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How can I add image gallery to my portfolio project.

Here is my website http://cmodeclothing.com/%E0%B8%84%E0%B8%A5%E0%B8%B1%E0%B8%87%E0%B9%80%E0%B8%81%E0%B9%87%E0%B8%9A/etheme_portfolio/angel-fallin

I want to add product gallery to my portfolio and show them as silde.

On my website, I have a page to show my portfolio. I see that they can view my picture as gallery but I can’t find the place to add them. So please tell me.

Please see image below to see gallery area https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-aJccKvNqV3Z3VRNzN6UGtLdVk/edit?usp=drivesdk

Unfortunately, it is impossible to have the gallery on the Portfolio page by default.


does this support variations on cloths such as colors? when a selection is made the preview image changes?

Hi, mstep,

Thanks for the interest. This is WooCommerce feature and yes it is supported by our theme.


The top disappeared after upgrading wordpress 3.9, how should I do to return the top?

Hello, xmoviefotofilme,

Please, follow the instructions from this topic http://8theme.com/forums/topic/idstore-problems-with-wordpress-3-9/


Can you please confirm whether or not the theme is compatible with WP 3.9 and Woo 3.7+? I noticed your demo is still using WP 3.8.1 and Woo 3.6. Thanks!

Hello, republictech,

Our theme is compatible with WooCommerce 2.1.x. Also within next two days we’ll release new update and theme will be compatible with WP 3.9. Until this happened you can manually change two strings of code to fix compatibility issues http://8theme.com/forums/topic/idstore-problems-with-wordpress-3-9/


Hi, I have a problem with the header. My header default look great but when scroll down the header appear in two line, please see screen shot https://www.dropbox.com/s/m1jmujq7wgq29em/Screen%20Shot%202014-04-22%20at%2010.20.20%20PM.png.

I try to fix with custom.css but not work. Also please note that I activated this theme as child theme. Thanks so much.

Hello, harrylim,

Please, create a topic on http://8theme.com/forums/ , provide link to your site and we’ll help you.


hi there, can you please tell me how to change the colour of the footer header text, and is it possible to have a banner on the category pages of the shop items, horizontal in the header like the main shop page thanks

sorry another problem, i am trying to add attributes e.g., size, colour variations etc, but they keep going to the additional info tab, why is this? i was checking your demo site and i cant see an example of it working (unless you can give me a url) does this feature work with your theme, im tearing my hair out trying to get it to work,i have followed the tutorials online….please set my mind at ease and advise how to have this work asap, thanks. Also is it possible on your help forum to see other peoples questions with answers as this would be a great help and timesaving im sure, thanks again

Hello, kikalomy,

1) All available color options you can find in Theme Options > Color Scheme. Font options you can find in Theme Options > Typography. Other styles you may change only by editing css styles (use custom.css file to place your new styles).

2) If you want to add Category image go to Products > Categories > edit your category and upload Thumbnail image.

3) As I understand you want to create variable products. Please, read WooCommerce documentation http://docs.woothemes.com/document/product-variations/


Hi I have purchased the theme. I need your help please. How can I change product button text “ADD TO CART” and Out stock product text “READ MORE” Please response asap. Thanks

Hello, xy440,

Thank you for using our theme! Unfortunately there is no such option in our theme. To avoid changing of template files you can try to change these words using translation, but translate only few necessary strings. Read here how to translate theme http://8theme.com/demo/docs/idstore/index.html#!/how_to_translate


hi i have done a fresh install of your theme and updated to current wordpress. I have been trying with no success to have size as a drop list like your example: http://8theme.com/site_demo/#idstore

i thought this would be in the demo content exactly like your site but its not set, so i followed the settings on woo and it still appears in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION tab, i have been trying with no success to set this, i cant understand why it won’t work, pls advise asap thanks

thanks for your help on forum worked ;]

Hi, kikalomy,

You are welcome ;)


My page http://myweb.com/blog/ has included blog sidebar. In your demo web there’s no sidebar from blog included. How to remove sidebar in blog page?

Hi, imap,

Your site link is not available. You may disable Sidebar option on the Edit Blog Page.


Please, contact our technical support at http://8theme.com/forums and provide the accesses to your site so we may check better! Thanks



How to disable homepage’s slider on mobile version ?

I tried to put in revolution slider options “not visible when the width is less than 1600 px” but it still works when i see my website on mobile.

Thank you for your help.

HI, Nonich,

This is Revolution slider settings, and there is an option Mobile visibility that you need to edit.


Yes that’s what i’ve done but i don’t see changes.

You may try to contact us at Forum, provide your credentials and we will help you.


multi site ready? Can I make a Market Place with this theme?

Hi, omnisapien,

This is WP feature and perhaps you may use any additional plugin for that.


Hello What is the short code of category slider? like the feature slider? I really need this please? Thanks

Hi, xy440,

Will you be so kind to specify what slider do you mean and what products should be visible there?


Is there an option to select size and color of the item/product in this theme? I couldn’t see that in the demo.

Hi, nimsadvertising,

Yes, you are talking about product variations that are possible with our theme and can implemented with WooCommerce features.



Just bought the theme, installed it and now the entire website is blank. Everything is white, even the admin. What can be the problem?

WP 3.9 and Woo 2.1.7

With regards,

Hi, stegwee,

Please, try to install our theme via FTP, there should not be any issues.



I have sent you an email from your Contact Form on the Eight Theme website. Please reply to that, I’m having a trouble with logging to support account.

Thanks Ujith Nimantha

If you have difficulties with topic creation, you may contact us at http://support.8theme.com


I sent it. Thank you.

Thanks, will review that ASAP and provide you the solution. Thanks


Im willing to buy this theme but am a bit worried about complaints about compatibility issues with wordpress 3.9 and woocommerce, have those been fixed? Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi, ssibaja,

Thanks for the interest in our template. You need not worry about that, we have fixed the issue with incompatibility and updated our theme.


Hi, the 2nd Footer Widgets area is not centralized in Mobile version. How to solve? Many thanks!

Hi, jingbao1979,

Please, contact us at Forum with site details and we will review that.


Hi, How to change Featured Products and latest Products on home page slider? Thanks

Hi, aamirmajeed,

You need to use the shortcode for the Latest product in the Home Page code – [etheme_new title=”Latest Products” ] and mark the products as NEW one in the Product Edit Page To enable the Featured Products on your Home page insert the shortcode [etheme_featured] and on your list of products, on the right hand side, click the star icon to set the product as a featured product.


Thanks very much for the quick reply, you are a star. i have other questions but save it for later.

You are welcome :)


hi, still a great theme but i feel it moves a lot slower since the update, dont knw if anyone else is experiencing this?? editing backend and page loads much slower ;[

Hi, kikalomy,

Do you have such issues with default theme?


not with original theme, is it possible to change the zoom magnify, i would like it to zoom closer is possible, how can this be done thanks

The zoom depends on the image dimensions.



We have just purchased this theme and are wondering if it is possible to get PSDs of the dark version? The theme file only provides the light version and we would like to get design mockups of the dark version over to our client prior to building the site.


Oh, sorry, you are right. Unfortunately there are PSDs only for light version.


Can you share or send dark version PSDs please? We expected them to part of the download package. If you can send them we will give you a five star review!

Thank you

Unfortunately, we do not have this PSD version of our theme. Sorry