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Can the header i customize the header? i wan to change the background color and also to put the search on the right side. please let me know so i can buy it. thanks

http://prnt.sc/dzpu9t – should it be like this?

Hello, can you please give me an email where i can contact because i need some help with my website and would be better with an email than here. Thank you

You may contact our technical support at Forum: https://www.8theme.com/forums/ with your details attached in Private content.



Jesse23 Purchased

Ive got another question.

Can i have instead of the carrosel of the featured row on the main page, have a gallery with several rows of items?

Hello, Jesse23

Thank you for the comment!

You may try to use our theme Shortcodes: http://8theme.com/demo/docs/idstore/#!/idstore_shortcodes on the Home page or WooCommerce ones to implement your requested changes.


Hi – what version is this theme? My client has IDStore version 2.2 by wplocker.com. Is this your theme or a dodgy rip off? My client would like to update the theme if it is your theme. Can you let me know please. this is the site.http://greyhoundproductsdirect.com.au/ Thanks Jodi

Hello, jodiallbon

Thank you for the comment!

Very likely you client is using pirated theme. Please, ask him to purchase a theme here on ThemeForest to get the opportunity to get lifetime updates.


Hello, I wonder theme “IDstore” comes with complete template?

We did not include all the images you see on our demo, cause this can overweight our theme package, and the installation process will take too much time.

Please, note that if you want to use the demo images on your website, you need to have the licenses for these images also.


Thank You

You are welcome!

Hi, last version of Woocommerce is 2.6.14, but you state to have Compatibility with Woocommerce v2.6.3. I don´t understand. Is the theme compatible with woocommerce last version? (2.6.14). Thanks

We also cannot guarantee full compatibility of our theme with the last WP.


I see. tahnks

You’re welcome!

i am facing this problem on my website please help what i should to do page shows this ’’Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias main not found’‘

idstore 4.2 compatibility with new version of WordPress?

Hello, Saddleseast

Thank you for being our customer!

Please, make sure you are using the last version of Rev Slider plugin. As regards to the last WP, we cannot guarantee full compatibility.


This theme is not current with most recent version of WooCommerce (3.0.5). Many pages are quite outdated. Please update. Thank you.

Hello, tonyellis

Thanks for being our customer!

Sorry for the delay with updates, we need some time to finish it.


Hi there, we are trying to install RevSlider. But it breaks the website. Server uses PHP7.1 and CentOS 7. We have had this issue in another theme, php7 was the problem then so probably now to. Any chance you have a fix?

I am afraid, we cannot say for sure when that would be compatible with this version.

Ok, but apart from the timeframe…. it is going to be done or not? If not i must skip this theme to be future proof. PHP 7 is already standard. It won’t take long before everybody is using it. I can’t risk creating a store that needs to be replaced within a year. Hope to hear your honest answer.

We cannot say exactly for now when this update would be done. So, if you need to create your store urgently, you’d better find another appropriate theme. Thanks!


I updated the Woocommerce to its latest version and it broke my site (internal server error on the checkout page when trying to make a order). When do you update this theme to be compatible with the latest version of woocommerce?

Hello, Michael_1986

Thanks for being our customer!

Are you sure you have the last version of woo commerce?


how i can deactivate the footer in the theme? have no option to do it from 8theme panel

Hello, viniciuspaginas

You can add the empty Text widgets in Appearance > Widgets > Footer areas and then the footer would be hidden.


thanks, i will doing it

Welcome :)

I am using latest version of plugins, woo, WP and IDStore… I use Stripe payment gateway and get the following error – “Please make sure your card details have been entered correctly and that your browser supports JavaScript.”

Using default theme this stops, so it is a theme issue… Can you please advise.


Hello, amyrose88

Thanks for being our customer ;)

Please, check this issue with the default WooCommerce theme like Storefront. If the issue remains, then let us know. Thanks


Thanks for the reply… Like I said, we’ve used the default theme and it works fine. The problem is when we use IDStore….

Then, please, contact us at Forum or via the contact form with your FTP/WP-admin details so we may assist you.


Hi! These four woocommerce files are outdated in the IDStore theme and I couldn’t find these in your newest theme package:

idstore/woocommerce/checkout/form-billing.php versio 3.0.0 on vanhentunut. Ytimen versio on 3.0.9,

idstore/woocommerce/loop/result-count.php versio 2.0.0 on vanhentunut. Ytimen versio on 3.0.0,

idstore/woocommerce/myaccount/form-edit-address.php versio 2.6.0 on vanhentunut. Ytimen versio on 3.0.9,

idstore/woocommerce/single-product/meta.php versio 1.6.4 on vanhentunut. Ytimen versio on 3.0.0

Are you planning to update these files? Thanks!


Rose_Tyler Author Team


Thanks for being our customer!
These files were deleted http://prntscr.com/foqo1n. The form-billing.php file will be fixed in new theme update http://prntscr.com/foqoa4
Please note that before theme update you need to delete “woocommerce” folder in the directory wp-content/themes/idstore/ to avoid problems with old files and it’ll be reuploaded from a new theme package.
Don’t forget to create backup of your files and database before starting update process!



Rose_Tyler Author Team

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I cant seem to add new products using this code “[etheme_products skus=”7002,7003,7004,7005,7006,7007”]” The ones i created months ago work, but any new product made the same way (even if i copy the last (working) product) dont show up.

Can you help me with that?