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Hi, I plan to buy this theme but photo wall section’s responsive part as an example in cellular phone does not work in true way.It resize all photos to a small section. Can there be an update for it? Thanks

Hi, Sorry current features are as in demo. I can change them if there are popular requests for them. There hasn’t been any requests for this feature.


help me, on the category don’t work fullscreen slideshow….. i see background black color…....... why?

Hi, Could you post to support forum with url to check the issue. Here’s support forum url:


I lost the purchase code, how to do?

Hi, Font Problem. I live in TÜRK?YE I mus use ” subset=latin-ext ” code with google fonts. Nearly all of the themes support selection ” subset=latin-ext ” in their control panels. What must I do for this. Thanks

Ok I solved it ” . $font_variants .= htmlentities(‘&subset=latin,latin-ext’), “

There is problem with the fonts in home boxes titles. The code does not effect to home boxes titles.

Hi, Could you post to support forum with url to check on the issue. I can check and provide an accurate solution.


Hi, what is the exact size for full screen images? It is important my client to be seen all of the photo parts. Thanks

Hi, I can recommend 1400px wide images. It’s in Help Guide as well. There settings in theme options which will enable you to display images without exceeding height width of browser. Check wp-admin > Theme Options > Fullscreen Media.

Please post to support forum if you require more info.


Hello I wanna make Large thumbnail gallery. Is it possible to select the group of pictures from media section ant write the code? Or is it only a gallery style that takes the pictures from portfolio and posts;?

I could not understand this part [thumbnails pageid=1744 type=”medium” title=false] page id part

page id? where does the code gets the pictures

Hi, If page is not give then it will fetch image attachments from the page itself. If the page ID is provided then the images are fetched from the page with the ID in shortcode.

It’s useful when creating different sets or populating a set that’s in another page.


Hi, I have a translation problem. I am translating them with loco translator plugin. It generates tr_TR.po and mo I translated but I can not see the translations in the theme. Default language is Turkish.

Hi, Have you set WordPress to Turkish language in wp-config file. Could you check on this. Please post to support forum with replies.


Hello, just a quick question please , how can rearrange the pictures uploaded to post for full screen page . thank you .


The fullscreen images can be sorted after going to the image uploaded section. They can be sorted by using drag and drop.

a. edit fullscreen post b. Click ‘Add Media’ c. Choose ‘Uploaded to this post’ d. Rearrange the images e. Click ‘x’ marked to right corner. f. Publish!

Please post to support forum if you require more info. I can provide screenshots.


Hi, I wanna disable post summary and post info sections in blog part. In blog page and inner post page. How can I do that? Thanks

I used these but nothing changed I added them to style.css

contents .datecomment {

display:none; }

.postinfo { display:none; }

#contents .datecomment { display:none; } .postinfo { display:none; }

ok I solved the problem

I cannot post on your support forum. I also tried sending email from your iMaginem Support page, but no reply. Here is my problem.

I cannot use ’ in the Home box text. Example: it shows American’s as American\’s . I tried to escape it but it won’t work. Please let know how to fix it. Thanks

Hi, Could you make a post on this to support forum. Likely your webhost is still using magicquote extension which isn’t supported by PHP anymore.

I can provide code to remove the quotes added from server.


I tried to post on your support forum, but I cannot for some reason.

Hi, You’ll need to register at support forum using purchase code to post.

How to find Purchase Code | Register at Support Forum


Hi! I bought the theme. so I have a question – how I can import Demo XML on the theme?


Demo Data as XML files are found in the download pack. It’s in a folder called ‘XML Demo Data’

You can import the files by going to wp-admin > Tools > Import

Please check following screenshot guide

Great if you can post to support forum where it’ll be easier to post screenshot guides and info.


HI. there is some “bug” in the theme.

When I have on one page two thumbnails shortcode and if I click for the first (for example) I can see all photos from the first and from the second thumbnail. I mean in popup window that contain photo, also contain photo from all thumbnails. but they must be separated! how to make it?!

Hi, Could you open a thread at support forum on this. Please provide url where this can be checked to give an accurate solution.

Support forum


my full screen slideshow does not show up on Safari 8.0.6. please help. it works on all the other browsers. On new mac safari it only show the captions but not the images.

for some reason, I cannot find a link to post my question on your support forum. I logged in but cannot see. My url is It works on windows safari, but not the new MacBook pro with os 10.10 safari 8.0.6 Thanks!


Form to create new tickets will be found at the end of following page which is the support forum for this theme.

You’ll need to register in order to create support tickets.


Thanks I posted it.

Hi. I have some prepurchase questions. I have had problems with other themes, and I need to know if what I need is possible with iCarus. I need to remove the menu on top, and the site logo on top must be like a banner, with a width of about 1000px.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, This is possible but it’ll require customization as the theme doesn’t have this feature.


Hello I am writing because I have the following question:
As I can do to add more fields to the contact form or file must be edited.
I await your response.
I appreciate your time.

Hi, Great if you can post to support forum


Still loving this awesome theme, but as I’ve seen in other posts – woocommerce isn’t supported.

I am following the woocommerce docs for making a default page template, but having problems with the side bar not displaying properly.

It seems to be a matter of making the slideshow controls vanish on inner-pages. Somehow the sidebar is the only thing that’s off.


Currently the theme won’t style for WooCommerce out of box. It’ll require additional styles to display the grid properly.

Could you post to support forum with url to check. I’d like to check the page to provide a solution.


Hi, I tried to start a topic on the forum, but I can’t find where to start, I made an account. But I’m using your theme. In the content I’m using the shortcode for Accordion. But when the content is a bit long, the text will be displayed under the next accordion tab. How can I fix this? Thnx


In support forum once you visit the iCarus forum there new ticket forms at the end of the page. It also can be reached by clicking the button which says “Looking to create a new support ticket” just under the search bar at the top.

Please provide direct url to the page where the accordion shortcode can be seen.


Hey – Just checking to see if you are still supporting this theme or if you abandoned the project? Only reason I ask is because it’s been almost a year since the last update. Not that there needs to be one, but I’m just checking before I keep working with it.


Hi, We still support it. If there’s any problem please register at the support forum and post a ticket and we will attend to it.


¿Se puede reproducir el video de youtube fulscreen en la home en forma de bucle para que no deje de reproducir?


Currently looping of videos for youtube is not there. We’ll keep a check on this.


Hello imaginem Team,

I have to create a website with an order system for a photo and video editing studio where customers should have possibilities to upload photos or videos that should be edited. Also it should be possibles for customers to download the results of the work on their logged in customer area.

Could this be implemented with iCarus Theme? Which Plugins should be used?


For this you’ll most likely need a download manager to set permissions for users to download and keep stats on downloads.

We can recommend this plugin for you for Downloads management

User uploads management will need some more thoughts as it involves giving access to server write permission. Best if you can talk to a developer on this. This will also require closely checking on server settings to work with the code.

iCarus theme will work with all standard written plugins. There’s technical possibilities of conflicts as with all themes and plugins. This should be minimal as we have tested the theme with bulky plugins and popular ones.


Hi, your template looks very neat and seems perfect for my needs (setting up a portfolio with my best pics, with minimal distractions from the template). I have few pre-purchase questions. As this would be my first webpage (in this decade), and first wp theme ever, some of the questions may seem funny :grin:

1) Is it possible to put in the main menu (on top of the page) links to several groups of galleries that can be further opened (eg. landscape would divide into mountains, seaside – separate galleries etc; then architecture into eg several cities and so on). The demo shows only one “portfolio” link, but I guess this is customizable?

2) What is the size of photos that you would recommend nowadays (you’ve mentioned 1440px, but it was some time ago) both for gallery and fullscreen background pictures? Are the files stretched and shrunk to fit screen, or are the photo proportions kept, and eg. top and bottom are cut?

3) Can there be descriptions below each photo in the gallery describing the content of the photo? (eg name of the buliding)

4) Are the frames of photos in the gallery slideshow customizable (size, colour)?

5) Could you (or other users) present some links with pages built using this template? Photo galleries would be mostly appreciated :grin:

Hopefully soon-to-be customer, Chris


1. You can create menu items as custom links. The menu is part of WordPress standard. Check this link to see how WordPress menu works.

2. Do you mean page background? Yes it can be made transparent. We can provide you code for this change via support forum.



Thanks for the answers and the links. I guess I’ve got some technical catching up to do before proceeding further ;)



If you are familiar with the basics of WordPress then setting up the theme will be very easy. We can always help you via our support forum.