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Nice piece of work AJ, best of luck :)

great work as always! ;)


Simple nice design!
Good luck with the sales :)


Amazing work, as usual!


Love the Color Palette feature!!!!

Thanks! Took me quite a bit of time to get that working well and to integrate with FlexSlider and display the Hex.

Clean, elegant work. Congrats.
Wish you the best with sales.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Bedros!

Nice design! Somehow it looks very familiar to me..

You might have seen the homepage design floating around ;) I worked on this together with my friend Blaz.

Ah! Offcourse Blaz Robar :) Looks great man

Clean work AJ. Good luck with the sales :)


Awesome work AJ, wish you good sales!


Awesome Wordpress Design. WPExplorer is always Best.:)


This is just awesome. I kinda wish I had illustrations to put in a template like this.

I love it! Smooth and clean. Good luck with sales :)


Good work my friend. Good luck.

Great work AJ, I really love it. Good luck with sales… :)


Really great work AJ, very nice color combinations and I’like social share buttons on single portfolio page.



Great Theme! Is there a reason why the great share buttons are not on blog articles?


Mostly because people often use plugins for their social sharing but they are generally not added to the portfolio so I added some there ;) Adding them to the blog as well wouldn’t be very difficult and I can do so if people request it ;)

Maybe with a checkbox in admin “activate social sharing buttons”.

What I also miss a bit is a ‘about the author’ box (maybe also with the option to disable for one author blogs).

I’ll definitely have a look at adding that in the next update ;) I will likely style them a little differently (with color) for the blog items so it looks nice on the white background.

Author boxes are already there, I just forgot to enable it ;) Thank you for reminding me!

5 Star! Hope you can add more blog page style, or if you can add a homepage template that focus on blog post, it would be more better!

I think these two site is a good example! 1. http://tympanus.net/codrops/ 2. http://tutorialzine.com/

Actually each designer has his style, you can not consider it~

Oh I see, you just wondering if I would add in an alternative blog style basically…

You do realize you can use the built-in blog for the homepage right?

Absolutely right, you are really smart!

Hi how is this on mobile, iphone and iPad? Didn’t see mention and wanted to double check