Hi there, thank you for using our item, does this issue happens in every browser? It seems font awesome icons doesn’t work well in some hosts, anyway please provide your site url so we can have a better idea of what is happening. All the best. it like that in all browsers and am confused. Please help

Hi there thank you for updating. In your current URL the icons are working properly. If this just happens in your specific host then it is an issue related to host not template related host in this case please contact your host administrator about this issue and possible workarounds, thank you for your time and patience. Have a nice day.

Hi, is it possible to have the fundraising/causes feature – without displaying a total amount and how much you’ve raised so far? Thanks.


You can simply remove this from markup.

<div class="cause-hover">

Hello sir..great work….if I purchase this template 4 colors provide or not? Then two different prices are available in this model 16$ and 43$ ...can you please explain the different prices?

Hi again,

The price 16$ is for the HTML static version and 43$ is for the full featured WordPress Theme version. In the WordPress version you can manage your site from the WordPress Dashboard. Have a nice day.

@Esmet Hey how are you doing? Great theme and has all that I need for my NPO site, Sass and Bootstrap3! I just see that you have not updated the theme for half a year and I worry that you won’t update it anytime soon. I can only buy it if I’m sure of frequent updates and fixes.

When do you plan to update? And how often?

Thanks :)

Hi patlecat,

Thank you for your interest in our item, regarding your question we don’t update HTML template on a regular basis since we only make that when we release new features and bug fixes, in this case we update more frequently the WordPress version since it is changing all the time and we make sure our items always work with latest WP version, that’s not the case for static HTML items. Have a nice day.

Hi, I have purchased iCARE charity html template, but it seems we have a problem. In the header section, search form and social icons do not appear at the same level, search form remains at a higher level and social icons stays at relatively lower level. No problem on chrome, but this problem occurs on firefox. Could you please check and help me about that? Thank you.

Hi there,

Thank you for using our item. Regarding your question I’ve resent an updated copy of the main.css with a fix for this behavior to your email address. Please take a look. Have a great day.

Hello. I just bought both the HTML and wordpress version. I am more comfortable working with the HTML version. Please how do i get the URGENT CAUSES scroll bar to continue infinitely. At the moment, it stops after the first run and leaves a blank scroll bar.

Appreciate your quick reply

Thank you for using our items. Regarding your question in order to create an infinite carousel you can proceed this way: For the WordPress theme go to your_theme_folder/core/js and open the file custom.js place this line of code: inifinite: true, to the carousel configuration at the line 70. In the HTML version repeat the same steps but instead of open the core folder you will open the folder js right the template folder. Keep in mind we are using a minfied version of the file custom.js in order to make your changes work you will have to minify the file again. Hope it helps, have a great day.

Can you please take a look and tell me why my site is looking like this? I uploaded a test on the domain and it is coming up really weird. But when I am working on the site locally it’s perfectly fine. The link is below. Thanks in advance!

I did exactly as you told me and it’s still not working. I even used a completely separate account. Could you see if it’s still rendering 50% of the code? According to Filezilla all files have been uploaded. Thanks.

UPDATE: I contacted my hosting service (Bluehost) and they found nothing wrong on their end. Which leads me to conclude that there is something wrong with the template.

Hi there,

Thank you for update. Please email us with your ftp details so we can test and investigate your issue with details. It doesn’t seem to be template related since it is just a couple of static HTML files, even so we only can be sure about what’s happening when testing and investigating it. Have a great day.


Hi there buddy. I bought this wonderful template of your’s last week. I can see that there are Language selection options on the top right corner, however when I select them the website does not get translated to the selected language.

I am a newbie, can you please explain what I should be doing to have the website translated in a particular language without much of a trouble :-)

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Thank you for using our item. The languages menu you see in our demo are just for placeholder purposes, if you need a working language menu maybe buying the WordPress version should be the correct choice since you can use a multilingual plugin to create several language versions of your site and this way making a working language selector menu. Hope it helps, if you have further questions don’t hesitate in asking. Have a nice day.

@ Esmet

Hello there,

I have bought this wonderful template of yours. One thing that I want to know is whether I can mention following point in the footer of my client’s site:

Copyright 2015 | my client’s domain name | Powered by : my website domain name

Kindly confirm.

Thanks & Regards.

Hi there,

Thank you for using our item. There’s no problem in altering the footer copyright text, so feel free to change it. Have a nice day.

That’s really wonderful.

Thanks for prompt response, we really appreciate it.

Looking forward for more engagement with you and your team.

Best Regards.

Hi webizmein,

Thank you for your words, feel free to get in touch whenever you need our assitance, also don’t forget to take a look at our other items maybe you find them useful for your next client’s projects. Have a nice day.


How would the js look in the custom-min.js file if there is a third level menu? I’d like to add a right arrow to show the third level menu rather than the down arrow that gets added.



Thank you for using our item. In this case you should take a look and unminified version of custom.js and make your tweaks there, after that you can minify it again at: and copy the content to your custom-min.js replacing the old content. Hope it helps, have a nice day.