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Hi, On the new update I see in your demo there is a forum. Does this come with the new update? If not can you tell me how to add it to the wiki theme.


Hi Farrow!

Yes this come with the new update. The forum is using bbpress plugin.


Hi, 1. how is customization of the theme? Is there an admin to change colors, change/remove the search bar background image, and other design-related items?

2. In Demo, can you show more of the forum thread/conversations, currently it shows nothing.


4. How is embedding a video?

I’m not sure if the questions posted here are only for those who already purchased the theme.

Where can I ask pre-purchase questions?


1. There is theme options panel to help you cuztomize the theme.

2. Install all required plugins can fix the issues.

3. Yes you can.


How do I create a page with full width layout (i.e. without sidebars)


Please download and upload this page tempalate: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zrrhau4sro73g7l/fullwidth.php?dl=0

upload to your folder themes (iknowledge/).

Add the following css code via Theme Options > Appearance > Custom CSS Codes:

body.page-template-fullwidth #rightcol {
    width: 100%;
body.page-template-fullwidth #footer .footer-area {
    width: 100%;

Hope this helps!



We have a lot of products.

- We hope user can have front-end panel to input their product series on it. Can it do it?

- Every client can have their own font-end ticket panel?

- Is it include member register custom field?



No, our theme doesn’t support it without customization. I even don’t think there’ such commercial theme that meet your requirements without customization :)

Hello! I purchased this theme and am populating the entries. However, it seems hyperlinks don’t work within the posts? E.g., http://www.agentwiki.thn.io/?cat=2

Canva.com is supposed to be hyperlinked.


All tags will not works on archive page, and will works on single post page.

Here is an article how to make html tags works: http://goo.gl/ibfDVY

I just purchased iKnowledge, as well as extended support. Do you guys have a support forum or is all support handled through theme forest comments section?

My Client bought this theme and when we installed it you mention that we have to have the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin before importing the demo data… We installed that first (ACF) but now we are missing the homepage widget area any idea how to get this area back as our sidebar currently is floating around on the homepage…


ACF plugin doest not affect the widgets functions, if you deactivate the ACF the widget area is back?

For further assistance, please provide us an purchase code.



I recently purchased / installed the iKnowledge theme but I’m having issues with the widget area. The Documentation said the theme came with 2 widget areas (Homepage, Sidebar Left) and 8 custom widgets. I’m seeing the custom widgets, but not the widget areas. Could you help me resolve this issue?

Thank you,


The documentation is bit outdated, so sorry about that. Since v1.6.0 we decided to use Visual Composer to arrange the homepage and any other page you desire.

You can still see the 2 widget areas under Appearance > Widgets, Sidebar and Forum Sidebar. Forum Sidebar widget area will only visible if you install and activate bbPress plugin.

I can’t find a way to edit the homepage section, since the widgets aren’t there anymore. So what Elements from Visual Composer can I use to recreate what you have on the homepage? (Icon, title, excerpt)

Hi AugusTine.

There are two ways to build the homepage.

For #1

  1. Create a page with hompage page template, than set this page as front-page
  2. Edit page using visual composer backend/front end.
  3. Clik “Add Template”, then search the template. There are three templates that you can use (homepage 1, homepage 2, homepage 3)

For #2

  1. Edit page using visual composer backend/front end.
  2. Clik “Add Element”, then click Warrior Widgets tab There are elements that you can use to build the homepage.


I’m not sure if it’s because a license for Visual Composer was not included with the theme but I’m having js issues on the post editor page. The backend editor modal comes along with the different modules to add but when i click on any of them nothing happens. I took a look at the console via Firebug and this is the error I get – http://cl.ly/fnd0

When I try the front-end editor I’m able to add blocks and update but when I go to edit the post, the Visual Composer gets on an endless loop with the same js errors.

I haven’t been able to Activate Visual composer, was this not included with the theme?

Thank you,


Can you try download the latest version from http://themeforest.net/downloads? We just update the latest version of Visual Composer.

This worked, thank you.


how can I remove the search field that appears in the upper right by default ? The one that says “Enter a search them … “


I can not delete. I used the visual composer , but I’m not select the item . I get by default on all pages including those just created .


Please open,

  • page.php
  • single.php
  • page-archives.php
  • index.php
  • home.php
  • fullwidth.php

Find and remove this code

<?php get_template_part('includes/advanced-search'); // display search form ?>


Hi, What value do I have to change to move the siderbar and make wider pages ? ( I have to insert a table with many columns )

Hi. Sorry, there is no option to make a wider pages, this customization will require a lot of changes.

Got an email about the new theme update…. There is no automatic update showing in WordPress, so wondered what your recommended process would be for a manual upgrade?

Many thanks in advance.


Thanks for your interest in our theme.

  • Backup your old theme (you can rename the theme folder)
  • Upload the updated theme

this included the script to the database? If yes which database that you use


Standard WordPress database, using mysql

Hi armindomneto,

Did you mean the demo data? We include the XML demo data in the theme package.

I can install it on the IIS server with PHP?


Yes you can, please follow these links for further details about installing WordPress on IIS:

Hello, It supports wpml?



We haven’t test the theme using WPML but I don’t think there will be any issue when using WPML.

Hello, I have two questions.

1. About the warrior-categories: It shows subcategories as if they would be main categories, is there a way to solve this?, because i want to make a difference between them. (I attach you the picture to see how does it look after you load the demo content) http://i.imgur.com/07B2ocS.png 2. The advanced search doesn’t find anything when you select a category to look posts for (there are post in the category as I show you in the screenshot), how do I solve this. http://i.imgur.com/2lrfnE0.png

Hello again, I tried to do what you said but nothing worked, I still have the same problems


Let me know your site credentials, you can send it through contact form here: http://themeforest.net/user/themewarriors#contact


I have just solved issue QTranslatex with JS Composer. You need to re-set your categories for each lang.

But, i can not reproduce the issue on the widget, because it’s about 3rd party plugin issue that is beyond our support policy.

Is there a way to REMOVE the Authors / pictures from a post?

Nevermind. Found it in WP settings. Thanks


Glad to hear that! :=D

Hi..first of all. i downloaded somewhere your theme and after test it i decide to buy full version..But its different than version before..i cannot add content on hompage as before..

Only got two sidebar – forum and sidebar. no homepage sidebar so that i can choose which category to appear on homepage.


Make sure you activate all required plugins.

does this theme support adsense?


You can put the adsense code in the sidebar using Text Widget or if you want to put it in the content area, you can use free 3rd party plugin.

Hello I have a problem with this template. If create user with other rules (no administrator), this users cann’t create new post. The site return a error 500. Maybe the problem it is js_composer, if disable this then the site worked normaly

Also the visual composer plugin ask me update (i have 4.11.1 version) but i can get new update because return message “you don’t have licence”


Sorry for the late reply, our support guy has been sick for 3 days.

You can change Visual Composer (VC) role settings from Visual Composer > Role Manager.

We will soon update VC to latest version in the next iKnowledge version.

hello, It’s ok, thank toy for reply. I changed roles in settings VC but nothing changed. all users (unless administrator) cannot create new post. php has broken. I wait for update VC. thank you


In WordPress only Super Admin, Admin, Editor, Author, Contributor (only create, can’t publish) can create new post https://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities

Make sure you are giving the right role to be able to create new post.