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Bookmarked to purchase. Great work!

I love this… great job! GLWS

Thank you! :)

Love it, except one problem. The links down actually work in the menu in the version posted for download. I’ve tried adding a name reference and I still cannot get it working :(

Humm Well I cannot get it working with FireFox either. Is where I have the site loaded for now until I can get the menu working. Would you please let me know what is going on here. Typical

Okay I see the problem now. You added <a name="#xxxxx"></a> as the anchor references. But you have to use “id” for the references, not the “name” attribute because in HTML5 the “a” element doesn’t have a “name” attribute. So try <a id="xxxxxx"></a> instead – “xxxxxx” being an ID you asign – and no preceding hash infront of the ID like you did in the “Name” attribute. I hope this helps! :)

Marvellous, thank you! Now working with everything, except safari. Hope there is a fix for that soon.

My colleagues and I just tested it again. We’ve tested the live preview with Themeforest frame, the live preview without Themeforest frame and the template that’s contained in the download. We’ve tested it on a total of six computers, one smart phone, one tablet pc and of course with different browsers. Never could we face any problems with the menu links – they always worked. I’m very sorry but at the moment we can’t reproduce your problem – thus can’t solve it. I hope more info on the browsers you used elucidates the problem.

I don’t think that you’re allowed to require that people who purchase this leave the footer attribution to your website intact since this is a premium template.

Thanks for purchasing this theme! :)

As I recall I read a forum thread a few month ago where an envato member said that a theme author has the right to do so. Unfortunately I can’t find it anymore … which makes my point kind of unproven – therefore I will update the theme and take out that restriction. Even if not updated yet consider this the permission to delete the “design by” attribution.

Thank you!

Are youre shure? i dont can delete youre name in footer? its ridiculouswhen buy a theme.

You can delete it. ;) I quote this theme’s description:

August 22, 2012: The restriction to leave the “Design by” attribution in the footer untouched has been removed.

Hi, can i add additional pages to this theme? Is there a default page template, thank you

No, only the single page design you see in the live preview.

Does it come with full instructions?

Well it comes with a documentation of the theme just as Themeforest demands us authors to provide the buyers with. What specific instructions do you mean?

How do you make the contact form functional?

You need to find yourself a script for that or code it yourself.

can I use this with Mozilla’s Kompozer to build?

I am not familliar with Kompozer, therefore I don’t know. Sorry.

Hey! I have a problem!! I can’t seem to customize my tweets so that it posts from what I want, how can I configure that??? thanks!!

How to configure the Twitter script is explained in the themes documentation provided with the download – wihtin the section labeled “C) JavaScript”.

Any fix with the Safari 6 problem? Links don’t work >.

Unfortunately not since there is still no Safari 6 out for Windows. Thanks Apple! :(

Love this design, just wanted to know if there is a wordpress theme similar to this theme, incase I needed to add a blog to this one pager. Thank you

Thanks for purchasing! Unfortunately there is no WordPress Theme based on this design.


Great theme.

Would be great if you could give us an idea/lead/reference to making the contact form work. Any instructional would do.

Thanks again. Great theme.



Thanks for purchasing! :) You would have to make use of a PHP contact form script. I recommend using one of the scripts available on CodeCanyon:


I purchased this template a little while ago and I’ve just been told that the scrolling of the main menu doesn’t work inside of Safari on Mac, it doesn’t take you to that section of the page either… it’s just like they are dead links (I’m not a MAC user and never come across that before).

iPhone/iPad – doesn’t scroll but simply drops you to that section on the page, which is fine, at least you can navigate down the page.

I have some image links further down the page which do work, also the “Back To Top” works just not the Main Menu right at the top of the page and to big buttons, similar to where you have the “OUR APP PORTFOLIO”?!

I have tried on a PC version of Safari and that works fine, I have also tried in IE8, IE9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome. they all work… as stated in your Compatible Browsers. Just for your reference, it does work inside of other browsers on the Mac, just no Safari.

Could you please have a look into this and advise what I can do to have this fixed up on Safari/Mac.

Thanks and look forward to your outcome!

Thanks for purchasing this item! :) Unfortunately what you describe is a known issue that only occurs in Safari 6. The problem is that I don’t have a Mac to test or fix it and Safari 6 only is available on Mac – not Windows. Also I couldn’t find a solution on the web until now – though many people seem to have found this strange behavior of Safari 6 on their own websites as well. All I can ask for in this very special issue is patience I fear.

Ok, thank you! I’ll look as well to see if there is anything I can do to fix this as well! Keep you posted!

hello, you can make a pricelist for this template ?