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I want to show Categories with images instead of product list on store page.

Can you please give me short code for that.

Hello, rashidyounus,

This shortcode is available in our demo>Shortcodes>Shop Shortcodes>Products Categories [etheme_product_categories number=”” parent=”0”]


Thank you so much.

You are welcome :)


Hi I have added more than 20 items to for SALE. I’m using [etheme_sale] in my Sale page and apparently it shows only 12 items in 1 page (not all items are shown)

I would love to have 8 items in a page, meaning to have a 3 pages to show all my 20 sale items.. pls help.

Many thanks!

Please, contact us at http://support.8theme.com or http://8theme.com/forums with your site details so we may help you!


Hi, I managed to get Sale products shown but it only consist of 1 page. Can we actually put them into several pages instead just like our normal shop page?

Please, contact us at http://support.8theme.com or http://8theme.com/forums and specify if you have set the quantity of the products per page? Thanks


I love this theme. My site is coming along very good : http://www.julas.net

I i would like to be able to manage which products i can put on my front page that way i can update on weekly basis. All i am able to put is [etheme_featured_products limit=”24” columns=”4” orderby=”date” ] then mark products as feature but is not the right way, i would like to have 4 to 8 products of each category i sale (bags, shoes, apparel, jewelry) any suggestions?

I have tried [etheme_product_category category=”Shoes” limit=”8” columns=”4”] but it didn’t work.

Hello, amartich,

It will be better if you contact us at support forum ( http://8theme.com/forums ) and provide all the details.



Is there any way to add a link to the “Product page banner” which displays at the top of shop page ?

I would like to link the banner to a product

Thank you

Kind Regards

Hello, ice7,

If you mean the Category image, unfortunately it is impossible to add the link as this is the image.



I don’t think we are talking about the same image. Here is a Screenshot of the image I wish to add a link to:


Possible to link this image ?

Thanks again

Yes, we understood you. It is impossible by default. This image is uploaded via Theme Options and the link cannot be added there.



I dont want to show Categories in alphabetically. I want to show like your tutorial http://8theme.com/demo/idstore/?page_id=947

Can you please give me the code as i am new in it.

You may set the Category image at Products>Categories>Thumbnails


but this picture is also used in Product listing page. but i want another different picture on Listing page.

Please, provide more details about the image you would like to change at Forum ( http://8theme.com/forums )


Hi, how can I translate the copyright text? I’ve searched it in wpml’s string traslation but I didn’t find it Thanks

Great :)


I have the same problem with empty cart text and sizing guide image, as u know europe us uk have different size

Please, contact us at http://support.8theme.com or Forum with more details.



With the update of Wordpress 3.9.1 the layer slider doesn’t seem to work. Please can you look into this issue and let me know how to resolve this? This is an emergency. Thanks.

Best, Deepak

Hello, deepakkumarv,

We have answered to your email. Please, review our Forum topic.


hi, when i adding facebook like button or any facebook plugin i see it only in russian language from any computer anywhere in the world! i am using the latest version of idstore thame.

i tried to register account in 8theme.com for getting to support but i get a massege that my Purchase Code is wrong?!

please advise.

Hello, heatedhut,

Please, check if you are not Register again instead of Log In. You may also contact us at http://support.8theme.com


Hi. I’m having an interesting situation with my Portfolio page. For your reference, I’ve named it “Clients.” Take a look at this link ( http://mariecox.com/clients/ ) and you’ll see that on the 4th row there is a gap between the items. Can you tell me what causes this and how to fix it? I would like all of the items to flow left to right. Thanks! – Marie

Hello, MarieCoxDesign,

First of all we recommend you to update our theme to the last version. If the issue remains, contact us at http://support.8theme.com


hi, today i purchase ID store themes, but i cant upload my theme in wordpress. When upload reaches 100% progress suddenly appeared page url : http://6colours.com/wp-admin/update.php?action=upload-theme.

message in page : Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

Please help me. sorry if my english is bad. thanks.

Great :)


Hi, i use a plugin JNE (shipping in Indonesia) in the shipping option. but at page check out, the shipping and handling information message appears: “Sorry, shipping is unavailable to Indonesia. If you require assistance or wish to a make alternate arrangements please contact us”.I’ve been using this plugin in my previous theme (wootique) and the plugin works. Please help. Thanks.

Sorry, but we cannot guarantee fully compatibility of third-party plugins with our theme.



I purchased your theme and I find it very powerful but I encounter a problem.

I want to sell t-shirts, depending on size has a price or another.

How I can set an item to sell at different prices?

I think it is done with attributes but I need to give me a clue.

For example:

PRETTY SHIRT Size L: 10 € Size XL: 15 €

Thank you very much.

Hello, loponline,

Thanks for your interest in our template. You are talking about the attributes and variable products that can be easily set up in our template via WooCommerce features.


I am having issues with the theme using ups and usps plugins from woo commerce is there any way to make this work correctly… for I can not even get them to show up as options…


Hello, mmocilac,

Sorry, but cannot quarantee fully compatibility of our theme with third-party plugins.


Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files – if you encounter functionality issues on the frontend this could the reason. Ensure you update or remove them (in general we recommend only bundling the template files you actually need to customize). See the system report for full details.

Hello, xy440,

Please, ignore this message, it does not influence the work of the template. We will fix that after the update. If you Any issues, please, contact us at support.8theme.com so we may help you to solve them.



I´m having problens with revolution slider the slider are not showed on the home page, u can check that on www.formigadigital.com.br/tendaggi if u need the user name and password to check better just ask me.


Hello, zebobby,

First of all, we recommend you to update our theme to the last version. If you have any difficulties, you may also contact us at http://8theme.com/forums


I’ve just bought the theme and find an error when I was trying to upload theme

The error : “Warning: POST Content-Length of 15884799 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0”

and it’s happening also when I to upload idstore theme in localhost,

any solutions?


Hello, masangga,

Please, check the memory limit at your local host.


Considering buying your theme, but i need to ask first. Would it be compatible with the Visual Composer plugin?

Hello, Joaosg_pt,

We do not use VC in our theme, and cannot quarantee fully compatibility, but some customers use it with our theme and it seems to work good.


Thanks. Do you plan to add it in the future?

Currently, we are not planning to implement that.


Hello i’am french sorry for my english.

I bought your theme today, he is fantastic. But i have a lot of problem with him…

1) I would like to have this kind of presentation :


but i don’t know why, i can’t.

My website www.meozia.com

2) How can i manage the footer ? It’s not in the widget zone, and i don’t know how i can do.

3) Can you explain me how i can put the slider exactly like this : http://8theme.com/demo/idstore/

Please help me or give me a french tutorial for this theme. Thank you

Welcome. Unforunately, we do not have French speakers.


Hi, i just wanna know where i can download french po file, because it’s long and approximative to make the translation manually. Thank’s

You can contact us at http://support.8theme.com and we will provide you the translated files.


Hi, an error occurred with ajax filter on our site. So, shortcodes as rev slider, testimonials and gmap are not working anymore. Earlier on the same day, woocommerce french translation was updated, post-template.php in wp-includes was modified to change the word “private” before a private post title and in the theme folder loop-page.php and category.php were modified but set back like they were before the modification.

In attachment, the screenshot shows that error is about ajaxFilterEnabled in script.js. In theme options > Shop, “Enable ajax filter” is on. Can you help us and tell what’s wrong with our ajax code and how to fix it ? IMG : or-com.fr/image/ajaxFilterEnabled_error%20(2).jpg

Hello, Naomi84,

All the changes in our theme should be made in Child theme, cause after the update they will no be lost. Please, check if you do not have third-party plugins installed. You may also contact us at Forum ( http://8theme.com/forums ) with your admin panel details so we may help you. Will be waiting for your request.



Can you tell me how to reproduce the page you have on your site: Track Your Order http://themeforest.net/item/idstore-responsive-multipurpose-ecommerce-theme/full_screen_preview/4792186


Hello, Brazuka,

We have the page created and use this shortcode: [woocommerce_order_tracking]



How do you delete the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION tab on the product page – the other table are ok to stay there.


Hello, Brazuka,

This is WooCommerce default tab: http://docs.woothemes.com/document/editing-product-data-tabs/