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thanks for the info & the fast response :-)


Can I make the main part of the homepage as a blog or specific category instead of static information ?


Sure. Send me a pm after the purchase.

Hi, nice template.

i’ve a problem with contact form, it doesn’t works, how can i fixed this problem?

Hi. Download the latest version of the template.

Love the template … having hard time getting head around “featured” can you explain that more.

Currently I am seeing “no categories” in the main nav what am I doing wrong :-(


Send me pm – I’ll take a look at your site. It’s pretty simple to setup the theme. Be sure to read the help.pdf file that comes with the theme.


is it possible to add 2 sublevels to the menu ?

thanks !

Hi. Yes, it is possible.


I’m assuming that if I purchase this theme that I can change the color to more accurately reflect my corporate colors? Not that yours aren’t nice mind you :-)

Also, what about fonts, I am assuming I can change those as well?

Hi. You’ll be able to change whatever you want. The theme is highly customizable.

Can you please check your live preview? doesn’t seem to be working and I’d like to review it so I can make a purchase decision. Thanks!

Not sure why live preview doesn’t work for you. http://idealcorp.ya-webdesign.com/

Great theme, about to purchase but wanted to see one thing..is the PSD also included? May want to do a wee bit of tweaking and not just colors through the theme panel. PSD would make it easier.

Love the clean look though!

Sliced psd files are included for easy customization.

Hi How do I not show the home page – just straight into the blog. I have set this in the settings but still not working.

Why is it the the blog sidebar widgets only show for the one blog category chosen?

Also doesn’t outline what size the feature images should be?

There are 4 widgetized sidebar areas, so the blog widgetized sidebar differs from other page’s widgetized sidebars.

The best results are achieved when using images equal or bigger than 256*256px.

Send me a pm, and we’ll finetune the theme to meet your requirements.

Just purchased, what a great backend you created for this in WP. Question though as my WP skills are just starting out. I have read the threads about the top slider area but have another question.

Is it possible to get that top slider area to behave independently from the posts? I guess I could have it link to pages and just not show in the navigation, but basically I would like it to function as a “stand-alone” slider—I guess in the more traditional sense, whereby I can insert the image, the blurb and the link that would go to specific pages within the site, or to not link to anything at all if necessary.

I am mostly building a page oriented site with this so will use the navigation clues you posted about about pulling the posts out of the header.php file. But I don’t know enough to see if I tried to adjust the slider text to make this work without breaking what you have in the header.php. Well, actually I tried that but I did break it.

WOuld you be able to help direct me on this?

Also, is it necessary to hit the save options button in the appearance theme area when I set this up? I am wondering if it would make it harder to implement since I know so little. For example, I don’t have a contact page on this site and if I update that in the control area, do I have to then go back into the code and override?

Great theme! Liking it a lot. Thanks

Sure, it can be done. Send me a pm.

Looks great! Is there a limit to how many items I can add to the featured item slider on the home page?

There is no limit ;)


When I add bullet or number lists to my POSTS they (the bullets/numbers) do not display – this only happens on posts, pages work fine?

Open style.css and add the following code to the of the file:

div.post ul { list-style-position:inside; }

The theme will be updated soon. ;)

Hi, very nice business theme for me.

Some questions:

are all PSDs included for changing buttons header, category image etc?

are reset.css included?

are the thumbnails shown automatically under “latest posts” in the sidebar?

thanks a lot in advance

The answer to all questions is “Yes” ;)

Hi there,

Loving this theme and the help file that has come with it. Only issue I seem to be having is with the blog category and how it displays in the main menu. There seems to be a gap between it and the home button and I would also like to move it’s position. Any ideas?

Thanks, James

No problem, send me a pm and we’ll work it out ;)

Thanks, I’ve emailed you through your profile ;)

That’s one of the best wordpress’s template. I just buy last hour.

Thanks. The update (ver. 2) will be available for download in 2-3 days. Stay tuned :)

I can’t seem to get images to show up in the featured slider on the home page. I tried adding the image custom field with an image’s url for the value and it doesn’t seem to work?

Please, post your site url, so I can take a closer look. Btw, you can contact me through my profile page (http://themeforest.net/user/YA).

I turned off timthumb and that seems to work.


What is the image size I should use for the images in the slider now that timthumb isn’t resizing them?

256×256px images will work ok.

Is there a way to slow down the feature slider? I have changed the milliseconds in the theme options but that doesn’t seem to change anything. I have tried everything from 5ms to 500000ms.


Open footer.php and change duration here: http://pastie.org/693294