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What payment systems are compatible with this theme? I use Strip and Paypal. Will I be able to integrate them? Also, do I need to use an ecommerce platform like Magento with this or is it stand alone?

Thank you.


This is just a HTML template design, we made payment system design for stand alone version.

We will submit WordPress WooCommerce version of this theme max 1 week later.

Thanks for interesting.


we are working with your template and we find a bug in index.html. We don´t need the section “Best Seller”, when we delete this section, all sliders are not able to run.:cry: Please can you fix this.

Hello my friend,

First thanks for the purchase our work.

For 1. question, If would you like to delete Best Sellers section, you should delete jquery files like; (codes from footer)

    <!-- Master Slider -->
     <script src="masterslider/jquery.easing.min.js"></script>
    <script src="masterslider/masterslider.min.js"></script>
    <script src="masterslider/masterslider.staff.carousel.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">        
        var slider = new MasterSlider();
        slider.setup('featuredcarousel' , {

the less files not included it.

Best Regards.

thank you for your fast reply. Is there a chance, to load the masterslider only when i will use it? In the template, the slide .js and .css is load for every page, but we need it only for the start page…. do you have a solution? ....our webserver is not the fastest…... ;)


Is there a chance, to load the masterslider only when i will use it?

Yes you can.

So, the only solution to this is to delete those files from any page. (mean slide.js and .css)

Thanks you again my friend :)

Great theme! I love the clean look to it and the jQuery interactions. I intend to use it to make a custom template for a local wedding resource site. The eCommerce side will be advertisers.

Thanks you so much for purchase and good words about my template.

We will upload WP version soon maybe you like it.


Will you be coming out with a wordpress version?

Yes I hope so today we will upload on ThemeForest :)

Yes, I would love to be notified when this happens so I can purchase this version(if possible)! Thank you.

Thanks you so much for interested. I will write here when it will be ready for download. Best Regards.

Hello everyone!

The iCommerce WordPress version available on ThemeForest check more details here :

Hi – how do I remove the logo payment down bottom right of the webpage?

Did you purchase this template? If yes please leave a comment with your primary account. I’ll tell you how to delete.

hmmm – I purchased >>> iCommerce – Multi-Purpose WooCommerce Theme – sorry I couldn’t find a support forum for this if you can direct me that would be great thanks

Oh thanks for the answer.

You can ask your comments on here :

or create a ticket on here :


Love the theme! How do I add the Woocommerce sidebar to the shop page though?


Its compatible with Bootstrap you can change col-lg-12 to col-lg-8 and add col-lg-4 columns for your sidebar.

But it is not a WordPress theme. This is HTML website template design my friend. If would you are looking WooCommerce compatible theme please check our icommerce theme :

Hello, there is some strange thing with viewing template with ie. And not only localy, even live demo page. It not displayed correctly. Thanks.


Thanks for purchase. Can you me an example screenshot please?

Let me check what is wrong.


Thank you for your answer. I’ve send you information in privat message. Thanks for theme, it is great! :)

Thanks you so much my friend. Your question answered waiting reply. Regards.

Great work, guys. Quick question: I don’t see a Product Details page in the live demo. Is there one?


Really thanks for your compliment :) Here is the Product detail page Its under Shop >> Single Shop


Posted a support query on your forum on Friday 8th. Be grateful if you could give me an idea of when you will be able to respond to it. Thanks.

Hello my friend,

Right now I’ll check your support question. Please forgive us for late answer.


I am very impressed by your design. Classy. Nice. But what is causing the menu error for me? When I hover the mouse on an item in the top menu and then move down, the drop down appears for a moment and then disappears. I am not able to select anything in the drop down. Can this be fixed? I was using Chrome on Win7 at 1920 px.

Thanks Mike

Really nice to hear that you love the design. I will surely help you out if there is any problem but i don’t see at my chrome can i have you screenshot plus let me know which chrome version you are using.

I am really sorry, it now works fine. I tested and tested and it works. Can’t explain what happened the other day. Using same browser now, latest update of Chrome. But, all good. Appreciate your response.

Thanks Mike

Great that its working for you.

Hi, i bought this template but it doesn’t work. You can’t do anything. You can’t register, checkout, add products to cart or anything at all. It’s just a design. how come?

You have purchased html version only

Sorry is the preview website down? I can’t seem to access it

It is back again. Please check it.