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Hello, Im using another language(lithuanian) with UTF-8 encode and have some problem: http://www.styleclub.lt/ Same problem if header.tpl convert to UTF-8

Could you be more specific with the problem.


How can I change the content of the “About Us” in the footer? How can I change the links of the “Social” in the footer?

Best Regards.

Those 2 things can be edited in footer.tpl located at catalog/view/theme/icart/template/common

still getting the search error /header.tpl on line 154

Hello, I fixed that error, if you bought the theme you can just re-download the theme from the downloads area.

Ive made alot of edits in various files so dont want to re-download as I will be overwriting them, how can i fix it manually?

First, you need to show me that you bought the theme, since I don’t see you buyer badge I cannot help, you would have to either post a comment using the account that you used to buy the theme or you could send an email via my themeforest profile with the account you used to purchase the theme to verify.

Hey i got some problems! I dont know how to fix it! Please help! Here it is:

I think you uploaded the wrong version, the zip file contains versions,, and of opencart, if you are using the latest version of opencart upload the theme from the folder

Okay thanks! i fixed it but now it looks like this: (you can press on the picture and come to the website?) the home page dont work! everything else works! what to do? :)

I made it work! Ty :) But dude? if you press this: You can see that there is written “Compare” and “Wish List” How do i change that? or where do i do that :)

Open category.tpl from catalog\view\theme\iCart\template\product search for this and change it:  &nbspCompare and also search for this:   Wish List change those words for anything or if you delete the text it will only show the icons like the shopping icon.


The website worked perfekt… But.. Then i added a picture to 1 product (i only got 1 product). Link: How do i fix? :) Nicolai

When I click that link it doesn’t show the home page of an opencart store, I only see an image and a text above it.

^And btw! It works if i delete the “featured” module. But when i add it again, it’s broken.

1. Open footer.tpl from catalog/view/theme/icart/template/common and search for the word “about us” and edit it there.
2. Open same file from Question 1 and delete this line: <div class="icart-logo-footer"><a href="index.php"><img src="catalog/view/theme/iCart/image/logo-footer.png" alt="Footer Logo" /></a></div>
3. I didn’t included the PSD for editing that part, I downloaded that ribbon from here: http://www.premiumpixels.com/freebies/clean-simple-image-slider-psd/
4. Delete this code from the same footer.tpl as from above: <div class="column_footer" style="margin-right:0px;"> <h3>Social</h3> <ul class="social"> <li class="twitter"><a href="http://twitter.com/twitter">Twitter Username</a></li> <li class="facebook"><a href="http://facebook.com/Username/">Facebook</a></li> <li class="rss"><a href="#">RSS Feed</a></li> </ul> </div>
5. Open featured.tpl from catalog/view/theme/icart/template/module and search for those words and translate them.
6. Open jquery.nivo.slider.js from catalog/view/javascript/jquery/nivo-slider and at the bottom of that file find the words: “pauseTime: 3000,” and change 3000 into 5000 or any time you want.

The pausetime isnt changed? and we changed it to 9000 but it doesnt seems to work! the same with step 5!

5. Is “Tilbud” the featured module or specials module? If is the specials module the same but in the special.tpl file
6. I thought that it would work, same question was asked here: http://forum.opencart.com/viewtopic.php?t=33542

Hey im new to the whole open cart themese ive been using wordpress, but how do i upload this template into my opencart website, i dont see any instructions in the .zip file, and i dont see a .png picture image to add to the ftp “template” folder

The zip contains a documentation folder where it has instructions on how to upload the theme to opencart.

Hi! I’ve bought your template iCart for opencart. I installed it following the instructions but there is no images of products in category page. Site – mobilka77.ru

You have not bought my theme, so I cannot give you any support.

Hi! I’ve bought your template iCart for opencart. I installed it following the instructions but there is no images of products in category page. Site – mobilka77.ru

Images should appear in the categories page, unless you modified something and now is conflicting with that area, images appear fine in the product category and in the search:http://mobilka77.ru/index.php?route=product/search&filter_name=mac . I don’t know what might be causing the problem, you could try deleting the file category.tpl located at catalog/view/theme/iCart/template/product this way it would load the default design of the categories template.


can you update the theme to opencart 1.5.6.!

Best Regards

I don’t think there had being many changes from, are you having problems with the theme in that version?

hello, couldn’t know how to install your custom slider, please assist.

i use as normal sliders but the bullet that supposed to show how many pages do not exist more when i add more slideshow.

The slider is already included in opencart, so you don’t have to install it. If you add a lot of slides the bullets look out of the ribbon, you would have to change the width of the ribbon image in photoshop.

I have and error on the account register where people can’t change the state drop down.

Here is a link to the same issue.


Can you provide me with an updated theme file?

I did and the issue still persists.

When will you be updating your theme to version 1.5.6??

The theme version works fine in 1.5.6

Hi, I’m trying to edit footer.tpl located at catalog/view/theme/icart/template/common. I have edited the file and uploaded but the footer on the site does not change, I have cleared cache also. Is there anywhere else the theme may be going for this file or anything I can take a look at? Thank you.

The changes should be visible with the changes you made, maybe the file was not uploaded correctly.

Hi Festus911,

Are you planing to make your theme responsive? I really like your theme but most of my clients use their tablets or phones and it would be great if you can make it responsive.

Thank you in advance.

Hello, I just bought your theme, I’m also starting on opencart, I wonder if there are other possibilities for arranging the Homepage of the shop to the theme Icart? Thank you in advance!

From the admin panel you can choose which modules to display.


I have installed your theme and it works great apart from the product view. every time I open the product page I see all my products in Grid view instead of list view. How can I change it to show in all products in list view and not grid?

Thank you in advance.


Can you please make this theme compatible with the new open cart version 2.0?


Can you please make this theme compatible with version 2.0?

Hi there,

Can you please release a new version of your iCart theme for opencart 2.10.1?

Will you be interested in creating a custom theme based on your 1.5 iCart Theme.

Purchase code: 0de4b035-ff68-4ad1-a501-866b6581183a – 11 Feb 2014