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Hello Ya, Is there anyway to add a image to the index page through the theme cp via home page? It doesn’t want to load the image the page gives me a ”/sdasd/” error. Any suggestions



You can open home.php and add an image anywhere. Feel free to send me a pm if you want me to help you.

I’ve been trying to get the wp-shadowbox plugin to work with this layout and I simply cannot figure it out. I’ve tried prettyphoto as well since it’s a JQuery plugin, and that won’t even work.

Any ideas? I’d really love it to work for this theme.

@dontmsgme Please, send me a pm and we’ll work it out.

If you are looking to buy anything from YA, you might as well just do it. This theme is solid and is worth every penny. The support that comes with it is hands down the best I’ve been offered on any of the Envato sites.

dontmsgme, have you tried Shadowbox JS? Works fine with this theme.

I agree with dontmsgme’s comments about this theme and the support.

Hi, it’s a very great theme, but…

I have Wordpress 2.8 and I can’t change Projects (featured category), a blog category and testimonials category.

I want to put some pictures of my projects to that big box on home page, but I can’t do that.

What may be the problem?

Thanks :)

The theme works fine in wordpress 2.8. You should setup Featured, Blog, Testimonials categories via Theme Options page. Just send me a pm through my profile page – and I’ll gladly help you to solve any problems you have.

I’d like to be able to have a graphic take up the space for the header background image, but have a unique one for each page. The text will be on the graphic, so there will be no need for the title of the article and tagline to be shown, so I would like to hide those.

Any thoughts?

Please, send me a pm through my profile page and we’ll come up with modifications you want to make.

Is it possible to allow commenting only on some pages? Id like it to be on the “blog” but not the rest of the site.

Sure. Open single.php and rewrite the following code:
<?php comments_template(); ?>
<?php $blog_cat_id = get_catId(get_option('blog_category'));
if (inside_category($blog_cat_id)) comments_template(); ?>

Love it.

Would like to know if once you click on a thumnail in the portfolio if on the next page it could be wider in width and have the text start underneath.

Also, I am a graphic designer with multiple images per project. Is there a theme you have designed that work more efficiently with that in mind?

Once on a detailed project page, it would be nice to have one main image area and small thumbs that once rolled over would seitch that main image area. This way I can show images like… front cover, back cover, inside layout, etc


This can be achieved with some modifications of the theme. Send me a pm after the purchase, and we’ll talk in-depth.


Your theme is great and the clean look is what I have been looking for. I am having an issue embedding videos (either from youtube or Vimeo) Under Theme options -> Homepage -> Service 1 Description . Even though it says HTML is allows i cannot seam to get the video to embed when entering the code, I end up getting an error message.

Is there something im doing wrong, I would like to have a video show up on the homepage, bottom left of the site, under the welcome message..

Second Issue I am having is getting rid of the “Uncategorized” Button from the top menu. I entered the menu ID under “Categories excluded from the menu” from the Main settings page, but that results in “No categories” showing up in the place where “Uncategorized” use to be…



1) I tried to embed a video from youtube by entering a code inside Service 1 Description and it worked for me. Please, send me a pm and we’ll work it out.

2) I guess your site is page based, so there are no categoriesm except Uncategorized. Tha’s why when you delete it – it says ‘No Categories’. If it’s so: open ‘header.php’ and delete the following code (click on a link): http://pastie.org/554571

Love the theme but I am having trouble with the Projects category. I would like to change the name of the category to News & Events. But when I do that the Featured portfolio category no longer works. I have tried renaming the category from Projects to News & Events and selecting it on the Theme Options > Main Page – Projects (Featured) Category – but it will not save as that name?

Any suggestions,


I’ve sent you an email. I think it’s also a good idea to post it here.

& sign causes this problem – the easiest workaround would be to have a category named ‘News And Events’.

Of course, I can modify the theme options page for you – so you can leave ‘News & Events’ name intact and just enter the featured category id instead of choosing it from dropdown – feel free to send me a pm if you need it.

Fantastic looking theme, well done!

We’ve purchased this theme for use with our non-profit site and we love it! Question, there’s a calendar located at http://themeforest.net/item/php-event-calendar/47723, would you have any idea how I could use that with this theme?

one more question, I’m not sure what I did, but I have a category called “testimonials”, but on the theme options page, for testimonials, it only gives me the option to pick my category titled “events”...any idea how to change that? www.dyslexiatutoring.org (not finished yet, but I’m getting there)

Send me a pm and we’ll take a look.

Hi :)

I jsut want pages in my top menu, no post categories. In the theme options I exclude ‘uncategorized’ category from the menu and now the menu says: ‘No categories’. How do I get that to disappear?



oops – the question was answered above :)

nice theme!


Hi again!,

There is a large amount amount of padding above and below the logo and I need to reduce this. I’ve been through the css files and can’t locate the relevant line – could you advise?

cheers :>)


Hi. Locate the following code in style.css file:
body {
padding-top:30px; //padding above the logo }
#featured_area, #pagename {
margin:35px 0 0; //padding below the logo }