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Hi, you mention a fixed menu version in the remarks above but I can not find it? I assume a fixed menu to scroll to the top and then stay there. Any suggestions on how to achieve this? Thx.

Yes, there are 2 html for the website, one has a fixed menu and the other one doesn’t. Did you check both?

OK. Found it. I only thought the one with the header below the bigmovie would scroll to the top and stay there fixed. I will try to do this on my own, unless you have a good and easy way to accomplish this.

No, its not possible.

Is the fixed menu version for the video theme possible as well?

I like your theme a lot!

Having the exact same problem as feat12.

The scroll overshoots the header so that half of it is hidden. The problem doesn’t seem to happen with the video version.

Author? Could you send me that fix too?

The answer is at the forum, please login to the forum to see the answer there. Let us know if you need help.

I succeeded in making an account on the forum but it keeps saying I have not logged in on the forum tab even though I am logged in the on the other tabs. I THINK I created a thread asking for the solution but I cannot see it as the forum claims there is no thread under the topic of ICE create.

Being as how my email should be registered as a verified user on this site – and on your forums, can you send me an email? I dont know why but the forum is unusable for me.

Great & cool theme. GLWS!