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Nice to see this in Wordpress, clean and very nice. good job mate.

Thanks, mabuc!

Really nice theme. I love it.

This is just great! Bookmarked for purchase when required. Very good functionality.

Really nice theme

thanks nice theme. can you provide the logo in .psd? to me

Thanks everybody.

@robocop – No problem. Send me a pm.


Great Job!

I just instal the last version of WordPress 2.8 and I can’t change the ‘projects’, ‘blog’, ‘testimonials’ category in the ‘Main Settings’ options, the selections areas are empty…

Let me know what to do to fix it

Very nice work! Thank again for the prompt support and the custom script you wrote for me. It makes a big difference for me.

Now compatible with WordPress 2.8! Thx for your quick support!


Nice theme. I would probably buy except for one little detail that annoys me. Whenever you click on a menu item and go to that page, the name of the page in the menu shitfs a few pixels. To me, this looks unintended. Is there a fix for this?

@markb1439 Margins are used intentionally in this case. The active menu item looks better when you hover over the nearest item, than it’d look without margins. I can delete the active menu item margins, if you like – send me a pm after the purchase.

Thanks. I see…not sure which way I’d like it, so I might take you up on your offer. Or I could probably tweak the CSS myself.

Two more questions (sorry):

1) Does the theme include any table styles?

2) Is it possible to specify a certain URL (even an external page) that the image in the featured slider links to? And is it possible to add additional code, such as:


I need to use that image to launch a video on an external page using Shadowbox JS. I already have the plug-in in WordPress, I just need the ability to call up those pages including the “rel” code.


Also, a suggestion: How hard would it be to change the page/category header? I’d like to see the page or category name on the left, and the descriptive text on the right…as opposed to both items on the left (and nothing on the right).

I’d be happy to tweak, just wondering how hard it might be.

1) Coming update will include table styles.

2) It is possible to specify a certain URL . I’ve made the custom script for this purpose already. Adding rel=”lightbox” is also possible. If you provide the html code you need – I’ll make it work.

3) It isn’t hard to change the page/category header. You just add floats (left and right) to these elements.

Great responses! Thank you!

About the custom code (rel=”lightbox”, etc.), is it possible for that to be different for each image? In other words, would you custom script give me a field that I can use for each one? Each image might point to a different external video, and occasionally an image would not point to a video at all (so the rel code would not be needed).

Thanks for your flexibility…I’ll buy shortly.

@markb1439 Yes, it can be done.

Great, thanks again!!! I will PM you after purchase, and I appreciate the extra level of support you offer.

Theme purchased and PM sent. Your quick responses are what made me want to buy from you (well, and the quality of the theme too, of course).