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is possible a example, please?, thank you very much

Please Email me for this.

Hi can you put a complex contact form, which includes dates and hours? I want this for a restaurant reservation mobile site taht would be all, looks great in an evo 3d

My sentences are cut off on different devices (android, iphone). How do I make the text automatically wrap? Is this a bug? Here’s what I’m working on: http://www.worldclasstkd.mobi/martial-arts-school-offering-taekwondo.html

Thanks for the great work! Is it possible to embed a video rather than an image in “recent work”?

Hey Stephen,

I am not quite sure by what you mean. You want a video to be on the homepage under recent work? Or would you like the video to be on the work page (the page it goes to when you click the thumbnail)?

I’m having the same problem as mjjorgen above – is there a way to fix this easily? Words are cut half way through and continuing on the line below on iPhone – any suggestions much appreciated!


Not to worry – problem solved.

The property “word break” is used in #content p – I’m guessing for use with other characters. Deleted and now works fine.


Hi how many thumbnail images max can be on the front/home page?

As many as you want.

Is there a way to put a slide show, or just a main image – instead of “recent work”

Yes this is very possible.

If you would like help with this, please email me with more details.

does it work in windows phone?

does it expand for landscape view

When I run this through the Chrome PagesSpeed Tester, I get an error for “render-blocking”. How can I fix this? See example https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.taptap.mobi%2F

Im new to apps. If i buy this template, how do i install it?