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Hi how is this on mobile, iphone and iPad? Didn’t see mention and wanted to double check

Well the theme is fully responsive and I’ve designed it with mobile in mind. You can have a look at the demo and shrink/expand your browser to see it at various sizes, but the best is to actually look on your device, but use the direct URL – http://illustratedemo.wpengine.com/

Thanks, it looks great

no, thank you for the compliment ;)

Nice Theme, 5 Stars! I love it! Thanks WPExplorer :-)

Glad you like it ;)

Unfortunately a competitor bought our theme and gave it a 1 star :( So we are trying to make up for that loser. Thanks for the rating!

Hi there,

Where do i find the boxes with content on in the front page?

Where is it on the theme?

Best Regards


Hi MV,

Which boxes do you mean exactly?

- The content under the slider is just whatever content you have in the page you have set for the homepage.

- The content on the left side of the portfolio and blog sections are done via the admin panel – Appearance->Theme Options->Home

Thanks for the purchase!

Hello, I just purchased this theme..and I am wondering how to create a page like on your example site (main portfolio), where you have the page looking like a ‘gallery’ however, you have descriptions blurbs below the images, and a sub-category navigation above the gallery. It happens when you click on “main portfolio” in your navigation – any help? thanks.

Hi there,

This should all be mentioned in the documentation files but basically the archive of the portfolio is located at yoursite.com/portfolio/ unless you change the slug. I also have an FAQ here: http://themeforest.net/item/illustrate-responsive-portfolio-blog-theme/5069761/faqs/16749

Is there a method to have the flex slider automatically display the caption for images within the slider on portfolio pages? Like on this page: http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/

I’ve tried putting the caption in the caption, alt text, and description fields with no luck.

The caption for the portfolio slider is not built-in by default. You would have to modify content-portfolio.php to add your image caption within the loop then style it via CSS to make it look like the example you seek. It’s a fairly large customization – 10-15minutes. So I can’t just walk you through it step by step.

If more people request I can definitely consider adding something like that in the next update.

Thanks for the response! :)

I’d like to set my actual Portfolio page as my “Static Homepage” in the Customize section, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. Is there a way to do this? I’ve looked through documentation, etc…

Many thanks!

Yes, you would just need to edit content-portfolio.php – http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_the_date

Thank you! Appreciated! Accomplished! :) I’m really enjoying using your theme. It’s just what I wanted!

Great, im glad!

Hey, first of all love the theme! Having a couple issues. All the additional pages like all the alternate portfolio pages, and features pages are not showing up. I don’t see them in the “pages section”, and they didn’t import with the sample data.

Where are these located?


I resent the email to the new address and also didn’t go through…Maybe you’ll want to fix your email on ThemeForest then re-contact me via my profile page.

Weird. I am getting all these replies sent to my email ok, wonder why your email is not coming through.

I just send you one that seems to work.

Hi, Im looking at the demo – with the right artwork as you have here this is a really great design; well done!

The important thing for me is being able to show clients my work on mobile and tablet so the responsive element is good news however when I tried the demo on desktop I noticed the responsive version changes the menu to a drop down select box.

I am guessing thats going to generate an iphone/android scroll window which is a shame because that takes your beautiful flat UI style and drops a completely different navigation style in which will be inconsistent depending on the devices using it.

Would you not consider instead using a simple list style navigation that toggles open and closed and would retain this great design instead of bringing in a 3rd party nav style?

I am interested in buying this I’m just trying to consider the effort in converting the menu method which is why I wanted to raise this with you first.

Also, as I cant see the admin – what is the purpose of the colour swatch? I was hoping you could click the colour and see other illustrations using that colour – that would be a nice and I imagine a fairly easy feature to implement giving a purpose to that feature.

- I think using the select is best for phones because it keeps the UI consistant on your phone. The select itself as you see in the demo is styled though, only the pop-up menu would look like it normally does on the phone.

- The purpose of the swatch…for example you are a web designer or graphic designers your visitors can see the colors you’ve used for inspiration. There is no admin…this is done via Javascript automatically based on the colors on the image. Integrating into WordPress via a taxonomy is not that simple – it’s quite tricky. I will look into it though when i get some time.

Ok thanks for the reply – I have now looked at it on the iPhone and its a nice theme that I will be going for so dont worry, this is just feedback…

1. I’ve noticed that the hover effect you have on thumbnails that is the solid colour with a cross, causes you to have to press the image twice to go to the page (on iPhone at least) – first to bring up the cross and again to go through – feels like it dodnt work first time around.

I havent investigated the code but I think this is because IOs captures all javascript onhover calls and converts them to onclick events – so what is a hover effect on desktop with a click through, becomes a double click to obtain a click through on mobile.

2. The zoom/fullscreen option on images is perfect on desktop, but on mobile the image is a lot smaller that the image you are focusing on because its accomodating the close icon and the next/prev images.

Would it be better to simply occupy 100% height of the screen for a single image and then incorporate a swipe left/right function similar to how on an ebay or amazon app you can zoom in on items and swipe through the gallery.

3. The swatch colour – I understand what you are saying and I actually meant what was its technical purpose – was it suppose to trigger images of a similar colour.

As an inspiration to the visitor yes its a great idea which is why I thought being able to find images of a similar colour is brilliant.

So any further development similar to what I had in mind would be a useful feature and a unique navigation tool.

You say its done via javascript – thats clever code then well done – could that javascript however be implemented from the admin side; so instead of it generating static values client side, it did it in the backend interface and created tags on image upload.

That way when generating a colour tag you’d natively get wordpresses ability to find other posts (images) of a similar tag which would be its colour value.

1. Yes, correct. There is an easy fix for this. I’ll dump into the next update.

$('.portfolio-entry-img-link').on('click touchend', function(e) {
 var el = $(this);
 var link = el.attr('href');
 window.location = link;

You should need to load this using wp_is_mobile();

2. You can easily remove the lightbox for mobile devices. If you want to.

3. It’s possible, but its a lot of bloat and you can’t run it on image upload, needs to be done front-end. Sorry it actually generates the colors using HTML5 + javascript for showing the swatcher on the front end. You can always use portfolio tags to tag your items.

Hi! First, congrats on this beauuuutiful theme. You juste made my life so easy.

I am trying to modify the “Search …” placeholder in the navbar.

In what file can I do that?

thanks a lot!

Thanks for the purchase, glad you like it ;)

The text is localized so you can use the .mo/.po files or you can easily just edit the searchform.php file. You can do this in your WP dashboard under Appearance->Editor.

If you don’t mind rating the theme, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!

Hi there,

a wonderfull theme and its at allways easy to implement and work with.

Can you bring up a option to choose that the video is only used inside a post and a main postpicture (sry dont know the title for this in english) can set and its shown in category view?

Sometimes the video picture is terrible and don’t look nice on frontpage, so people are arfraid and do not click for the post.

I tryed it with a main postpicture and the video inside the post but the problem is to get the video responsive. Is there an other way instead to put a new around the frame and add it with some css?



Hi Dennis,

Glad you like the theme and found it easy to use ;)

  • Do you mean for the video post format? If so…what you need to do is edit content-video.php. You can basically just copy the code from content.php (at the bottom for the entry) and replace with the code in content-video.php. In terms of adding an option, I rather leave out the bloat.
  • To make the video responsive in your posts is very simple. You can either edit single.php and edit line 41 so it looks like this:
div class="entry wpex-fitvids clr" 

Or use the free plugin on WP.org:


Sorry about my dumb question before. I have forgotten to set the pagestyle to ‘video’ ... o_ O

But maybe there is a second video to display an shortcut option to get it resoponsive will be great.

Best regards


Oh bummer I responded to your initial comment first! Please see my notes in the last comment.

Thx a lot for replying on this.

Video inside post I’ve solved with a extra as border on the iframe and put some css styles on it. Now it works perfect without installing any additional plugin.

Best regards,


Hi I have just installed the theme, created the home page and and am starting to add my content. The slider at the top doesn’t seem to be loading in any images and just hangs, also the first portfolio image is being repeated below the footer.

Hope you can help!


Hi Sam,

You setup the slider correctly but it won’t work? If so It is most likely a javascript issue (generally a plugin that isn’t coded properly). You can try de-activating plugins to test.

I’m not sure what you mean about the portfolio image in the footer.

If you want to send me the URL via my profile page contact form it would be much more helpful!

Hi WPExplorer, Are the .psd files available in download package?


Only the homepage design is available as a PSD: http://www.blazrobar.com/2013/tutorials-articles/new-wordpress-theme-illustrate/

The whole site is 90%+ CSS so generally I don’t make any PSD’s so I just get to coding right away to not waste time. If you are familiar with web development tools for the browser such as Firebug, then its nearly as fast or faster to tweak the design and then screenshot it for your client.

I just bought this theme and am very satisfied with it. I have two minor issues though:

  1. I would like the social media icons to open on a new tab. Currently they load on the same one…
  2. I would like to update the icons of twitter and google+ to their latest versions. Is there an easy way to do it?
    1. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

Great, I am glad to hear! Sorry about the issues though ;(

1. Is this the social widget you are talking about? I can update the widget and send you the updated file with a new option to open them in a blank tab.

2. The icons can be replaced under images/social/ – Unfortunately the icon set I used doesn’t seem to have been updated so I can’t offer the icons ;(

Yes, it’s the built-in social widget I’m referring to. Thanks for the quick reply :)

Send me a message via my profile page then if you wanted the update – please reference this comment so I know what you wanted.

Hi, Really a great job!

I started working on my content, but experiment an issue on this page: http://sydologie.com/outils/goto-training/

I can’t manage to have a slider at the top. Here’s my configuration on this portfolio element: - i added som media - Entry format: default - image slider: enabled

... but no slider :(

Oh yes, that would do it. If you want to be able to have both you’ll have to edit content-portfolio.php. Basically you would remove the if statement on line 17, the closing bracket on line 23 then change line 26 from elseif to just if.

Works well !!—> http://sydologie.com/outils/goto-training/ I also changed the order to have the slider displayed first. ++

Great! I’m glad you know your way around the code ;)

Would really appreciate it if you rated my theme if you haven’t yet, thanks!

Other point i must be missing: at this address – http://sydologie.com/ – I can’t manage to change the “From the blog” and “recent work” titles, even when I change the “Portfolio Intro Custom Heading” and “Blog Intro Custom Heading” fields in the theme options > home pannel…

I see a little error on my part – sorry! Contact me via my profile page for the updated file, my apologies! Please reference this comment when emailing me, thanks!

Hello again, I am loving this theme. However I do have an issue when It comes to embedding a vimeo video in a ‘portfolio piece’ –

I would like to have 5 videos on one portfolio piece which is possible, by embedding the vimeo code in the post section, one after the other.

However for some reason the videos post aligned right..wayyyyy over to the right for some reason, even if I selected the ‘video’ and click the align left button.. any help? Is there some conflict happening which is causing that to happen. BTW I am not using the ’ oEmbed URL (video)’ section because you can only post 1 video there, and you cannot control the size.

Glad you like the theme!

If you look at the demo you can see the right side is setup for the post content – http://illustratedemo.wpengine.com/portfolio/listen-to-the-music/ – anything added in the post content will show up on the right inside this div.

The left side is reserved for the media (images, video, slider, etc).

Simply add your videos into the “Post Media Alternative” meta option and this will add them to the left side. Otherwise if you want them in the post content, you’ll have to tweak your CSS to make the posts full-width.

Oh okay, that worked. One more question.. the size of that video, or image or anything in general will be determined by the master CSS file, at .span_14.. I wanted the video to be smaller so I changed this value, however it I guess that value effects global changes to any left column piece of video, art..etc. My question is, is there anyway to individually change the value of these pieces independently? So that I can have one video, image a different value that the other.? Hope im not getting to messy here in the comment thread..lol

The videos are set to 100% width of the element they are in. This is so that they are responsive. There is no other way to responsify them correctly unless you add custom CSS to manually target your embed/iframe codes then remove the wpex-fitvids class from content-portfolio.php

Anyway, you will notice that there is a specific classname for this alternative media…”portfolio-post-media-alternative” – so you can target this div if you want to make it smaller. Also every post has it’s own ID in the body tag if you want to style specific posts.

ps: Be careful when you targett the .span classes because this is the main grid. If you change the values make sure to target the main element ID or secondary class to not ruin the whole site’s grid…example:

.span_14 { width: 20%; }
.single-portfolio-media.span_14 { width: 20%; }

Hello Thaks for this great theme , I purchased. I’ve got an issue, not solved with last upadate : Here is my website : http://demo.graphi-kats.fr it concerns slider in portfolio item : it seems it does not work as well as in the live example when using Firefox (even last version), no problemo with IE : - when I move forward to the next image, it works fine, but I can’t move backwards and after trying, the slider is not working anymore until I reload the page. - if an image is not the same size than the other one, the resize feature does not work and the slider freeze and bug.. See ‘Edition’ section for instance I have no plugin installed yet, just a fresh version of wordpress.. any javascript issue ?


I do see a small jQuery error, but I can not re-create it on my local host. Do you mind contacting me via my profile page. If you can send me your WP logins, URL and FTP I can just go in there and fix it hopefully without you having to worry ;) Sorry for the troubles!

Hello Thanks for the proposal, that would be great. I do that immediately, sorry for the delay, I was on vacations ;-)

How would I get rid of the search box. Should I be touching the ‘Search Form.php’ or is there an easier way to comment out a function or something?

If you want I can add an option to the admin panel and send you the updated files so you don’t have to mess with the code. Just contact me via my profile page – but in general the code would be in header.php

Ok I sent you a message from the main page- let me know if you didn’t get it, thanks.

I have quite a few more crucial tickets, I’ll be sure to get to this as soon as I can.

For now you can remove the searchbar from header.php because you’ll be replacing that file anyway with the update ;)

Great template! I’ve recently bought it, but i have a few issues, i’ve installed it but all i can see is the slider and the header, i dont know if i’m doing something wrong, can you please send me an e-mail where i can send you some printscreens please? Hope you see my comment.


Thanks, i just sent you an email :)

I still haven’t gotten anything…I’ve been checking my spam to. Can you maybe give me your address?

Yep, correo922 at gmail dot com