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Very nice!! I want to buy it, but only when the email works…. :-))

Thanks, the contact form is working, we’ve received the test emails.

Great template. I just bought….. :-)) 5 stars!

Thanks. We really appreciate it.

Thanks for the comment.

Great Template

Thanks for the comment.

Thank you MoonStar :-)

Parallax doesn’t work on Mobile & Tablet. tested on Note II & Note 800 / tab 10.1

Great template. I just bought, but I have some questions… Parallax doesn’t work on square resolution monitor or mobile / tablet

Good work, I like the red color in the menu. Good luck with sales.

Thanks for the comment.

Great design. GLWS


iPhone and android screen can only view 1/3 of the screen. Menu takes up the rest. Any way of fixing this? Great on iPad.

Hi, great theme, I have only a few questions… How can I update the mobile navigation menu? (as of now, on mobile devices it only has “Navigation” with empty white boxes in the drop down). I would like to update the white boxes with the correct menu categories… And also concerning mobile devices, the first image background as the website opens does not resize responsively. Is there a way to incorporate a dynamic code where the first image would be seen on mobile as it is viewed on pc/mac? Thank you.

I love it. Is it nclude PSD file?

Yes, we’ve just updated it and included the PSD file.

hello echo echo echo… is there anybody in there?

how to update the links for facebook and twitter buttons? thx

just wondering if I can get a response to my inquiries or if there is a motive for ignoring people who have purchased your products? could be that you guys have gone on vacation, which would understandable given the lapse of feedback, just please address my issues accordingly… still trying to understand how I can link the facebook & twitter like buttons when ‘pretty picture’ opens. the theme is overall very slow when initially loading the index page, (after it opens it runs very smoothly, but a lag of 8-12 seconds is needed to open the website online) is there a way to quicken up the opening of the website speed?

Hello, Just wondering if I can get some support regarding the mobile responsiveness of this theme. The website breaks when viewed on a mobile device, I can provide my web URL. I hope you can provide some assistance. Thank you!

one month since my first request for assistance… still not a whisper.

It’s a lack of respect, do not respond to inquiries only when a comment is nice, the truth is not an recommendable user to buy their TEMPLATES … there should be an instance to report from ThemeForest user behavior, their lack of support to buy your product … IF YOU DECIDE TO INVEST iN A BUSINESS, IS NOT A USER FOR RECOMMEND :x:x:x:x

Can you just tell us what problems do you have and we’ll see what can be done?

2 months ago you explain what the problem was and is the same problem that you have raised in several comments

rodo_gaby85 Purchased 2 months ago Flag

Great template. I just bought, but I have some questions… Parallax doesn’t work on square resolution monitor or mobile / tablet

... that the product does not work well with mobile devices or with square screens or a lower resolution 1024 px width. Some images disappear, being totally useless banners and also happens to be from a mobile device menu cover half of the page, therefore not read correctly the content I send you a link so you can see the page as seen on a monitor lcd 15 “square, with a resolution of 1024×768 http://www.cuatroideasgroup.com.ar/problem.png

We’ll check this out and publish an update within the next 2 days!