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Hello, i just bought your theme and i don’t know how to set like your demo.

if you have xml so i can export the demo, it will be great

Yup i found that there is a plugin has style override your theme style :)

Hello Themewarriors, suddenly the theme is broke down. please take a look at this site, it said that mb_strlen function is undefined. I searched that the function is from PHP itself. Is there any replacement function for this, since right now i i have no time to fix the problem. thank you for your support


What PHP version are you using? Make sure mbstring extension is enabled in your PHP configuration.

Hi, thanks for the theme! I have a few questions to see if it’ll fit for what I’m trying to do:

—Can I put pages in the left bar navigation? —Can those pages in the left bar have sub navigation? either under/expand or fly out subnavigation? —Assume I could remove the prominent search box and make it closer to a business site, with an image on the front page? —Can I reposition/remove some of the meta info that is under the headline on the “Sample Page”? So it looks more like a regular page.

Thanks for your assistance! Charlie

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. Yes, you can use default WordPress widget to display pages in left bar navigation and the pages can have sub pages

2. Since the advanced search is using a widget, you can easily remove it. The theme comes with an add widget for the main content area so you can use it to display any image. Alternatively you can use WordPress Text widget to display the image.

3. Yes, you can remove the meta info, if you need our help on this one just let us know.

Thanks guys. Just purchased, awaiting confirmation. I’ll likely need some help on the post meta re-positioning… couldn’t seem to find it. Maybe I’ll just ask when I get support access?


We got some issue with our support forum. For fast response, please send us a message from our profile page

Hello, I want remove thumbnail in single post but can i cant see thumbnail code in single.php. Please help me remove it!


From the screenshot, I don’t think this is our theme. i also don’t see “Purchased” badge in your comment.

Sorry, I mistakenly commented, I bought Knowhow not your theme. Thanks for your reply.

No problem :)

Hello, How where in the code can I change the area that displays “Published on October 8, 2013… Filed under… Last modified October 18, 2013”

Also, do you have a suggestion as to how I could change this area to have the post description under 150 words with a read more link? Thanks – Brandon

Where can I edit this?


You can find the codes in iknowledge/functions/theme-options/theme-functions.php

To trim the post content you might want to read this and this

I figured it out. 2 more questions though. How do I keep the advance search drop down to stay open? Could I hire you to help make the search better? Sometimes I will search for the title and it wont show up. Also when I type a question into the search bar I get no results back. Your search function is key to making this site work correctly. If your interested in a potential revenue share I could show you the project Im working on?

Since the search function of your theme isn’t offering an out-of-box, advanced search function. I used a company called searchWP and he has been working hard to help me get my site dialed in. In our last email he mentioned the following:

“The search results template file is doing it’s own internal searching mechanism via query_posts().” Furthermore he added, “So here’s the deal: the theme you’re running has a number of issues. In the search results template it was running it’s own internal call to query_posts() which is really frowned upon, and it was overwriting the search query. I disabled that only to find out that it’s making more calls to interfere with the search algorithm down the line.

I’ve re-enabled your maintenance mode plugin to show you a few things. You can see that SearchWP is working with your search query using the default theme:

If you activate your theme, no results are found. I’m unable to see some of the included files that iKnowledge is using and might be able to dig it out, but I am guessing you’re going to run into additional issues with the theme. If you’d like to send me a ZIP of the theme I can check things out a bit more, but based on this time I’ve spent with it I’m not sure how much work it’s going to take on your end to get iKnowledge to stop interfering with the natural WordPress execution stack.

I’m willing to help out a bit on it, but it might come down to a show-stopping implementation on the part of iKnowledge, I can’t say for sure until I get a closer look at all the theme code. I’ve outlined the issue lies with the iKnowledge theme and I can’t say how deep the root cause is at this point.”

With that, what can we do to fix this if possible? Can we expect an update on your end to resolve or optimize your search feature? Please advise. Thanks – Brandon

I sent them your reply. I am able to search by title. The issue I am having can be found in this video which was sent to searchwp after I purchased their service and the search wasn’t working.

I got it squared away! Thanks for your quick response in sending the info to help me.

Hi Brandon,

Glad the issue was solved.

What do I need to do in order to keep the advanced search option panel open? Do you have any suggestion on where this is or how to fix this? Thanks!

Hi Brandon,

Open /iknowledge/includes/widgets/warrior-advanced-search.php file and find this code:


then replace it with this:



We have purchased i knowledge theme for our website. Could you please suggest on how to 1.List Related articles below the viewing article 2.Author picture next to post 3.Is there any option to put ADD inside/middle of the post/page. 4.How could i use blank space on left side to put up ads 5.Made a custom menu with 5 Main categories and 10 subcategories items,how to use expand and collapse options in the side bar 6.Can u mail me documentation of the theme 7.How do i use the Widget Home: Warrior Ad Home, i added this widget to home page but nothing is seen


Thank you for purchasing iKnowledge.

1. You can use this plugin

2. The author picture is displayed using Gravatar. So make sure your email address that is used in WordPress is registered to

3. No

4. You can paste your add code to Text Widget and place the widget into the “Sidebar” widget area

5. It’s not possible to collapse the menu in sidebar

6. Documentation is already included in the zip file you download

7. Please refer to page 6 of the documentation file

Thanks for the reply

I have few more questions it would be very helpful if you guide me Thanks in advance

I need a forum page like this:

I installed below plugins to achieve this. i could achive only center portion of the template with plugin 1. then i installed plugin 2.

for the side bar

but this is not showing up

can you suggest me some solution for this.

2.Is there any way to have a page with only topmenu

We are still under construction so all the data u find is sample data

here is the link for forums

And i want all the forum pages should use my custom template ..but its always picking up default template


This link might help you ->

I’m sorry but that’s the best we can do to help. We can only provide support for theme issues, we don’t provide support for theme customization or any plugin related issues.

Once if our website is developed and up in the real-time, if we want to make some more changes we cannot do that in the server directly as it may cause inconvenience/ site may be destructive so from here on wards how should we make changes?


I suggest you make the changes in your local development and then after you’re sure everything is working just fine you can upload the changes to the live server.

I’m using the Warrior Advanced Search widget on our site, but it doesn’t appear to be searching tags, just post titles and content. Is there any way to have it search tags too? Thanks! Great theme by the way!


With the current settings there’s no way to search for tags.

What made you decide to leave tags out? Where do I find the code for the Advanced Search widget to make modifications?

I added a new menu to put in the sidebar and it adds the home link automatically and I cannot remove it. Please advise?


You can simply remove the “Home” menu from Appearance > Menus.

How do I upload the demo content for this theme. I read through the other comments and I cannot find a specific answer.


The theme doesn’t come with a demo content.

hello, I have a problem with this theme: Strict Standards: Declaration of Warrior_Category_Walker::start_el() should be compatible with Walker::start_el(&$output, $object, $depth = 0, $args = Array, $current_object_id = 0) in/wp-content/themes/iknowledge/includes/widgets/warrior-categories.php on line 28 a solution?

Hello: A few questions:

1. Is an auto-complete search function on your roadmap? 2. Can images, video clips, gallery and other elements be added to each post/article/page? 3. Can specific fields be added to the header of each post/article/page? For example, DOB, year, etc [similar to what wikipedia does on their bio pages]. 4. Can the ratings system be formatted into point system with multiple categories, as opposed to only star rating? 5. How do users login?

Thanks! -Mike


I just want to know if I can use Warrior Author List widget on the sidebar two times. If the answer is yes, i would be glad if you explain how it is.

Thanks. Cem

I did it, didn’t know I could use two times.

Thanks anyways :)

Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article.Thanks Again.

Please don’t spam on ThemeForest

Hey! Great Theme so far! :-)

I tried to translate the Theme into german using to file in the “lang” folder.

First attempt: Just change the translation in the en_US files. Doesnt work. Second attemt: Copy both files, change names into de_DE, change the language properties and translate everything. So in my lang folder are now 2 en_US-files and 2 de_DE-files. How do i choose the right file for the Theme? Third attemt: Delete the 2 en_US-files and just leave the translated de_DE files in the folder. Doesnt work!

Also if I delete the whole “lang” folder I expected to see no text. But there must be a place where the standard translation is saved.

I guess im missing something here – but what? :) Please help me!



Have you modify wp-config.php file so it will load your desired language?

define( 'WPLANG', 'de_DE' );

Yes! Wordpress is installed in german Version. So this is default.

Can I use this as a wordpress plugin?


No, you need to use the theme.

Hi, before purchasing I would like to know how the information is treated with your template. Are there any kind of KMS functionalities to list/edit/insert/delete each item or are should I write them directly in the Wordpress code? Or are the items taken directly from a DB (i.e. MySQL)? Thank you.


This theme is for WordPress platform, so all database are stored in database. You can add, edit, delete or see list of posts from the WordPress backend.

>Great thanks

The issue I am having is with subfolders of categories, I want the main categories to show on home page like the demo, but when clicked I want to see the subfolders, not the posts themselves – how do I do that?


I’m afraid that is not possible by default.