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Is it possible to fix the facebook share button, it is covered by the twitter button!!

the error is on alle pages/posts it looks fine on Chrome, but on EI and Firefox it looks like the facebook button is covered by the twitter button

see the screenr


What does the “Synes godt …” text means?

It means “like” maybe it because it is bigger, how do i change the with for that

I really like it, great job! I wish you success and a lot of sales!

I just bought this theme and I really like it. Great work!
There is only one little issue I’m facing and that is that this theme is not compatible with child themes, I would like to edit some functionality but I don’t want to edit the original theme, especially because of the auto update feature which will probably overwrite all my changes when updating.
Is there a possibility to incorporate child theme support in the next update?
That would be awesome…

Info from the Wordpress Codex:
The fact that a child theme’s functions.php is loaded first means that you can make the user functions of your theme pluggable —that is, replaceable by a child theme— by declaring them conditionally. E.g.:

if ( ! function_exists( 'theme_special_nav' ) ) {
    function theme_special_nav() {
        //  Do something.


We’ll try to add child theme support in the future version. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thank you for your reply,
One other thing:
Your function parse_shortcode_content in admin-shortcodes.php make my SyntaxHighlighting plugin shortcode to fail. When I disable the add_filter for this function it works perfectly but then it won’t render the theme’s shortcodes correctly.


Have you tried other syntax highlighting plugin to see if the problem is still happening?

Nice work! The theme looks clean & professional, I like the style.

Thanks for the kind words :)


Do you have the spanish version of your theme?



No, but we provide a language file which you can translate to any language.

Just bought this template. WOW, it’s AMAZING!

Thanks! :)

Thanks for the kind words :)


I’m waiting you validate my account on ThemeWarriors Support Forum. Few questions to ask. :)


Clean and beautiful! Nice theme! Good luck with sales!

I wonder why nothing from the Custom Field get displayed in iKnowledge – Knowledge Base / Wiki WordPress Theme that I purchased. I tried adding many as allowed by the Custom Field, but I couldn’t see a single entry in the updated post. I am just an excited beginner. Would be glad if I could be helped in the regard.


If you’re using your own custom fields, you need to manually add the codes to display the fields to the template file.

Here’s a good read on how to display custom fields

Can you check your link once? The page is empty. Your template has custom field….is this functional? If so how?


I am sorry, the correct link is

iKnowledge theme doesn’t have a custom field.

great job…

i'll like to purchace this theme... but i'll like to know if it would work with buddypress .. and use it for a social network for sports

great job…

i'll like to purchace this theme... but i'll like to know if it would work with buddypress .. and use it for a social network for sports

great job…

i’ll like to purchace this theme… but i’ll like to know if it would work with buddypress .. and use it for a social network for sports


Sorry, it doesn’t support BuddyPress

Hi, Great theme, i’m almost ready to publish my wiki but i’ve encoutered a “bug” (maybe) : when adding the & .po files most of the widgets does’nt show anymore. Is there anything else to do to make them reappear ? Thanks !

This seems to happen when some of the strings gets translated. I use poedit so the problem should’nt come from there, maybe from the accents used in french ?

i’ve managed to solve the problem by only translating the words i needed instead of 100% of the .po


Sorry for the late reply. Glad you could solve the issue, although translating the whole .po file shouldn’t be the issue. I’m guessing the could be some missing syntax when you translate it in the first place.

Great theme, seems to be a perfect match for a simple and streamlined Intranet site.

Thanks mate :)

Does this theme support hierarchical categories? I really need a parent/child relationship structure to my categories in order to narrow down topics.


Yes it does, but the “Categories” widget below the search bar can’t display parent -> child relationship.

Hello! Im looking to buy your theme, but i dont use Wordpress. Do you have the html version of it? or does it come with all the PSD files? Thanks!


It doesn’t come with HTML files but it do comes with PSD files for you to modify.

Hi there, i added “Home:Warrior Sticky Post” to my home Sidebar, but i wonder why i don’t have neither excerpts or content on my home? Any tips? I do see Title and Cat/Cat_name. Thanks, Tom

Hi Tom,

Because that’s just how the theme works, as you can see on the demo site we only shows the post title and category name on the widget.

Can I please get access to the Theme Warrior Support Forum? I purchased this theme a month ago and I have tried to register for the support forum.



If you need anything you could also ask in here. I’ll sort the purchase confirmation soon.


I’m trying to increase the width of the page but I stumbled upon a problem. I changed the width of the #rightcol to 1000px and the width of the container to 1250px. But upon loading the page some javascript is setting an inline style on the #rightcol element ‘style=”width: 700px;”’ which overrides my change in the styles.css file.
I just can’t seem to find the file where this is being executed. Could you please show me where this is done (and how to fix it)?

Hi, #rightcol value is overwritten by jQuery from /magazinepress/js/functions.js file. #rightcol is taking the width value from.#footer .footer-area width value.

hey I realy like this theme (please tranlate the rest of message, I’m on the celphone) . Hola, de verdad me parece genial este them y me encantaría tenerlo en un nuevo proyecto pero necesitaría algunos cambios. (its a lyrics site) . yo no se nada sobre wordpress y me preguntaba sí tu puedes hacer los cambios y luego yo te lo compraría. Algo así cómo un theme hecho a la medida. En serio me ha gustado mucho este theme, pero necesito algunos cambios. Please help me!!!


What kind of customization do you need? If it’s just a small modification involving just few lines of code then we could help, other wise you will need to hire someone to do the customization.

I don’t know how much it’s (if much o little).

Change the categories of the post for this (album, artist and genre) this is yout theme

but I need this (free theme

You can e-mail me for explain better? mail: jhon.urba


I’m sorry but the changes would require some effort, I suggest you hire someone to the changes for you.

I have been waiting you for hours for to active my membership in theme support forum. Nothing works in your theme really! Search, shortcodes… None of them work.

I use WordPress 3.5.2. Advanced search option does not work. It looks like this.

And, shortcodes cannot be used easily. We have to add codes and use them manually. That sucks.

And even though I do not upload favicon or logo for the beginning, it shows your logo and favicon and we have to upload something not to display your logo and favicon automatically.

I uploaded my favicon. 32*32 png. In Mozilla it looks like my favicon. But other browsers, opera, maxthon, chrome still shows your favicon.

But the most important thing that I worry about is advanced search. What’s wrong with it? It only looks like blank search engine.

By the way will you activate my membership in theme forum?


I think what you were using was not the Warrior Advanced Search widget but instead the default WordPress search widget. Please use Warrior Advanced Search widget to get the same look and search functionality like in our demo.

Regarding the shortcode I’m really sorry but that’s the best we can do at the moment, you can install Zilla Shortcode plugin to improve how you can insert the shortcode to WordPress editor.

And as for the favicon, the theme still display our favicon even after you upload your own favicon it’s probably because of the browser cache. Please try to hard refresh the page.

Ok, thanks for the reply. I solved all of my problems.