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Pre-Sale Questions: I have narrowed my choice between iCarus and another theme, so I have the following questions: 1. Can each password protected portfolio have a different password assigned to it? (In other words, can each project portfolio have a password that permits the client access to their own project portfolio and no one else has access to it?) If this is not currently available, can it be added? 2. Within the client’s project portfolio, can we use a combination of images within each project portfolio (such as video, sketch image, and/or photograph)? If this is not currently available, can it be added? 3. Is the home page with the content boxes with images in a circle the default home page? I’ve clicked on all of the home page choices and none seem to be the same layout when we first view the demo (which is my preference). 3. What format are the themes delivered? Do we download them to our web host account in the same process that we download the free wordpress templates to choose from within our web host’s wordpress admin dashboard? Many questions and I look forward in learning about the answers. Thank you.

Thanks for your information. It is very helpful. I do have the following additional questions:

1. Can I add a flip book to the portfolio also? I am looking at an outside flip book vendor, not a plugin. Would I need to take additional steps to do this or would the completed flip book be considered a download link with a button or a hyperlink (like a pdf is downloaded)?

2. I need to add some descriptive copy to each image, but I can’t find any image on the demo that has copy. Can copy be included when an image (photo, etc.) is included in the portfolio?

3. Also can I add a zoom plugin so my clients can look at larger details of the photographs? Would this type of plugin be possible and compatible with this theme? If so, what method do you recommend?

As you saw, the other theme I am interested is another one of yours. Thank you so much for your assistance!

Thank you! AngelAnn

Hi AngelAnn,

1. Best if you contact the flip book plugin author to see if it requires any special modifications to the theme to work. If it works on standard themes then it should have no problem.

2. You can add an image to the contents area and write a caption underneath it. There is no automated method to do this in the theme currently.

3. Please refer to answer 1. All standard plugin will work with the theme.


Thank you once again for your answers. They let me make my decision. I look forward in using one of your theme designs to create my website. In fact, I think another theme will also be perfect for another website! Thank you for lovely designs!

Prebuy question is it possible to create a forum page? or can we use bbpress? thanks

Hi, Yes. But it’ll need some additional files or codes to get this done. It’s not built in.


Just a pre-sale question. I love the theme, just a small question, CAN I CREATE SUB-GALLERIES WITHIN MAIN GALLERIES, AND MAIN GALLERIES, SUB GALLERIES SHOULD HAVE A SEPARATE PAGE like nature -> animals -> elephants

Hi, Portfolio supports sub categories. Could you check demo if the feature you require is in the theme. If it’s not seen in demo then it’s likely not a feature of the theme.


Hello, I tried to post in the support forums, but I don’t see a button or space for me to enter any new comments. I’m logged in, but can’t figure out how to do that.

Anywho….how do I remove the page title between the menu and the content on every page?


If you navigate to the following url and scroll to end of page where you get posting form.


Great theme. Client is very interested. On a separate note a client asked me if the “wings” vector you used was available for purchase as a vector or logo template?

I purchased the theme, but would still be interested in purchasing a vector of the “wings” ASAP.


Sorry the wings in the logo was a PSD colored work. It isn’t a vector graphics. The PSD logo is included with the download pack inside PSD folder.


Beautiful theme, one question. When kenburns is running on mobile device and device is rotated, gallery restarts from beginning. This occurs with every imaginem kenburns theme. Is there any way to stop that from happening?

Hi, Currently kenburns script is re-initialized on resize because animation and transitions are calculated on browser dimensions.


Just a few pre dale questions : 1. can i make slideshow thumbnails bigger and display it vertically ?

2. can slideshow arrows appear extreme left and right of the page ?

3. can the menu be vertical instead of horizonal ?

4. wooCommerce can be integerated easily ?


1 , 2, 3 CSS changes will be required for these features.

4. It’s not currently wooCommerce integrated.


Is this is a glitch that can be fixed? There seems to be a delay with the loading of the Full Screen PhotoWall pages on my site. I can reload some times up to a minute and nothing. Then it will load. I am wondering if this can be fixed as I don’t want people thinking I have blank pages on my site. I use Godaddy server and the photos are all small web size.

Hi, Please post to support forum with url. I’d like to check.


Pre-Sales Questions.

Great theme my client really loves it, one thing they have asked is it possible to remove the dots overlay on fullscreen slideshows?

they have high def images they want to show without any alterations or overlays.

Hi, They can be removed using CSS. Thanks

Hi, I can not register on the support forum. I get a message that my purchase code is not valid

Hi, Sorry about the delay. I checked and your username ‘renato100’ is already registered as a user and participant for forum.

Have you tried to login. Or check junk folder for any mails – maybe it got filtered.

You can also reset password via


Now its ok. Thanks

Good to hear! :)

Is it possible to keep the Home Service boxes even if the page width is under 768px for mobile? I understand the reason to remove them for a cleaner look but I need them on the page, even if they’re layed out vertically as I don’t want to disable all the responsiveness and destroy your wonderful CSS!

Thanks and great work!

Hi, Yes, but it’ll require some additions to /css/responsive.css file.

Please post to support forum for support related questions.


Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing this theme but when using it on a mobile (android – 2 different browsers) the menu will not scroll, any ideas?


Hi, I checked but everything is ok for me. Whats the android version? Thanks

4.0.4 – ICS

will check on another phone too

I posted question to support forum from 2 days ago, but i didnt get any answer… :(

Hi, Sorry, I must’ve missed the thread. Could you post support thread link here please. I’ll check.


I am going to buy this theme. But I noticed the full slide description seem to hide behind the menu…its like on the very top.

Hi, The description text is in relative to the lower most of screen. This can happen if browser height is too small and there’s not enough room to display all elements of the theme.


Quick pre-sales question regarding these on the home:

1. Can you have 5 of them instead of 4?
2. Can you link to pages & PDF’s?
3. At all possible to change the photo element to a square from circle?



1. Sorry, this will require additional codes as the theme doesn’t have the feature.

2. I’m not sure which link you meant. The custom link in portfolios can be any link , PDF or external url.

3. Do you mean the circular photo elements in slideshow? You can change them using CSS. It’s currently curved using border-radius property.


Hi, can you contact me regarding an issue I’m having with this theme? Your website doesn’t seem to work so I can’t look at the support forms…

The background slider has stopped working and I cannot figure out how to fix it…

Hi, Could you try registering to support forum please.


Is there a ‘related projects’ shortcode?

If is it possible to insert into a post without having to use a sidebar widget?


The background is displaying from the url you gave. Please use support forum for support related questions.


Hi, Please post to support forum.

Could you checked if you’ve set an image for archive categories in theme options. It’s in theme options > Backgrounds > ‘Background image ( required for archive pages )


Hi great !!! But questions before to buy… I can ASSIGN A PORTFOLIO ITEM TO TWO DIFFERENT PORTFOLIO PAGES?

Thnaks a lot

Hi, Sorry not currently. One portfolio item can be linked to a single link as a custom linked portfolio.


Figured I’d ask if there are any known issues with Icarus and Wordpress 3.9 before I make some massive mistake by upgrading and exploding everything.

Thanks for the prompt response!

Hi, The shortcode generator icon won’t work with WP 3.9 as it’s bundled with another version of TinyMCE. I’ll be making an upgrade during the weekend to correct this.



Theme has been updated!

Version 1.6

Fix: Shortcode Generators for WordPress 3.9
     :- /functions/shortcodegens/[all files and folders]