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Hello, I really like your theme, but I have some questions: - Is it possible to add the Spanish language to the theme? - Is it possible to change the colors of the header, footer, body, buttons, links, text, etc? - Do you know if it is possible to add a forum extension/plugin/module to the theme? - Is it possible to add text in home?

Thank you!

Hello, Yes, it is possible to add Spanish language if you have that language package. It is easy to change the colors, body, text, etc. I never tried that forum extension before, but it should work fine if you have it. Opencart has a module to display a welcome message in the home page, I don’t know if that’s what you mean by text in home.

I see. Well I mean that I would also like to add some daily news to the front page. My website is about electronic components (to make your robots, for example) and I would also like to have a “tutorials” section where people can read some text, view images, embedded videos from YouTube, etc. Is that possible?

I don’t make modules/extensions, so I can’t really help you there. If you already have those modules, they should work fine in this theme.

Specials template is missing?

Hello, Specials template is not missing, why?

I didn’t do any modifications in that area. To fix the error where the first product is not aligned correctly, open special.tpl located at catalog\view\theme\iCart\template\product and add this: <br /> after the following code
<div class="product-compare"><a href="<?php echo $compare; ?>" id="compare_total"><?php echo $text_compare; ?></a></div>

is theme mobile and ipad compatible?

Hello, The theme is not responsive, is not made for mobile devices.

HI, is there a change log so i can see what has changed in the latest version?

I included a change log in the theme description and also included two demos for the old and the version for comparison.


How I can add the menu of departments in horizontal, above the slider? When I add the module departments, on home, in top of content, the result is a menu of departments default of OpenCart, in vertical position.


Do you want a add a category called “departments” in the categories menu? or is departments a module?

@Festus911 Love the theme, I just need a bit of information from you if possible. I’m looking to adjust the size of the product boxes, mainly on the home page for ‘Featured’ and ‘Latest’. I just want to make them a little smaller, as currently, for users on smaller screens, the products take up too much room. If you can just point me in the right direction (i.e. files to edit) then I can make the amendments. Thanks for your time!

The changes have to be made in the stylesheet.css file located at catalog\view\theme\iCart\stylesheet , for the product boxes you can start editing where it says ”.box-product > div {” and also other classes below that.

Sorry, Festus. The module “Category” in OpenCart PT-BR is “Departamentos” (its mean “Departments in english”). Sorry.

Meu doubt is how add the menu Categories on top of slider (like in your screenshot or demo). In my cart always appear a menu vertical when add the Category module…

When creating a category, to include it in the categories menu, click in the tab that says “Data” there you will see a check box that says “Top: Display in the top menu bar. Only works for the top parent categories.” and it should show the Departamentos category in the menu now.

Tks, Festus. Its Allight!


Template is not working : http://tinyurl.com/a87epqj

What’s the problem?

Hello, why are my images in “FEATURED” so ugly? they look like low resolution, or enlarged..etc. I have tried 3000×3000 and 250×250.. same issue. How can I fix this??

::EDIT:: Never mind.. there is a .html info file with the download that contains the info as to how. Thanks

I love this theme. Very well done. Question: In the original version of this template when using IE ( tested on both IE 8 & 9) it was possible to enter search text and CLICK on search button to search. This no longer works in IE. Can you please point me in the right direction on how to fix this in IE without asking my users to dumb IE

Open the stylesheet.css file and after this: .button-search { add this code: background: url(”/”);

Perfect, Thanks

I want to sell software files. It is possibil to create a download area or other solutions.

Opencart already has that option.

I have totally forgotten how to change the Slider. Could you please enlighten me?

Do you mean to add images to the slider or something else?

Yes, I tried to edit to say that, but the website was down. Yes, how do I add images to the slider please

I still want to know how to add images to the slider. Hope im not bumping too quickly ::EDIT:: Never mind, I got it. System > Design > Banners

I have a problem.. right above the search bar, who’s search button doesn’t work, I am getting this error: “Notice: Undefined variable: filter_name in /home/xologist/public_html/website.com/catalog/view/theme/iCart/template/common/header.tpl on line 154” – If you like I can PM you my website URL so you can take a look. Please

I have a problem.. right above the search bar, who’s search button doesn’t work, I am getting this error: “Notice: Undefined variable: filter_name in /home/xologist/public_html/website.com/catalog/view/theme/iCart/template/common/header.tpl on line 154” – If you like I can PM you my website URL so you can take a look. Please

I have updated the theme to version and that issue has being fixed.

If i buy, can i add extra code for facebook widget hover inside your opencart template?

You can add any code you want if you know where to place it.

Do you have any idea where can i put the script into?

Author , please send me iCart logo in psd format. I really need it, please send it to my email : admin@chalcrazy.com . thanks

OK, I sent you the PSD.

Ohyeah, thanks . can you send me the footer iCart picture also? thank you sir.

Sorry I don’t have the PSD for the footer.

I have everything working, but how the heck do we change the social links; twitter, facebook, rss

Please tell me. thanks

::Edit:: I don’t know if this was the right way, but I found how to change it in: iCart / Template / Common / Footer.tpl

Thank you for the hard work and theme.

That was the right way to edit that part.