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Hello, I am hoping you can help me with my site’s code. I updated the “Team” area and when I click on the details for the second and third members, their pop-up Modal profile does not appear. The details link shows up when you hover over the photo.

It works fine for the first one, but not 2 and 3. (When specifically, happens is when I click Detail for #2 and then Details for #1, #2’s details finally pop-up).

Please help!

The site it:

Thank you! :)

looks fine, did you fix it?

I did. Thank you. I copied in your original code and tweaked it a bit and got it to work.

On an iPhone and Android phone, the boxes (like those in the team or projects area) do not close when another one is selected. What I mean is that on a PC, when I click on a person’s photo, a box appears over their photo with information.

When I click on the next photo, that box opens up and the last one closes.

Is it possible to have the first box also close on a mobile browser?


I’ll try and look into it.

Hi Jo.

Just purchased and started using the template. It work’s great!

I would like to stick with the style and use similar black and white images but with a shipping or trucking theme – at least for the big parallax images (1920×1280px). Can you suggest how I should create these images or perhaps where to source them please?



It behaves the same way with an iPad 2 as well. And I am using the latest version of Safari on each device.

Just tested it on both devices with Chrome and got the same behaviour.

I can’t replicate the problem on an Apple or PC desktop using Safari, Chrome, Firefox or IE.

I’ll try and take a look as soon as I can. I may have to get you to test it. So if you could contact me through my profile page we can try it out as I’m not quite sure what you mean at the moment. Sorry for the delay but things are a bit hectic here this week!

Okay, will do.

Hi there,

Would we be able to change the fonts in this template? Perhaps using Google fonts? Can we use Proxima Nova (It’s not a Google font)?


Proxima Nova is a premium font. This link may however help you.

Thank you! Is there a way to set the modal boxes to open in a new window browser?

Hi, thanks for the font info. We used Monserrat. Is there a way to set the modal boxes to open in a new browser window?

The modal boxes are part of Bootstrap and are designed to overlay the content.

Hi, It’s possible to disable the function load “All” in the Ultimate Grid Gallery and to have only separeted categories? Many thanks for your reply.

Hi, sorry I don’t think that you can.

Hi josweb – love your work.

I have this issue: at my site the menu is quite long and I need to to change to tiny at larger size, but I cannot find where. Please help. (again I would like the 3 horizontal lines that replace the menu to appear at larger than 767px so it fits my big menu). You can see it at Thanks

Hi josweb. The clients wants the word “the” so I am stuck with it.

I would suggest to your client that it will better without – ‘the’. However to play with the font sizes you will have to add media queries.


@media screen and (min-width: 768px)  and (max-width: 1100px){
.navbar .navbar-nav li a {
padding:0px 0px;
.navbar .navbar-nav li  {margin:0px 0px;


Hi, I’ve downloaded the theme, and I’m trying to install it. However, I cannot succeed. This is the error I getL

Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

I just realised that this is an HTML template, I’m using Wordpress. Is it possible to install it somehow? I did place this order by mistake, thinking it was for a WordPress website. Is possible to have a refund?