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Congrats , wish you the best with sales :)

Awesome template FinalDestiny, glws! ;)

FinalDestiny this has been a fun theme to work with! Great job! Do you plan on releasing a WP version?

Hey. Yes :). Are you interested in it? Also, if you want, please leave a rating(1-5) stars in the Downloads section, thanks.

Yes very interested! Do you have an ETA ?

I don’t have any ETA right now, probably in January unfortunately as I have two more themes in development. May be sooner, if the sales number increase :)

Hello im almost about to buy the template but testing it on an iphone 3g it does not fit correctly any chance that you would correct the template?

Answered there.

i replay the email thanks

answered. you can just reply back via e-mail, no need to post on tf as well :)

Me too on the WP. I’ve had this bookmarked for a couple months now wondering the same thing.

Great design.

Wondering what? :P

Hello! I’ve finished configuring my changes to the template for my site and all is working well except for the contact form on the main page. Emails are never sent with the information from the form (but the form on the contact page works perfectly). Any ideas as to what could be wrong?


what’s your url?

I’ve PMed you, thanks!

Go to index.html and all the other pages and find:

<textarea placeholder="Message" class="span6"></textarea>

replace it with:

<textarea name="comment" placeholder="Message" class="span6"></textarea>

it should work fine. Also please rate the theme in the Downloads section, I’d really appreciate it :)

Hi FinalDestiny, could you explain me why i cannot see site in mobile version with 320px viewport? I see some erros (free consultation box over logo, input fields overflow, homepage news box overflow, etc). Is this a feature you will correct?

It’s only coded for 480px+ width

Any news on if you’re still going to make this a wordpress theme?

I will, but don’t have an ETA right now.

Any update on the WP version?

It will be up in a few weeks, I don’t have a more specific ETA right now.

Hi FinalDestiny, I like the template but I dont know what happens the the layout looks different online Here is the URL: FinalDestiny

yes its working now. Thank you, though

Nice template FinalDestiny

Thank you! :) If you can, please rate it in the Downloads section

yes its working now. Thank you, though

Need WP version. Do you have?

No, sorry

If the pattern appears, then write to me, I will buy it.

I’m not converting it because it’s quite old and they won’t approve it as WP, sorry.

Should the home page main image slider auto rotate? It seems to after a while if I flip through them using the arrow, but it does not on load. Is that an on/off feature or something? I would like them to start changing/sliding automatically on site load. Thanks.

You just need to add one more list just like the other ones

Exactly what I did – I added another li – list item – just like the others (you might be able to see if you look at source code on this page – i tried to post my code in the last post but it rendered it). So the ul has 3 li instead of 2, but it will only scroll the 2:( Need to figure this out if you can help. Really appreciate it!

Hello. Please send me your problem + a FTP account + your URL via the contact form on my profile and I’ll check it

Does the template support RTL?

Not by default, sorry

hey.. i found this theme as a wp theme, but reading this thread, it seems not to be for Word Press.. is this correct?

FRAUD FRAUD… You guys should specify clearly..

It is a nice template..but found it as a wp template/theme..sorry but i feel disapointed by you guys

Are you kidding me? ” Illumine – Doctors & Health Care HTML template ”. What clearer could anyone be? HTML template, not WordPress, not WP, just HTML template. It’s so not my fault that you blaim others for your mistakes.

i have some problems with the slider. It doesnt start automatically. How can i solve this? Thanks

Unfortunately the slider doesn’t navigate automatically by default

Hi FinalDestiny, I need to use the ReviewSlider in homepage with automatic start, how can I do?


Hello. unfortunately that’s not possible without customization, sorry,