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Will Ideal be updated for vBulletin 5 Connect?

vBulletin 5 is a different software package, with many changes from vBulletin 4. vB4 themes are incompatible with vB5. There are plans to create a version of the Ideal theme for vB5, but it will have to be released as a separate product, and thus a separate purchase.

What if I have just the forum installed and not the full vBulletin suite—forum, CMS, and blog—will the theme still work?

Absolutely! The instructions in the included documentation details the installation procedure for both the suite and non-suite vBulletin forums.

Will the Ideal theme work with x, y, z addon or modification?

There are literally hundreds of addons and modifications available for vBulletin, all of which do vastly different things and, unfortunately, are of varying degrees of quality in their coding. As such, it isn’t feasible to ensure that the theme will work without issue with all of them.

The theme was coded in such a way as to maintain the integrity of all the hook locations that the plugin system makes use of. As such, most addons should work fine. If you are experiencing an issue with a modification, I would first direct you check out the thread at where you downloaded the modification and see if you can find a resolution there. With the more popular modifications, chances are someone else has already experienced the same problem, and a solution has been posted.

Why isn’t the login box and/or the footer links area not showing?

Make sure you imported the necessary plugins via the included TF_Ideal_plugins.xml file. Without these, the login box and footer links area will not function.

Can I get a previous version of the theme (4.1.6, 4.1.10, etc.)?

Yes, I can provide verified buyers the install package for previous versions going back to 4.1.5, the Ideal theme’s initial release. The only exception is 4.1.12, for which there is no installation package (though 4.1.11 should work on a vB 4.1.12 installation with little issue.) The buyer must contact me via email from my profile so they can be verified.

Please note that earlier versions may differ in look and functionality than the most current version. Please see the item details for its update history.

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