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Clean looking theme on a new and unique niche, good work. Good luck with sales.

Great food blog idea! GLWS! :)

Thank you.

Great theme! Good luck with sales!

1. The comment feature is not working properly in demo. Please look into it. 2.Is it possible to change font size?

Thank, we’ll inspect this. What font size do you want to change?

Good job!Good luck :)

Thanks a lot!

Getting error “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” when installing

I have the same question as above. Is it possible to see somewhere the template with bigger font size (short descriptions of the recipes and main text on recipe page)?

The question of above about missing style.css it is explain in our forum following the above link. But for the sizes you can write your custom CSS for bigger sizes if you want.

Your recipe and theme both are delicious. I’m kind of hungry now.

Thanks a lot!

Great work.. GLWS ;)

Thanks a lot!

Nice Theme !
Would you mind integrating a gallery/slideshow in post ?
I’ve got recipes with 7-8 pics, that would help…

We’ll provide an update for this feature soon. Stay tuned!

Is there video support? If there is, can you update your demo to reflect this? Thanks.

We’ll provide an update for this feature soon. Stay tuned!

Nice work! GLWS…

Thanks a lot!

HI why are the images in the posts blurry? it looks like the feat post image is being resized to big – or to be exact the feat image should have the same size as the blog post image and …not the opposit!

HI, on single post it’s re-sized to a bigger size and it lost sharpness.

Hi, Is it possible to change the url www.mysite.com/gallery into www.mysite.com/recipes? If so, how?

When I ask a question on the support forum, I have to send my WP (WP installation url, WP username, WP password) and FTP (FTP host , FTP username, FTP password) credentials, which I rather won’t do.

So, if anyone can help me with this one… much appriciated!

Yes, you can do this from Dashboard -> Pages -> Edit Page -> Permalink (edit). Providing the WP or FTP credentials are optional, but this helps to speed up the support. Cheers!

No, I mean the custom post: gallery when creating a Gallery project. Gallery projects > go to Dashboard > Gallery. The url is automatically ‘www.mysite.com/gallery’. I’d like to change this into ‘www.mysite.com/recipes’.


Hello ,

Please send your WP (WP installation url, WP username, WP password) and FTP (FTP host , FTP username, FTP password and optional: FTP port) credentials at hi@teslathemes.com. This message will be kept private and only TeslaThemes support staff will see it . Once we get them , your issue will be resolved much quicker . Thanks for understanding.


Need some help setting up the recipe gallery?

Hello , please open a new topic in our forum with all the details and credentials. Or write an email to support@teslathemes.com with the same details. Regards.

Nice Theme!

I could not see any general blog post samples on the demo site. Is it possible to have two separate links like Blog/Journal | Recipes . We would like to post both recipes and general blog post and announcements.

Looking for your swift reply.

Hello , Yes it is possible to have blog and recipes as separate pages. In the demo the main page http://teslathemes.com/demo/wp/icook/ is the blog made from regular posts ( they just use featured images with food and that’s it ) . Cheers

How would I do if I want to display ads on a website running this theme, is it a built in feauture or can you recommend any plugins? Also I want to know if it´s possible to translate the theme into swedish?

thanks in advance! /Fredrik

Hi we don’t use adds plugin, but if you need it simple you can add a text-widget and add link with image. For translation you can use Wpml plugin.

okay sounds great, what about the picture headlines do i need photoshop for that layout/font or is it possible to make that text on the pictures in the theme?

Hi, the image captions on the demo are embedded in image so some image editing software would be needed to achieve the same look. Regards.

Hello, is there a way to:

1) add recipes from external links? 2) Differentiate users between creators (users who post recipes) and normal users (who can only “like” or “love” content)? 3) Limit users to only be able to “like” one recipe per category?

I don’t mind tweaking the code, just want to know if it’s possible before buying the theme.

Hi Alf,

Unfortunately this theme doesn’t have the requested functionality built in.


are PSD’s included?

No, this theme is simple and doesn’t have PSD.