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Hi there,

This theme looks great! I wanted to know if it is compatible with Revolution Slider and also if there is an option for a traditional Blog Posts page (widgets on the right etc)?.



This theme supported sub menus and you can change all color options right. You can check menu here :

Hi Guys, did you manage to update the theme with the sidebar sections? I haven’t seen anything in the changelog. I’m nervous of purchase as the last one-page theme i purchased didn’t have a lot of the features it showed in the demo.

Yeah we will do my friend we were very busy the last two weeks please forgive us for delay.

Beginner, not having fun. How and what options to customize the ICreative theme? On my Wordpress admin I can’t anything to change the homepage images or panels.


Thanks for contact us please forgive me for late answer.

Please use our support forum for your questions : our developers can help you.


Will this theme switch from english to french by being multi language capable or will i need to use the wpml plugin? If I need wpml, is this theme compatible?

Hello there,

Thanks you so much for contact us please forgive me for late answer.

Yes our theme compatible with WPML


Hi Guys,

I would like to remove the portfolio and replace by Gallery Netgen, but that don’t work. Maybe that isn’t compatible?

I have an account in your website : but i can’t log anymore.

My Purchase code is correct, but it don’t recognize my “MarketPlace Usename”, also D3lfine.

Please, could you help me?

Thank by advance.

Best regards, D3lfine

hello D3lfine,

You can send your WP Admin + FTP info + Purchase code to this email

Our supporter will help.