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Outstanding! Have you thought about putting out a simple HTML version that doesn’t require OpenCart? We have our own E-Commerce system which is not compatible with OpenCart. We’d love to make use of a theme like this.

Bookmarked :) Love this!

This is a beautiful template! If you could make it resize when viewed on mobile phones(iPhone), tablets I would probably make the switch and buy it. I think having a template that automatically switches to an easy to read mobile version is too important not to have nowadays with even Grannies and Grandpas running around with smart phones!

I agree that this should be responsive – this like nearly all other developments going on in every aspect of this site. The shift to full mobile is on top of us all rite now and many of us won’t even consider buying unless the themes, landers, carts – all of it really must work across all device types. Responsive is the new norm and must be included in all works. Our customers are transitioning far faster than the industry is reporting. Get out ahead it!

This is a beautiful work and I would buy it in a heartbeat if it were truly a high functioning responsive cart.

Congratulations on this your first project here. Keep up the great work mate!

Agreed with drmedia1.

Must have features in a modern theme:

- Responsiveness and Customization

Lacks information, a more extensive discription of the features included and print screens of the backoffice plugin.

Good theme though.


Hello i just purchase and install to wordpress, its says Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

pls help


I try to upload the theme via file Zilla even the following error showing. Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description iCart Stylesheet is missing.

Thanks, Kuma

Hello kuma36, this is not a theme for wordpress, this a theme for OpenCart.

What module is the horizontal menu? it’s not on my site for some reason… it’s not the category module…?

nevermind, got it solved

When you search for a product it looks like you need a clear float. 1st Item is off in chrome.

I will fix that, thanks.


I have bought youre nice theme and having 2 problems:

1- For example look at the footer: http://www.vitaminewebstore.nl/affiliate/login It doenst show properly, how to fix this?

2- Whey i click a product, like this: http://www.vitaminewebstore.nl/syntha-6.html I getting image faults. By my default theme no problems. How to fix this?

3- At the homepage, the newest products feauture doenst show correctly, see www.vitaminewebstore.nl

Uploaded the theme several times.

Thanks and regard,

Jeroen Netherlands

Hello Jeronimo1981,

You seen to have modified a lot of things, so I can’t really tell why those errors are showing up, since I didn’t make it look like that.


I am receiving errors on the product returns page. I have not modified anything. Please take a look – http://www.addictiveauto.com/v1/index.php?route=account/return/insert

Remove the return_form.tpl file from catalog\view\theme\iCart\template\account\

Thanks for your quick response ;)

I’ve just purchased your theme, and it looks beautiful. Very nicely done!

How ever, I have 3 problems.

- Product images in the “Featured” module come out blurry. I’ve tried resizing smaller and bigger, but no matter what size I make the pictures, they come out blurry on the “Featured” module.

- Also on the “Featured” Module, the price box is misaligned.

- The radio buttons on the “Slide Show” module are misaligned.

Any ideas what may be the problem?



- The blurry images should get clear by increasing the size in Featured module options in admin panel. - I tested this theme in main browsers IE8 ,Firefox,Chrome, Opera,Safari, and I don’t see those errors, what browser are you using?


Thanks for the response. I’m using Chrome. Also, its a fresh Open cart installation, so I haven’t changed many settings or anything other than to add products, categories and suppliers. The product images I’m using are all 190×190. I resized everything to 190×190 because the images on the default open cart sample store are 190×190.

This morning I went into “Settings/Images” and changed all the image template sizes to 190×190 as well. But after refreshing the site, the “Featured” module still shows the images blurred.

Although I’m not ready to go live, I’ve made the site available for today in case you want to go to the site and take a look at what I mean. Here is the URL . www.metalcom.co.za



Thanks for all the assistance. I’ve got it all working now based on your instructions.

Kind regards, Rohin

To change the image size of the featured product you have to go to admin/extensions/modules/featured

The slideshow images don’t show well because of the image size try changing it to 980×280

The price box is misaligned because the product name is too long, I will fix that


Another quick question. How do I change the “About us” information on the bottom left hand corner of the page, underneath the social networking icons?

Kind regards, Rohin


In footer.tpl located at catalog\view\theme\iCart\template\common\


Hi there again,

Everything seems to be working beautifully now.

I’ve noticed while testing that when users add product reviews, the review is submitted twice after the user presses continue. Is that an Open Cart bug/issue, or is that something you can fix in iCart?

I’ve temporarily made the site available in case you’d like to go submit some reviews for products to see what I’m talking about.


You will get the “Thank you for your review. It has been … for approval.” message twice. On the admin side I’ll see two instances of the review. Of course its easy enough for the admin to just delete one of the duplicated reviews, or alternatively just turn of reviews altogether, but it would be nice if only one was sent if possible.

Kind regards, Rohin

I don’t think is a problem with the theme. I just did a review and it was only submitted once, not twice.

Thanks! For checking.

Quick note: I’ve been experimenting with alternative colors and image elements. I still have a few more color and image ideas to experiment with before I settle on the right look and feel. Are you comfortable with your customers modifying the template for use in their websites?

Of course, you can modify the theme as you like.