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Recent posts widget shows also drafts. That’s not good. How to fix this? Thanks!

Probably an WP update issue. Please contact me via my profile page and I’ll send over new widget script. Cheers, M.

I would like to remind ALL POTENTIAL BUYERS … this theme is no longer supported by the author. I cannot get the panel links to work so I am forced to abandon this theme and seek a refund.

Seems like you’re running WP 3 .1.1 instead of WP 3 .0 as I specified this theme is built for. I guess that’s why you’re having problems with slider tabs. I’ll look into it to fix it with next WP update.


i need help with the bottom part of the pages, how do i insert info into here, without using widgets.

how do i put my own logo onto the pages instead of ideas one.


1. Add new page, add content to that page, in bottom bars choose “ALL PAGES ”. Then click Add (blue button next t odropdown menu), save page and that info will show on every page in the bottom.

2. To change logo, upload new logo image inside images folder, overwrite with existing one.


thanks for the speedy response, further questions,

1.can i delete the more info buttions? do i insert my copyright info at bottom of the page.

many thanks kevin

1. Yes, please read the FAQ section

2. Yes, open footer.php and edit the file.

Cheers, M.

Tags are not working. In the template preview also. It shows the wrong template. How to fix this?

So has this theme been updated to work with the latest version of Wordpress or not?

Wordpress 3.0

Well, 3.0 is not the latest version. So to be able to use your template you expect us to use an old version of Wordpress that has security problems?

No thanks.

You have a beautiful template, but I don’t understand why you don’t upgrade it. Running a non-secure version of Wordpress just to use your template is not going to happen.

I would also like to know whether the theme will soon (in the next day or so) be updated to work with the newest version of WordPress. I purchased it for a very urgent project and would be forced to ask for a refund if I can’t continue with it.

It’s really a very good-looking theme and I desperately want to use it, but I can’t simply use a non-secure version of WordPress for the sake of continuing with the theme.

You should add a clearer warning about the WP compatibility issue.

Hi garritvn, as for WP compatibility it clearly says it’s compatible with WP 3 .0 in sidebar of item listing, this is something that you should be checking before purchasing any item. I don’t see why you couldn’t continue to work with WP 3 .0 version of this theme? Unfortunately I won’t be updating it in next few days, sorry :( For further questions please contact Envato support.


OK segen, I’ve decided to downgrade WordPress to 3.0 to use this theme until you get around to updating it… you ARE going to update it at some stage, aren’t you?

Problem now is – I don’t get any menu items at the top. Why would that be?

Yup will update the theme definitely at some point. For menu items, please refer to Help file, FAQ section and comments in item discussion and see if that helps. Let me know.



i have downgraded also to 3.0 but still can not get it to work. I have asked in email can you get it to work for me but you have no time as you say so if this is the case how do i go about getting a refund as much as i like the template it is uselss to me if i can not get it to work.

Hello Paul, how sad to see you taking this step ;)

As I kindly replied to you in email, there is a really good Help file which will guide you through the process of setting it up. If you have at least some WP knowledge, and you definitely should if you bought this theme, then you will have no problems just like the 238 other client who bought it.

Thanks, M.

when will you be updating this to work on the latest version of wordress as that is also a concern of mine. i wouldnt want to install it on a unsecure version of wordpress and will be prepared to pay someone to get it working for me if it was compatible with the latest version of wordpress.

Hi segen,

I’ve checked all over but I can’t find solutions to my issues:

(1) I can’t get pages to appear in my menus (main or footer);

(2) When I edit a page I have nowhere to add a page thumbnail. I don’t have what you have in your help document (and yes, I use WordPress 3.0). I’ve tried doing it with a custom field, but that didn’t work either.

Please help?

Hi gerritvn, please contact me from my profile page and send me WP admin access so I can take a look. Copy this message inside the mail so I know what it is about. Thanks.

Hi man, is this theme working on the new WP 3 .3.1 ? Hope you can answer ASAP !



I think I replied to the mail you sent me ;)

Hi! I can’t add menu. Custom fields not working (screenshoot: WP – 3.3.1 Please help!

Please use WP 3 .0.

seems this project no longer supported by author as no update to latest version of WP. such a shame, was about to buy it

Hi Marco.

I was just wondering how to change the order of the shop subcatagories. I am sure there was an easy way to do this but it has escaped me.

Many thanks in advance.

You must go to Pages, look for the Article/Page (product in your case) and change order manually here

I would buy this theme if you ad support for WordPress 3.4

Hi, I bought this template

Is there a template to smf / phpbb that can integrate?

Hi, I’m not aware of such :/

Is it compatible with the 4.2.1 version of WP

It is possible to translate into Portuguese Brazil.

Friend has no idea when will have support for new versions of WordPress

Hello friend, I wonder if it is compatible with the latest version of WP.

No it is not.