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thank a lot :) demonsaun


GLWS! But why not a module with only a single picture (as header e.g.) You only offer pictures with text and/or buttons. If I delete them I have a empty space…

Hello, Eipemkg

Thank for your question and recommends, For now on the this version not have module about a single picture. Possibly in the next version will offer module a single picture on soon.

Best Regards, :) TheAppPoint.Com

Hi App Point..

Nice design !! And it really suits my brand. One question. Does Mailchimp’s drag and drop editor work with this template ?

I know.. I keep asking the same.


Hi kepass,

this version can not drag&drop on Mailchimp but your can design and customize anything for your branding with my editor. and use Mailchimp for send.

is it possible to buy the entire script even the template builder?

Sorry, i not want to sale. please purchase my items and enjoy with my template builder.

Thank you for your interesting. :)

hello i would like to buy the template builder too. Its cool. is it available for sale

Thank you for your interest my items, please contact me via email ”

Thank you again :)

thank you very much :)

Hi, You develop a good product but actually I lost my work because when i wanted save, your website is down :-( If its possible, can I get the script to intall it on my webserver please ?


Hi Crmedia,

Sorry in this case, on now the system can operate normally. please try access to use again. If you still have the problem, please send capture sceen back to me via email “” I will support you in every question.

Thank you very much, :)

System Off Line????


very sorry, my server system has the problem. we’re fixing

Hi, App Point!

What can I do, if your site will be offline again? How can I edit templates for my mails?

Thanks :)

PROBLEM Again Help me Please, When I go Export this template he stay in Blank? You can I Help

[ CAN I HELP ME? ] Export this template he stay in Blank? I waiting Long time

[ CAN I HELP ME? ] Export this template he stay in Blank? I waiting Long time

[ CAN I HELP ME? ] Export this template he stay in Blank? I waiting Long time


When I export the html file in the same comes in white.

It’s been many days that this is happening, what can it be?

Export this template he stay in Blank?

Can I export it to MyMail?

Nice Work GLWS =D