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I absolutly love your theme! It was the right pick! Though, last week I lost the bg-image behind the sliders and even egen pricking the same bg-image-URL it doesnt appear. The checked white/gray-background. Is this a known problem or is it my competence that is that problem? :)

Just Change the page title Start to home ,That’s it :)

Just downloaded this then noticed most recent comments mention a theme update which fixes contact form issues.

Any idea when you will be making this update available ands will it update bootstrap to the latest version?

Thanks, Paul.

Hi Paul ,

Do you want to bootstrap3 version compatible !! it’s not possible at this time ,if i want to make it then i have to recode it .


Mainly wanted the other updates you mentioned in previous comments, but on the subject of Bootstrap 3, which elements are incompatible?


Do you have any clue why my blog posts fall of the grid?

Have a look here:

blog post height not fixed that’s why

sliding is not working on my chrome. is fine on safari and i tried on different chrome on mac and its fine there. do you know what can be this issue? a reinstall chrome but still the same . thx

can you somebody reply ? thanks

give me your site link and admin access via my themeforest contact from ,let me see the problem .

already solved. thanks

when you are on tablet or smartphone the menu is not at the top. how can I add mobile menu at top fixed. thanks

use this code in mobile size media query

.navbar-fixed-top, .navbar-fixed-bottom {
    left: 20px;
    position: fixed;
    right: 20px;

Please help me. Can you show to me an example how do I set up a location on the map? where to write, what to write…I just need a static location.

I bought the html version, not the wordpress version. I will repost this comment in the html version

how to add arrows and bullets to slider ?

you can’t add it ,if you want to add it then you need to edit some code for that .

How do i add code to the mobile size media query?

add media query to idea-styles.css you can find it css folder .

Every tweet on bottom starts with “we were checking out”

how do i fix?

open footer.php and find it “we were checking out” and replace it .

thanks for the amazingly fast response? How do i remove the comments closed section under blog post? So the Facebook comments are the only thing showing?

goto theme folder then functions folder then open m-blog.php and find this text Comments are off for this post then delete it .

Hi! I’ve liked this theme a lot, but before buy it, I need to know: 1) Is it possible to add some other pages (with just text, or free content… maybe even a store)? 2) Can I add submenu items on the top menu?

Both are not possible .

Ohh.. What a shame! :(

it’s not a multipurpose theme ,it’s a simple purpose theme :)

Hi, when used as a child theme ( as suggested here ) modifications to e.g. m-contact.php are ignored.

Can you reproduce that bug on your end? Regards

Hi, how to change the order of the sections (about, contact, etc..)?

install this plugin Then you can order the post via drag n drop .

Thanks! This works great.

Some minor issues: - It seems that when no logo is added the markup is still there - The black admin bar overlaps the menu

That didn’t do the trick: – I could fix it myself but probably it’s better to include the fix in a theme update.

didn’t understand your message

I tried replacing “Home” in the menu with the fa-home icon of Font Awesome using It seems like the theme menu would ignore the extra mark-up (“CSS Classes (optional)”)

How to work around this / How to get a fa-home icon up there?

maybe it’s not compatible with theme .

Mh, The plugin seems to work pretty well:

How to replace for e.g. the “Home” text in the menu with a Bootstrap icon without using this/a plugin?

Home menu is default you need to delete it and create custom home menu .

There are no examples but Is it possible to load video in blog?

yes you can add video and audio in blog .

Removed ‘blog title text’ would like to move up so line above “categories” “calender” sits just under or in line with bottom of menu bar.

Even better if it can be moved up to completely cover ‘Search for’ text in side bar.

Sorry not thinking should have sent this before

Done , check your site .

If your site looks awful make sure your default menu is set…

Sorry didn’t understand your comment .

Hi, ‘Latest News’ home page blog preview loads five lines of text instead of four making container slightly larger which affects alignment.

I can’t see the slider, I have used short code “[home]” but I can’t see any picture

Hi ,

Send me your site url and admin access via my themeforest profile contact form .