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Nice Work , Good Luck ;)

looks nice ! GLWS :)

Good job!Good luck :)

Tks allot

Good idea friend

Tks allot

Would like to purchase but the one thing holding me back is on mobiles the text in the slider get’s incredibly small and cannot be read. Is there a way to turn off this resizing of the text?

Hi. Sure no problem. Just a few lines in the responsive CSS file and u can control all the text

This was a mistake question… don’t reply ;-)

I really love this template but don’t see anything is done with the remark of ukkpower about the text of the slider when viewing on mobile. Still very small on mobile. How could i fix this if i where to buy this template?


Really good one;

Hi, why don’t you respond to my ticket on the support forum? :depressed:

that is the easy part… do u want a image slider or just a full page image and that’s it?

just a full page image ;-)

Try this in the line where says:

< !-- Slider Starts Here-- > <div class="slider-container content-slide"> <div id="slider" class="sd-slider-wrapper"> <div class="sd-slider"> <img src="urimage.jpg" alt="alt" /> </div> </div> </div>

remember to delete all other slides

Great job with the template. One small problem though with the slider, when the page initially loads the images show up on the screen for less than a second and then they disappear before they appear as they were supposed to.

i think is a problem with your server… i see everything working just fine… and i got no complains so far… Everything is working perfectly

did u try different browsers? and maybe other computers?

Yes I tried all these.

And a new server as well!!!

I would like to know where to modify scroll mouse down event.

sometime it didn’t appear navigation bar when I scroll down

can u be a bit more specific please

Please can we change the color ? (from the yellow of the main demo to any other colors??) Thanks for your reply! :)

before 3day, I can preview but now I can not preview. I like this template and plan to use this but now I cannot view layout so I’m worry