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I just bought the theme…after setting it up and playing with it a bit, I am impressed with the thought that went into this. I also asked the author a few questions, and the responses were almost immediate. Highly recommended.

Also just got a chance to look at the PSD files. Very neatly organized, easy to edit, pre-sliced for easy exporting. This theme is a very good value.

should i upgrade to wordpress 2.8, will this theme work with 2.8?

It works fine with 2.8 for me.

The theme is compatible with wordpress 2.8.

This looks great, and I’m especially happy that it’s compatible with WP2 .8. I have a question: I’m going to create the site in Japanese: no problems there, I hope?

I’ll be checking back till late tonight: very much want to get this up and running tomorrow, so if you can let me know in the next 8 hours or so, I will buy it happily!

@tokyoterri I saw some buyers translated the site into other languages (French, italian etc). So I guess there should be no problen with Japanese.

Anyway I provide the full support – just pm me after a purchase if you have any questions.

I like the custom sidebar widget for the “latest from blog, testimonials, contact us” but would like to omit the advertisement and twitter blocks. How can that be accomplished? If I simply remove the text from those blogs the twitter block still shows a header and the advertisement block – strangely enough…repopulates the advertising link no matter how many times I remove it and save a blank field.

@speacock Next update will include the option to turn off any blocks, but for now – feel free to send me a pm. I’ll email you with modified files.

@speacock I’ve updated the template. Redownload the theme.

Great theme. I have two quick questions to do with the slider: 1. I’ve figured out how to get text and image into each slider, but how do you get additional text into the slider? The example themeforest site has a couple of lines of text in the slider, one appears to be the title of the post, but I don’t know where the other line comes from. 2. Is there any way to switch off clicking on the post title inside a slider page? I don’t necessarily want this to go to another page.


@asylia Thanks.

1) To get a tagline into a slider you create a ‘tagline’ custom field. Refer to page 4 of help documentation.

2) Please, send me a pm and I’ll email you with modified files for switching off clicking on the post title inside a slider page.

Thanks for the quick response.
I’d used tagline in other sections, but hadn’t considered it for the slider. I’ll pm you about the other bit.


I’m loving this theme!

One followup question…in the “Latest/Testimonials/Contact Us” widget, is it possible to temporarily turn off the Testimonials section? I want to do this because my company is new and doesn’t have any testimonials yet. However, when I collect some I would like to add this back. Is this possible?



I’ve noticed that the theme supports use of HTML in the “tagline” custom field, so this gives you more versatility.


@markb1439 Make a copy of ‘includes/latestcont.php’ file. Delete the code on line 7:
<li><a href="#testimonials">Testimonials</a></li>
Delete the code on lines 28-38:
<div id="testimonials">
</div><!-- end of testimonials div -->

Whenever you want to bring it back – just rewrite it with the backup file you created. I consider creating the option to switch on/off any tab in the “Latest/Testimonials/Contact Us” widget via Theme Options in the next update.

Thank you.

BTW , I should let everyone know that the support on this theme has been fantastic. I have asked other questions via e-mail, and they have all been answered quickly and effectively.


I’m trying to add an additional “Phone” field to contact page. Is there an easy way to do this through admin? Even without adding a field I get an “Incorrect email” error when sending. I do have the email filed filled out in the Template Settings.


Please, redownload the template. The bug with the contact form was fixed. You need to add the additional phone to page-contact.php file.

Thank you very much!