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live preview please!

I had a problem with my server, now the live preview is ready

Its a pleasant design, But I feel you are seriously limiting your market by making it a Pizza shop template.

More generic styles that can be made to suit any indistry will sell far better.

Just my 2 cents…

Thanks sticker for you opinion, but I don´t make templates just for sale, I made it just for fun :)

nice work, good luck

It would be GREAT if there is one more page with a sample itemized menu… Is that possible to add?

Replied by e-mail

When will you have the wordpress theme ready. I would really like to use it for wordpress! Do you have a date you think you will be done by?

Also, some pizza places only have 1 location, so can you make it so that people can put say a google maps location in the location finder place on the homepage?

Live preview doesn’t work…

Just curious about when the wordpress theme is coming out. I would like to incorporate this into a wordpress system. Can you let me know when your going to push the wordpress template live?

Sorry not yet

Just another request for WP. Looks great, thanks!

Also, this is not Chrome Optimized, open it in chrome, go to reservations, and adjust the msg box size.

You can use

textarea { resize: none; }

or even min-width, max-width.

Thanks for your advice!

Why does the screen fade out to black???? Ugh!!!!! Please help.

Please e-mail me, I don´t understand what it means

I try to reply your message on TF but your e-mail doesn´t work, I receive a Mailer-Daemon message

Send me a e-mail wich works and I will try to help you, but I don´t see anything fading to black here I wait several minutes and nothing appears

Your site has been hacked dude. Demo is down.. Try this…

Thank you!!

Just another bump on a Wordpress theme request.

Good job, I love this design and I’ve already bought it. I’ve a question about LOGO. Could you please tell me which font did you use for the logo ?

Thanks man

I replied you by mail, did you receive it?

Yes indeed. thanks for your help girl

Doe’s it come with a mobile version of the template as well?

No, it doesn´t