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Thank you drupalet :)

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Love the name, very fitting! Cheers!

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another great one :)

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Another GREAT Product from Designova – I love it!

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totally rising star @designova

Thank you :)

All of our recent web templates are powered by Bootstrap and having almost similar coding paradigm. You can copy elements from one template to another with some understanding of CSS and HTML5 syntax. Nothing much complex :)


PRESENCE WordPress theme will be immediately released after SAGA WordPress – (SAGA is now in themeforest review queue)

Great template :)

Thank you T20 :)

Nice one, would buy it, but, how to explain, it stocks to much @ the actions like loading new page & so on. also the logo is behind the loader

Hi, thank you for your comment.

The multi-page loader detects each image to be preloaded means the loading time is entirely depending on image size as well as connection speed. We are using high resolution images in live preview

Thats not what I mean :D they load immediately – but the effects, the loaders or whatever it is u tried to add stocks on loading / building the page.

Thank you metro :)

I’ve just purchased this Theme and didn’t know there was a wordpress version on it’s way. Would I be able to just get it transferred to a wordpress option if I already own the theme?

Also is there a hard release date?

WordPress version developemnt is still in progress. Release date hasn’t been fixed yet. You cannot convert the html version licence to worpress. Kindly contact envato support for such queries.

I’ve been looking for something full-screen which could fit an old website that needs replacing. I actually wanted something with a split front page, like your 06 index, but without a slider, just two halves (for two different languages). Could your 06 index be adapted this way?

This can be done, but needs some deep customization on your part. By the way have you seen our AURA template having split layout: http://themeforest.net/item/aura-html5-responsive-splitscroll-on-bootstrap/3187268

Hi, thanks for the reply. If I had the time to do a ‘deep customisation’ I’d probably build my own!

I like the Aura theme but I’ll be honest and say I can’t imagine why anybody would want to use a one-page website, particularly to replace an already successful site. It just doesn’t make sense, except for the people who sell themes!

I purchased it. My problem is that it’s fairly unusable without real images as placeholders. I don’t want to use any of the original photos but without a placeholder it’s a real pain, it doesn’t even look like the css is right.

Hi, If you need live preview images, please send us a ticket via: http://designova.net/support.html You may use them with your own discretion – these images need permission from original sources as credited in themeforest page. That’s all – we will send the pack including all preview images, we will send it via email (please send your ticket).

Hi there, great template, modern and functional, very well designed…compliments.

I’m just wondering if you could give me a hint on how to keep the same style from desktop/tablets on mobile, basically I’d like to keep on mastwrap the logo and the sm-trigger with the same appearance of larger versions as well as maintaining the contents on left instead of centered.

Thx and good sales!

Hi, thank you for your kind words. This can be done with some detailed editing of the responsive CSS style rules found in the following file:

Yep, I know the modifications on main-responsive can do the job, the point is about the entire modification come from max width 960px down to 360px and with certain characteristics not as simple as it sounds like, even because you find different rules for every aspect ratio…any clue from where to start? THX!

Hi, we are on holiday. If you have not done already, please open a support ticket via http://designova.net/support.html We will get back to you once developers get back after holidays.

Great template. I am only having trouble with my single page portfolio image sliders. I am going to have 12 separate pages for my 12 separate portfolio images, but when I cannot find where my ‘swiper-slide gallery-slide gallery-slide-01’ is calling this image from. I know that the image is in my image folder, labeled ‘01.jpg’, but I am not sure where what part of the javascript, HTML, or CSS is calling this image to be part of the gallery slider. Thanks,

Hi, thank you for your message. please open this as a support ticket via http://designova.net/support.html we will send you a guide with code preview in response via email.


I have 2 questions before buying this theme:

About the touchable slider: for home #4 (Home with Caption Panel and Touch Carousel Showcase (3 splits view)), on my mobile device works like a charm, but on my laptop, I find it difficult to go to the slides that are hidden in the right part of the screen. Is there a way to add 2 buttons to control the scrolling (left/right) so I can click on them to navigate through the slides? This would be a complement of the touchable feature.

About the template: why your theme “IDENTITY” isn’t listed in your envato profile, your website nor your support forum? Too new? Too buggy? Too awesome? Too ashamed?

Thanks in advance. Ronald

Oh, I just found it in your envato account…oops!

Hi -

What is the ETA for the wordpress version? I want to use the theme 100%, but dont want to spend a bunch of time integrating the theme into wordpress myself if you are releasing one in the very near future.

Thanks! Peter

Yes probably in a couple of weeks or less. We are at the final stages of ddevelpement.

I feel like this needs a clean text grid layout maybe even a blog layout as well.

Hi, a fully functional blog layout will be available once WordPress version releases. Coming soon.


About the touchable slider: for home #4 (Home with Caption Panel and Touch Carousel Showcase (3 splits view)), on my mobile device works like a charm, but on my laptop, I find it difficult to go to the slides that are hidden in the right part of the screen. Is there a way to add 2 buttons to control the scrolling (left/right) so I can click on them to navigate through the slides? This would be a complement of the touchable feature.

Thanks in advance. Ronald

Hey, thanks for your reply. After enabling the pagination, should I add the left/right button by myself or is it automatically? If I have to add them by myself, what is the code for the buttons? For example, RIGHT: javascript:nextslide(); and LEFT: javascript:previousslide(); or and . I think you get the idea of what I’m asking for…thanks in advance! R.

You have to set TRUE to both, it is all in the settings. You may need some tweaks on CSS depending on the nature of design. If you find any issues please let us know.

Great! I’ll let you know if I have problems with that, thanks!

Hi there @designova!

First of all: This is an awesome theme! It really is fresh, new, different. It’s real cool stuff. Playing around with it for quite a while I tough have a few questions // suggestions:

1. Your ‘Media Folio’ is great. Question: Why are all items – when entered the portfolio – not “touchable” if inside your brilliant lightbox-clone? Just arrows? PLZ, make your lightbox “fixed” on mobile devices and “swipeable” ‘*iframe page’ as a filter option is just GREAT!

2. Your “touch carousel” is awesome! But: People don’t know that they can touch it (swipe it left/right) – they don’t know that there is more (to the right…). Arrows could help… Or any other brilliant-navigation-surprise of you…

3. On all fullscreen image // splitscreen image variants: Is it possible to add links to text and // or buttons? This would be great!

Thank you for such a great theme! This is 2014. Looking forward to your answers! (Well, buying afterwards ;-D)

Regards, Dom.

Hi, thank you for your kind words.

1 We will check the possibilities of adding the Touch Swipe feature – we need to check it with developers.

2. Hi, arrows or paginations can be shown via options if users need it. Its already in the plugin options.

3. Yes, it is possible via markup editing.