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I have purchased this theme and can’t work out how to adjust the excerpt length of the blog previews on the front page. www.melinapink.com I want each post preview (text excerpts) to be of the same length, like it is on the theme live preview provided here. I am able to change the length for the portfolio excerpts. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Your excerpt lengths are the same, but your titles are different lengths so it makes the “boxes” different sizes on the homepage.

I see you are going with a white design though, I would suggest just removing the boxed-ness via some custom CSS. Like this:

body .portfolio-entry-content,
body .home-blog-entry-content {
box-shadow: none;
padding: 0;
background: none;

Example: http://cl.ly/image/0X0R063R3O0g

Thank you for your swift reply and your suggestion! I have already made the css change and it looks much better! However. I have shortened all titles to one word now and the second and third text excerpts are still different in size. The text on the second is ‘cut’ short and the third box is larger. How can this be? Again thank you for your assistance. Much appreciated.


Excerpts are based on words so if the lengths will never be perfectly exact because words are different lengths.

On my live demo I have the exact same dummy text on the posts so the excerpt generated will be exactly the same, sorry for not explaining this originally.

You could alter the way the excerpts work to use actual characters but it will end up cutting up words which isn’t ideal.

Hello – I have an issue with the header image that I’m wondering you could help with.

I uploaded a header image last week and it worked fine, but I deleted the header image from the media library and uploaded a new one (I believe in that order). Then I went to Appearance > Customize > Header Image and set the new image, but the link remains the same and broken. I’ve attached an image in the hopes that it might help: http://i.imgur.com/lJiI2Jg.png

My website is inkicho.com, if that helps. Please let me know if you can help, and if you need any other information. Thank you!

Never mind. I went to Appearance > Theme Options > General and saw that the header pulled from whatever Custom Logo link I had pasted in there. I fixed the issue once I pasted the new url into the field.

I do, however, have a new question. Do these two fields conflict in some way? I tried leaving this field blank and the header images from Appearance > Customize > Header Image didn’t show. What are the purposes of having two places to set the header image?

Great, glad you figured it out! Thanks for letting us know.

The “Header Image” at Appearance > Customize is a core WordPress function (not added or used by the theme) – https://codex.wordpress.org/Custom_Headers – the option in the theme panel is for the “Logo”.

The Custom Header function in WordPress is more to be used as a background for a header area with the logo on top of it such as their default theme – https://wordpress.org/themes/twentythirteen/

my portfolio gallery doesn’t work. it only shows the featured image and when there is no featured image, it’s blank.

dont see the screen option for project option either. is this up to date ?

I’ve expanded the number of portfolio items to be displayed on the home page and now they are not stacked neatly with random empty spots http://www.lisaftarrant.com/temp/leslie/

Disregard that question, I was able to correct that. However, the menu is disappearing on smaller screens. Any advice on that?

How can I set a custom link in the menu so that it opens in a new window?

Ah, great! Thank you very much! :)

Hi there. I sent a support ticket but i was worried about the notice coming thru to you so I figured i’d leave here also. I am trying to figure out the correct URL for the portfolio. The support comments lead me to believe it should be: http://www.squeaktoystudios.com/portfolio/

But that gives me the 404 page. I have setup my wordpress blog using the ‘plain’ permalinks. Is there a different URL that should work?

I currently have 4 portfolio items. (As a test.) Is there any other setting required to be able to display the portfolio index page?

Thanks! :)

My second question (which i also left a support ticket for) is about the illustrate gallery vs the default wordpress gallary. I am getting very confused on how to update pages with the template’s gallery function. I managed to get it work in my dropdown menu Portfolio>graphic design. But I lost it in my Portfolio>Sketches page and I can’t seem to get it back.

Can you point me to the correct documentation on how to edit the attachments? I tried looking at some youtubes that were recommended on the subject in your comment/support page, but the links no longer work. Thanks!


I see none of my support staff has answered this questions. I’ll get back to you right now.


I left a ticket the other day regarding my slider. Despite adding my own images to the sliders, when I go to refresh the home page, instead of the slider showing up, I just get the loading bar. None of my images will show up. Can you help me?

Also, I’m working on the contact page, and have the Symple Shortcode plugin installed. I’ve tried and tried to get the Google Map to work, and it simply won’t. No matter what, I get this error: Geocode was not successful for the following reason: REQUEST_DENIED Can you tell me how to fix this?

Many thanks in advance! Lynnsey

I’ll respond via email ;)

Ok thank you.

One more question if you don’t mind! Is there a way to set it so the images in the portfolio recent works (on home page) load in the same size? I have an image, that is relatively smaller than the others. But oddly enough, on the recent works section, it’s loading larger than the other images, even though it really is smaller.

Sorry I never got back to you. I had to spend a whole day updating my shortcodes plugin just for the map fix. I added this last question to the notes on the ticket to make sure I respond to all your requests. Thank you for all your patience!!

Hello, I have purchased the theme a while back and are super happy. However I noticed that the background (white) and font (grey) color of my menu is different to the mobile menu (vis versa) I wish to change that, so that the mobile menu looks like the website menu, but I just can’t work out how to fix that. Is there a simple css code you can provide to correct that. I have tried several things, but nothing worked so far. I understand it is not a technical issue, but any help is much appreciated! Tx in advance www.melinapink.com


Here is some Custom CSS you can use ;)

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
  #navbar .container {    
    background: none;    
    color: #717b7e;
  #site-navigation .selector span,
  #site-navigation .selector:before {    
    color: #717b7e;    
    font-size: 16px;

By the way, if you ever want to update your site with a more modern theme with more built-in styling options have a look at my newer and most popular theme Total, here is the demos and features page – http://totaltheme.wpengine.com/ – you can pretty much create anything with it ;) All your portfolio items would transfer over, but it would take a few minutes to set them up, this method is the easiest -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAx19sZy-g4

- AJ

Hey AJ, thank you so much! It did the trick. In fact I was actually thinking of updating my site and have been looking around for alternative themes with maximum flexibility. So far I couldn’t find anything. But I will certainly have a closer look at total, it looks very good at first glance. And I liked illustrate very much already. It just works and is clean…so thanks for the tip! And thanks again for your support!

Anytime! Have a wonderful week ;)

My site home page looks completely broken on Edge on Windows 10. My slider never loads the images and my blog posts never load their images. Take a look at my current draft version at sudosecondwind.wpengine.com

Edit: It appears to be broken only when viewing site under SSL. Suggestions for fixing?

Sorry i am getting a 404 for the site at the moment. Are you currently making some tweaks? If so, please let me know when it’s back up and running, thank you!

Sorry, I finished my site and rerouted it to https://www.secondwindinteractive.com

I was able to get SSL working with the site by installing the SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin, but given the transition across the web to SSL I thought you might want to consider making the theme compatible. Thanks!

The theme should work with SSL, do you remember specifically which assets were throwing the error? Of course if there is an issue I will update it and release an update – thank you!

- AJ