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Great work! Wish lots of sales!

Thanks mate!

Mangstap, brok. Let’s celebrate! Muahahaha

Let’s partyyyyy!

This looks very promising. I wonder in which way this has Wiki functionality though. Thanks, Bernhard


Thanks for the kind words mate. Here’s a definition of wiki from Wikipedia:

A wiki is a website which allows its users to add, modify, or delete its content via a web browser usually using a simplified markup language or a rich-text editor.

Could you give some info on how users are allowed to do that. Is it only possible via backend access? Thanks again, B

Hi, Right now it’s only doable from wp-admin section.

When turning the iPad in portrait mode, the top menu dissapears completely?!


Thanks for the bug report, we’re about to submit the revised files to TF in a few minutes.

Looks very nice – professional. I’d like to use your general post layout for CE courses that I’m going to offer. Can you modify the following with some ease: 1. taking out the search bar and space completely at the top 2. change the ‘published on’ and ‘last modified on’ wording to other text 3. place any image you want in the user images on the right in the posts As you can see, I’m really wanting to modify the regular posts with some new texts, etc. Everything else I think I can do on my own. What do you think?


Yes, you can use it in blog posts. For list of shortcodes visit the demo page and then click on the “Shortcodes” menu in the header.

OK sound good – and I really need the blog posts to be totally customizable regarding what is shown – after a post is finished, can I get it to NOT to show the ‘Published on:” or ‘Last modified’ fields? Can I get rid of the rating system? And I want the ‘Categories’ to read ‘CE courses” instead. And I want replies, etc. to be disabled. I can work through some of this on my own – but I know I’ll need your help in the forum. Also, I’m willing to pay for some help if it’s too much just for the forum. I know this is a lot of changing – what interests me is the fantastic, scaled-down, very plain presentation. It’s more straight-forward and ‘academic’ for my education site. What do you think?


For simple modification that involves changing 1-5 line of codes we can still help you. Other than that you’ll need to hire someone to assist modify the theme for you.

Are there plans for a responsive version?


The theme already comes with a responsive version.


NikiN Envato Team

Looks great, congratulations :)

Thanks NikiN :)

Very nice! Good luck :)

Thanks mate

Nice work! Good luck with the sales! :)

Thanks Paul!

Hi Guys,

Great theme, just working on setting it all up now.

In the documentation, it states there is a section on recommended widget locations but I don’t see anything? There is a blank page and then it moves onto shortcodes..



Sorry for the missing page in documentation.

Recommended homepage widgets

Recommended sidebar widgets

Perfect thank you.

Nice work! Looks great ;-)

Thanks man, it means a lot coming from you!

Hi ThemeWarrior, before i purchase i have a few questions; 1. Can i set an icon per category widget 2. Can i make the sidebar “fixed” , so that the logo wont dissapear on large articles 3. Can users embed photo and video in an article 4. Are there any author (rating) widgets available 5. Can i look into the documentation before purchase 6. Does it show related articles (tagbased) 7. Good luck with sales , nice clean theme !

Regards, Alvin


Thanks for your interest in Knowledge.

1. It’s not possible without tweaking the codes and CSS file 2. You’ll need to make a minor adjustment for it to work this, we can guide you how :) 3. Yes, sure you can 4. No 5. I’m sorry but the documentation is only for valid buyers, I can only send you 3-4 pages of the documentation to your email. 6. Not at the moment but we’re planning to add it in the next release.

If you have other questions don’t hesitate to ask us.

Hi TW , thank you for answering these questions! And yes i have a few more when looking at the screenshot. 1.) Advertisement , does it have multiple spots ? 2.) Update post link , can registered authors modify other authors article ? If so does the article starter get a notification when someone does modify his article ? And does it show all authors which started and modified the article ? 3.) Authors , does the theme have frontend registration forms ?

It would be great if you could add the options in the admin panel for category icons , fixed sidebar.

I understand that you do not want to give away documentation , but the description is missing some features.

When is the next release planned ?


Sorry for the very late reply. I was some family issues that I need to take care of first.

1. There are only one advertisement spot by default which is for the homepage. But you can easily add any ad code to the sidebar or homepage using WordPress text widget.

2. No, only the original authors and admin who can edit the posts.

3. No, all registration is handled using default WordPress registration form.

Looks great, it would be nice if you can put a widget section to put ads without hacking the theme files and an option for advanced search

Hi, Sorry for the very late reply. I was some family issues that I need to take care of first.

There’s a ad widget for the homepage that comes with this theme. To add ads to the sidebar you can simply paste the ad codes to WordPress text widget and place the widget to the sidebar.

Is this only an internal / closed site or does it allow people to register and enter any types of knowlegde ( like a Q&A Style) cycle?

Hi, Sorry for the very late reply. I was some family issues that I need to take care of first.

It was intended more for a closed site such as for web hosting company that need to build knowledge base site for their customers.

I’m sorry for the delay in response, my wife just delivered our 2nd child and my oldest one is having a really bad flu, I my self also sick since several days ago (still need some rest).

I promise I will go through all of your questions soon.

Would you share the custom css used on your site: http://demo.themewarrior.com/iknowledge/

Hi, Sorry for the very late reply. I was some family issues that I need to take care of first.

We don’t used any custom CSS files in the demo site, you can get the same result as in the demo site with the theme you just bought.

Having difficulty getting /author page to show.


Can you be more specific? You can access the author page from yourdomain.com/author/your-username