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Nice design friend ;)

Thanks very much.

Good job!Good luck!! :)

Many thanks.

Good Job, I Like it, ;)


I love the styling on this so much! great work Jo!

Thank you! :)

Fantastic as ever – Is there any reason why we could not add the effect that is triggered for details of team members to the portfolio items to give more detail for them? Thanks

Many thanks :) You can use the team modal boxes for whatever you like, however the gallery is set to work as a lightbox.

Wish I could see it. Crashes iPad every time I try to open it.

I checked it on mine and it didn’t crash. I’m not sure why it would?

Hi, I find your template very nice but I have two problems;

1) I would like the content also to fill out bigger screens like my iMac 27” (2560×1440px). As far as I understand, you are using the Bootstrap /css framework with a grid width of 960px. That makes a lot of “empty space” on the left /right side on larger screens. For example in the Work/Portfolio section there are 3x thumbs in a row, but on larger screens 6x thumbs would easily fit in each row. I’m not sure if it’s possible to tweak just one section of the css because it probably would affect how the template is working on mobile /tablet.

2) As a serious photographer I just hate the lightbox-solution to showcase my work! I’m really missing a single project page where large images (10-15 pics) are just piled on top of each other with a vertical slider function and with a small padding between the pics (20px). This page should also override the 960px grid system and fit nicely into larger screens. The images should be centered and aproximately 1920px wide.

If there is a solution to my “problems” I will for sure buy your template!


Hi, I’m using Bootstrap which is 1170px in width. The amount of images per width in the portfolio section can easily be altered by changing the width of the pics so that you can get more per row.

This template uses the responsive gallery plugin, it’s a great solution for smaller devices. I really like it and try to add something new to each template I develop.

Hi, So it’s not possible to make 1920px width in Bootstrap?

1) I do not understand what you mean by changing the width of the pics in the portfolio section..? Now the thumbs are 600px width and I would like to keep the size but instead of 3 have 6 thumbs in a row.

2) Not possible to have a single project page instead of the lightbox?

I’ve never played with the set Bootstrap width. The thumbs can be as big as you want, you alter the width via js so that you can have more per row.

Hi, i cannot seems to align an image to center of page.

<div class="row">
<div class="col-sm-12 col-lg-12">
<div class="text-center"><img src="img/location.png" /></div>

Pls help. Thanks!</div></div>

Hi, apologies if this is a stupid question. But how do I make the nav menu center align?

Remove pull right from the menu html code and add to css

@media (min-width: 768px){
        margin: 0 auto;
        display: table;
        table-layout: fixed;

Obviously you’ll have to move the logo :)

Thank you for your support :) appreciate it.

Hi, I can’t seem to add an additional form field. If I do, the form just refuses to send.

include 'email_validation.php';
$subject = "RSVP from wedding summons!";
$name = ($_POST['name']);
$email = ($_POST['email']);
$message = stripslashes($_POST['message']);
$message2 = stripslashes($_POST['message2']); //NEW FIELD

$mail = mail(CONTACT_FORM, $subject, $message, $message2,

Once I add the new form field, $message2, the form doesn’t react to the submit button when pressed.

Thank you in advanced!

I’m sorry but I’m not too good with forms, I really can’t help out this time. I do apologize, perhaps you can find somebody on MicroLancer?

Including function mail.php?

Yes it is included :)

Nice theme. Does this theme have tabs or accordions? If not, can you suggest a way to add these features?

I’m afraid it doesn’t you can add them from the Bootstrap site but you’ll have to style them. This may be something I’ll add in the next update but it won’t be until after Christmas sorry.

Hi, I’ve added accordion and tabs for you. :)

Beautiful theme. I’m a total stranger to HTML5, so please bear with me for asking this: Can I install ICHI in WP if i use a theme based on bootstrap? And are you aware of any step-by-step-manual that I could look into?


Hi, no sorry you can’t.

How do I edit the coordinates of the google map. Tried loading gmap3.js, but couldn’t find a field to edit. Please help

Hi, it shows you in the read me pdf, it’s in scripts.js and is commented for you where to add your address to. Hope this helps. :)

Great! Thanks alot.

First off, excellent work on all your templates.

Apologies if these are stupid questions, but how easy is it to add or delete articles and menu items?

And is there an admin backend to add/edit blog posts and filter comments or how is this done? A Read Me file prior to purchase would be excellent to get a better idea for those like me who are new to bootstrap3.

All html templates simply show how the design would look if implemented on Wordpress.

Was really keen on buying this, but a previous commenter was correct about it crashing the browser on the iPad. Hope you can check into that if you release an update.

It doesnt crash on my ipad.


Many thanks, please don’t forget to give it a star rating :)

rated 5*

Thanks very much!

Is there a way to see what the updates contains? Just so that I know if it is worthwhile implementing it in my site. Keep up the good work.

Nevermind. Found the updates.txt file in the documentation folder.

I’m having trouble installing Ichi on wordpress 3.8. I uploaded it to the wp-content/themes/ folder and it now get’s listed as a damaged theme with the comment “stylesheet missing” ... Am I just missing something or is this a wp 3.8 update issue?

This is a html template not Wordpress that’s why it won’t load.

Hi josweb,

very nice theme and documentation. I could mostly adapt it to my needs. One question though.. Have you a tip for me how I can embed Youtube Video in the lightbox under the Work Section? So when I click on the grid Item a lightbox pops up and i can view the yt video?

Thank you.

so there is no way to maintain the current grid design in the work section and call another lightbox that shows an embed video?

maybe i could deactivate the lightbox call, maintain the grid feautures and call another lightbox script on click?

sorry, found it out by myself. deactivating function and implementing another lightbox js script did the trick. Thank you!

This is amazing! Maybe the best theme on Themeforest. I don’t think it needs all the Javascript flashiness, since your design stands for itself, but I guess people want the glitz and you’re giving them what they want.

One thing though, I think there’s a bug in Firefox. Take the Parallax layout and scroll down from the top section. Underneath the image of the tree, there’s a small section of the bottom of the tree doubled. Hard to explain but here’s a screenie:

Hi, it looks fine on my Firefox for Mac, what are you using?

Firefox 26 on Windows 7. It looks fine when I disable Javascript, so I guess it must be a bug in one of the Javascript plugins.