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Great theme! How do you change the settings of the header on the shop pages?

And the following text that shows there:

SHOP FULL WIDTH You can add anything Here



Wonderful! ...I can’t seem to find the instructions on how to update the theme. Where can I find that pls?

Hi Karuna,

Its still in processing approve for new update from ThemeForest. I think today them will approved.

Hope you can wait!


Hello karuna,

Our new update version has been released!

About introduction for update we had updated on Description of product on themeforest you can refer it to see or you can check it here:

Thank you for your help!

Pre-sale question: Is it possible to have left bar on the shop pages too? And perhaps even front pages below the slider?


We are support all page full with or have sidebar left, right.

ex: And perhaps even front pages below the slider?


Hi xirb,

We are updated new version today and its support for slidebar now.

Hope you enjoin it!


Hi Everyone,

We are updated new version today and its support for slidebar now.


I don’t recommend anyone buying this theme. The documentation is terrible, I’d requested support from the developer, asking the same questions on the support forum several days in a row, every time he replies (which is rare) he’ll vaguely answer one question, but completely ignore the other five I might have. Check the support forum before buying. I’m not the only one having issues with this theme.

And I’m not your average purchaser. I buy around 20 themes per month and customise them for my clients, so have plenty of experience in troubleshooting etc. The fact is, this theme looks gorgeous, but the detail and how ill-thought-out the administrative options are (there aren’t many), sadly lets it down.

I think that word must USE for YOU! Because I had checked the date you sent ticket on our support system!

No, you are lieing about FTP not working. I only have one username and password, and they are the ones I provided to you. I even checked! Anyway like I said, I’m not arguing with you anymore. Your theme isn’t worth the bother. Waste of money.

I don’t spend more time in this topic!

@swiftmed Thanks or the comment. It definitely made me pump my breaks a bit because I was about to purchase this theme. The one thing I look for in a theme is SUPPORT.

Hello imapennstatedad,

We always give GREAT support for client and will try our best to answer to client on our working time.

We’re in GMT +7 and we aim to answer all questions within 24 hours (Monday – Friday).

Thanks you so much!

Pre-sale question : I want to know if is possible to insert google tags in order to check the conversion in checkout page, cart page, etc. – I am going to buy it but after read the comments on bad support i’ìm not so sure.

Hello bro,

Our support is from monday to friday of week. Our time zone is GMT+7 caused that we will answer and help client in our working time. Many isssue we help client is not in our product that make client more happy. Some one post ticket in weekend caused that we will get back and help in our working time.

Thank you so much!

Hey. I bought, I installed. I installed all the extensions/plugins. A White admin screen. Via FTP I has disabled all extensions. Admin ran. Some of you recommended the extension is causing the problem. But I do not know that. Exclusion method I found that revslider and js_composer cause collapse admin. Please test it and let me know soon. Thank you

WP 3.8.1

Hello molnar,

Thanks for contacting with us!

Could you send to us a ticket at our support system:

And send to us your FTP + WP Admin we will check for you.

Thank you again!

I turned on debug mod and found that the problem was the memory limit, in my hosting. I increased php memory_limit to 256 megabytes and the problem was solved.

Thanks molnar! We are very happy to hear that from you!

If you have any question just post to our support system we will help!

Congratulations on the beautiful theme! I purchased your theme about a week ago. I am new to wordpress and am having a problem with the shopping cart. Most of the PHP’s are version 1.6 .4 and must be updated to 2.0.1. Is there an update coming soon?


Hello mooze123,

Thanks for purchased and contacting with us!

Could you post a ticket to our support system at:

Then give us your FTP + WP admin and tell us your problem we will help. So remember set Private Reply with your FTP info for more secure


Finally found a solution for this problem for the next guy. Delete the outdated woocommerce folder in the theme. wp-content/themes/icommerce/woocommerce. Go to plugins page and install woocommerce. Fixed.

hi, can the account signup and login be disabled, so one can buy without having to login or signup?


Yes it can my friend! We will help you for disable it. Just send to us an email after you buy it

Hi. custom_style.css don´t automatically load in the <head>

Google map shortcode don´t function.

Shortcodes on Footer text don´t function. You wrote: “You can use the following shortcodes in your footer text: wp-link loginout-link blog-link” tell me how can I use it?

And not, I can not post ticket on your support system.

Why you can not post ticket to our support system? If you want to check please post ticket on it with your FTP + WP admin we will check for you!

Sorry about: wp-link loginout-link blog-link this is Default text in the framework them is not shortcodes

Hi Molnar,

Can you submit a ticket here:

we’ll check your problem.


Hi, I’m having trouble with the check out for the shop. Can you fix this problem for me as soon as possible. I don’t want the option for registration for the customers. Prefer an easy check out. Do you have an icon for Instagram yet? Thanks

Hello SaharZadah,

Please tell us your problem on our support system and send to us your FTP + WP admin to check for you

Support system:


Hello all,

I personally want to thank the Icommerce team for all the help you have given me with this theme. I have asked a lot of questions and every time you have been incredibly helpful and quick. I would recommend this theme to anyone that wants a stylish theme that is easy to navigate.

Thanks, Sahar

Thank you so much Sahar,

We are glad to hear that from you!

Ah for help us improved our product and support could you rate a great stars here help me? then rate here:

Thank you so much again!

I never saw an answer to the question as to how to activate the visual composer plugin… Can you help me with that?

hello faroshis,

Where are you asked for?

If you need help you can post a ticket at our support system:

we will help.


Hey guys!

I can’t install a couple of the plugins.

Mega Main Menu Revolution Slider Twitter Widget WPBakery Visual Composer

They all say: Download failed. Couldn’t connect to host

What’s up with that?


Oh and I tried to register on your support forum, but I don’t receive emails with my password, so I can’t login.

Hello OnlineGeneration,

We had sent to you the password to login on our support system.



Hello luxury26,

Our Theme compatible with WPML ( if you can use it for French or any language you want.


Is it possible to get the theme with all the content and set up they way that is in the live preview? Im new to all this and think if I could see the backend vs the front I could get a better grasp of how it all works..

Hello Faroshis,

Yes you can check in the document for more details about how to install it. If you like we can install help you.

You should send to us your FTP + WP admin to our support system we will help.


Hello. These plugins are not installing.

Mega Main Menu Revolution Slider Twitter Widget WPBakery Visual Composer

They all say: Download failed. Couldn’t connect to host. Can you help me see whats wrong?

Hi My friend,

This is our mistake could you give us your FTP + WP admin we will help you install it.

Support forum: ( set your FTP + WP admin account as Private Reply for Secure)


Hi I did. If you can send me the plug ins I can install them from wp admin panel

Hi my friend,

Our supporter was answered to you on support forum.

And we had updated for solved that problem on themeforest.

Thank you so much!

Excellent support for such a beautiful theme. By far one of the top 2 I have purchased!

Hello My friend,

We very happy to hear that from you. We will try our best to bring great support for clients.

Ah for help us improved our product and support could you rate a great stars here help me? then rate here:

Thank you so much!

I’m interested in buying this theme for recreating a clients old website.

1) Does this theme support child themes?

2) Also, in the demo the shop with the left sidebar as well as the left sidebar blog page doesn’t seem to be responsive – the iphone size shows the products too large. Can this be fixed? I really need the left sidebar option..

Hello Janja,

Thanks for your interested our product.

1. Yes our theme support for Child Theme

2. If you need modify that we can help no problem.