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Nice theme with an unique style, love it. GLWS

Thanks, Theme-stack :)

Awesome work. GLWS

Thank you, Vickystudio!

I am the first buyer of this theme :) and playing around with it. I am a beginner, please help: how to change Portfolio Item Captions’ background color and its text color? (As far as I experienced, Portfolio Background Captions backround is currently fixed to black (or a dark grey) and the its text color changes parallel with the color of general body text. Unfortunately, with a darker gegeral body text color the text of Portfolio Item Captions will be almost unreadable.)

Hey Peter,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

You’re right, this is something that needs to be added to the Theme Options panel in the back-end – will add it in the upcoming theme version update. Until then, you can change the background color of the portfolio item captions by adding this line to style.css (should open by default when you visit the “Appearance -> Editor” admin menu):
.iso-masonry .image-post-overlay { background-color: #000000 !important; color: #999999 !important; }
and replacing the ”#000000” and ”#999999” with the hex codes of the colors you want.

Let me know if that works!

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hey Kliff_1927,

indeed, this is one of the fine examples of website design I took inspiration from when creating Ikebana. However, I wouldn’t agree with the “fully taken” wording ;)

Best, Andrew / Satori Studio

Yes, yes, yes – fantastic work! Love the design!

I have some pre-sales questions:

1) Is it possible to use the revolution slider in pages? 2) I understand that it is possible to change EVERY tile in diverent color – right? 3) Is it easy to the color of the body text and how can I do this?

thanks for your answer

best greetings from Berlin


Hey Mike,

thank you for the kind words :)

I will go over your questions in the same order:

1). I haven’t tested the theme with that plugin in particular, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be usable with Ikebana. For the sake of clarity, please note that third-party plugin compatibility is normally not a part of a theme support offer, but I do try to help with this kind of issues in two cases (i.e. most of the time): when the cause of the compatibility issue is clearly the theme’s code or (in case it’s not) when fixing the compatibility does not require significant changes in the theme’s architecture.

2). It is not possible to change the background colour of the portfolio tiles (i.e. those containing text) individually, the color changes with the Theme Options setting for page/post backgrounds. However, technically it is possible to introduce such a function (choose project background color when creating a particular project), and it may actually be an interesting upgrade for the next version of the theme, so if you happen to need this just ask me, I will show you how to do it.

3). The color of the body text can be changed from the Theme Options panel – there’s a dedicated option for that, with a colourpicker that lets you visually choose the desired color instead of having to input the hex code by hand.

Should you have more questions (or in case I was unclear at some point), do not hesitate to approach me!

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hi Andrew, thanks for your quick response. The points sounds good. I will purchase the theme this week. The outstanding design is the main reason for my decision. Thanks!

Cheers Mike

Hey, I’ve just purchased your theme. I’m looking forward to working with it :) I’ll let you know how I get along.

I was wondering when you think the first update will be available, as some of the improvements mentioned above would be very useful to me.


Hey Feto,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

Regarding your question – there is no specific date set yet – a lot will depend if any bug reports will emerge from the users (so far none). Are you looking for a specific feature so far or need all of them?

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hello I just purchased your theme and it is truly stunning. Very different from the usual ones. I’m not a pro but have created 4 websites from themes. My question is how do i create the home page as you have in the demo with the different boxes with text pictures etc…

Hey MorenikeO,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

To create a masonry portfolio, you need to first create one or more portfolio items (custom post type named „Projects”); you can do so by going to Portfolio—> Add New” in your WordPress settings menu. Once you have one or more Project items, you can create the portfolio page which will display all existing Projects in a flexible masonry layout – simply add a new page and choose the “Portfolio” template for it in the “Template” dropdown in the “Page Attributes” box in the right side of the editor.

More information and screenshots are available in the theme manual, pages 4-6.

Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Very god theme. I’m gonna use it for sure.

Thanks for the kind words! :)

Great Theme!

Pre-Purchase Question.

I saw this page .. Can this be accessed from the front of the website ….. the other links or is it just portfolio items?

Can a picture item scan the width of the website on the front page?

Hey Sim2K,

thank you for expressing interest in my work!

To answer your questions:

- the gallery-format post you mention can be accessed via the blog page (see the sixth post) by clicking on the title of the post; portfolio items can also have a gallery format, you can see one such post on the front page of the demo, it has a thumbnail of wires under a table and a distinct left and right navigation arrows just like the blog post I mentioned above.

- I am not 100% sure I understood the second question, but in case you wish to know if portfolio items can be made as wide as the entire page, then yes – if the portfolio item width is set to a large enough number in the Theme Options panel, each portfolio item will occupy the entire width of the content area.

Should you have more questions or in case I misunderstood anything, do not hesitate to contact me!

Best, Andrew / Satori Studio


Would the theme support Chinese Fonts.

Thanks for early reply.

Martin Ng

Dear Satoridesign,

I think that I will buy the theme but I want to see the google map insert to the contact page. Would you make a test page for me.


Sorry for more question. The “Frontend Builder” plus-in could be used?

Hey Martin,

Google Maps can be inserted via shortcodes into any place on any post or page, you can see an example of a map on the shortcodes page.

Regarding your latest question – in general, ThemeForest support guarantees do not cover third-party plugin compatibility, but I help the users of my themes in case the compatibility issue is the theme’s fault. So far no compatibility cases have been reported for Ikebana.

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Does this theme come with sample data?

Thanks for your previous answer.

Hey Sim2K,

yes, there is an xml data import file included with the theme that contains all data from the theme preview.

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

This might sound downright lazy, but I love the look and feel of your live preview, and would love to tinker with my blog/portfolio site just from this starting point. Is there a way to activate a template from the dashboard that will at least get my site to the point of the live preview? I’m kind of new at Wordpress, but I fell for this template based on the live preview. I know that it’s designed to show the theme potential, and that you have mock photos and write-ups, but it would be nice if I could put some starting stuff in place. Right now it’s kind of hard for me to imagine what I want with the empty, gray background.

Thank you for the quick reply! Just to be clear, do I just upload the entire “Resources” file which wuld include the Ikebana_demo_content.xml,,, and Textures. OR, do I just upload the Ikebana_demo_content.xml?

Sorry ahead of time if this is a silly question. I faced a similar issue when I attemped to upload the theme and was asked to provide the CSS style sheet, and had to dig deeper to find the Theme Installer. Thanks

You will just need to upload the .xml file when prompted (no other file from the same folder is needed for the procedure); and then tick the “Download and import file attachments” checkbox as described above so that the importer also automatically includes all images and other content.

Andrew / Satori Studio

Great. Thanks

I have the portfolio as my main page. Anytime though I click on an image it says that page cannot be found…

you’re fine! it’s :)

also, is there any way to post a larger logo header on the portfolio page? and am i driving you crazy with my questions… haha

Hey Jamie,

I will address the first two issues here, and the latest issue in a separate reply to your other comment:

1). Regarding the portfolio item links: please goto “Settings -> Permalinks” and make sure that the “Post name” radio button is chosen. If this does not solve the issue, I will need access to your backend – please send me your admin login and password to (no disclosure guaranteed).

2). Regarding the logo size: you can set both the logo width and height in the “Page Elements” tab of the Theme Options panel: the “Logo width” and the “Header section height” are the functions you need ;) Please note that this will apply to the small logo visible on all pages except the portfolio, e.g. here.

Best, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hi, your theme is very interesting and i have some pre-purchasing questions: 1. Is there any demo page that shows the homepage with a full background image? I’m quite curious to understand how to set opacity in every single box and which part of th background image are shown: just the left/right frames or even between the boxes? 2. Is it possibile not to display blog information (author, date…) in single pages?

Thanks Antonio

Hey Antonio,

thank you for expressing interest in my work!

I will answer your questions in the same order:

1). The page backgrounds are set for the entire website in Ikebana, so there is no demo for the image background at the moment. In short, an image background will replace all the dark-grey areas of the website (around and between portfolio items or normal content). The image will automatically be adjusted for a best fit with the browser window size of the viewer.

2). Blog information is never displayed on pages (example from the demo), is always shown on blog posts (example), and can be switched on or off for portfolio items (i.e. the items you get to when you click one of the portfolio boxes on the front page of the demo). In principle, the info can also be hidden for blog posts, you will just need to add one line of CSS code; I can provide further instructions if need be.

Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

okay, i am LOVING this theme!!

sorry to keep having questions but i have one more. do widgets work on this app?

i have the “Twitter” and “Tags” widgets on the right but neither are showing up. thanks!

Jamie, could I ask you for a small favour? If you like the theme and support, could you please rate the theme in your “Downloads” tab?

5 stars done.

Thank you! :)

Are the theme support wordpress 3.6?

Hey Martin,

thank you for expressing interest in Ikebana!

Regarding your question, the theme works just fine with WordPress 3.6, no compatibility issues have been reported.

A side note on support speed to avoid misunderstanding: generally my goal is to answer all ThemeForest comments, direct emails, and forum posts within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends.

Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

Thanks satoridesign

I already buy it. ha ha

Awesome theme, thank you! 5 stars for sure.

One idea/request;

Is there a way to get category of portfolio boxes that are two small boxes long/tall?

Like the “Portfolio” box here:

or maybe a custom sizing for portfolio, in multiples of the normal box size so they all fit together?

Hey Fieldsaustin,

in principle, adding a new box dimensions is quite easy per se – the harder part is that the new dimensions will require a entire new set of css styling for each of the seven post formats. This will require significant changes in the theme’s architecture, which will take some time to implement. There are two options at this point in case you need such functionality in a timely manner: if you are familiar with coding, I can show you where exactly to change the code to introduce a new box dimension (you will have to proceed with the styling on your own); if you do not want to get into the code, I can do all needed changes for you, but I will have to charge for this work.

Thank you for understanding! Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio

How do I contact you for custom work?

You can send an email to

What a brilliant theme, am having so much fun playing around with it for our studio website! I have a few questions, hope you can clear them out for me:

1) Is there a way to create Order in the portfolio items that is not according to date created? As in add our own customized Order of the portfolio items?

2) I have added a new social item (for Behance) with an icon with the recommended dimension and image format, but it still doesn’t show. Help?

3) How do I change the colour of the Search Bar on the Header?

4) What font is applied for the Large Portfolio Item with the “Aside” format? Does it pick up the font from the body text setting? Is there a way we can asign a particular font for this? And for a test, I had added a different font in all the Font boxes under Typography in Theme Options, but now it does not seem to go back to Open Sans even after keeping the font name field blank or entering “Open Sans” in the field. (This is concerning the same Large Portfolio Item with the “Aside” format)

Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my questions.

Cheers, Alok

Hey Alok,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

I’m glad you’re having fun with the theme; I will answer your questions in the same order:

1). Portfolio items in Ikebana are currently ordered by creation date, descending, thus the easiest way to introduce a custom order is to tweak the “Published on” parameter in the “Publish” meta box in the editor mode, after the portfolio item has been created and saved. In addition to that, there is a specialized “sticky” option in portfolio items which allows prioritizing one of more projects – they will be always showed ahead of the others in the portfolio grid. You can read more on the stickiness option on page 5 of the theme manual. Having said that, I want to thank you for bringing this up – I do agree that users could benefit from wider ordering options; this is why in the next theme update (version 1.2) I am going to introduce corresponding Theme Options panel settings: one for ordering criterion (date created, date modified, or popularity/comment count), and one for ascending/descending parameter. In case you need something completely different (e.g. custom ordering without changing the dates), let me know, we will figure something out.

2). This is indeed a bug, my apologies and thank you for noticing it! I’ve corrected the code – you can download the archive with updated files from my repository, unzip it, and upload the files into the theme folder (/wp-content/themes/Ikebana/).

3). This due to a small error in the css code; I’ve corrected it and uploaded the updated file here. Please download and unzip it, and also upload the contained file into the theme folder (/wp-content/themes/Ikebana/). The admin setting you need to change the color now is “Input field background color” in the “Style: Content, Widgets” tab of the Theme Options panel.

4). All portfolio items (except for the link format) use the font set in the “Body font” field of the “Typography” tab of the Theme Options panel. I’ve double-checked it on the demo and it does work, so could you please tell me which font are you trying to use in this case? Thanks!

Thank you for pointing out these issues and sorry that they existed in the first place! All of the above will also be corrected in the 1.2 version of the theme (coming out soon).

Best, Andrew / Satori Studio

Hi Satoridesign,

First, sorry for my english quite poor.

I could not import the resources.

I already assign posts to satori and check the attachment box.

Thanks for early reply.

Hey Martin, please see my reply to one of your earlier comments. Sincerely, Andrew / Satori Studio