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Hello just purchased your theme went to install it and got the following error “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Running Apache on CentOS 07 Running Latest version of Word Press 4.7.2 Made the following changes in /etc/php.ini upload_max_filesize = 64M post_max_size = 64M memory_limit = 400M file_uploads = On max_execution_time = 180

Nevermind I figured it out lol. Had to unzip and then dig for the zip file

Hello its me again. So I installed the theme and I’m looking it over and I need a starting place.

I would like to set up the theme like you have it in the preview. Menu Bar on top. A “Featured articles” section are of the highest importance.

Can you let me know how to set up the menus and featured articles like that, or point me to some documentation.


Thanks for the reply. So I got some of it figured out. This theme seems really powerful. I have a question on the search engine. Does it take Boolean arguments, can I search based on Tags or categories? For instance if I had a series of blog post that I tagged with say <tag1> or put in a category say Category1. Could I search based on that? Like Catagory1 “test to search for” or Tag1 “Text to search for?”


Yes it’s possible, by default the search result is based on your keyword / terms. But somtimes, doing a search on a WordPress powered website does not always bring up relevant results. For giving visitor a better search experience, you can try this plugin:

Thanks man got it working love the theme

Hello hoping you could point me in the direction of how to change the width of the columns. Currently the left column is way to large and the right is way to small.

Thanks again

Thanks for the response, what css file do I add that to? And do I add it change existing to the values?

I edited the custom.css file with your suggestions. The Right Col and the and the .bg-left moves, but the Left col does not move so the text in the left col, goes into the .bg and right col. I have tied different values for leftcol width and it does not move.


Please clear your browser cache, then try to refresh page…

Hello, How to setup hompage is demo ? My staff bought this theme, but he is ill, so i have to finish work :(


Please submit a new ticket on using your purchase code.

Hello, I like this theme but, before i buy it, i want more: 01 – I can remove credit link? 02 – This theme has not widget footer, i can add more?

You either can keep complaining about the issues you experienced or you can let us help you by following what @tompradana have said previously.

Thank you all, Done